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Recently there have been several problems with package deliveries by Amazon. Because they are now using their own drivers, problems occur because drivers are unfamiliar with the village.

Carl Angel, President of FHA, and Tony Daniels, Treasurer, have been in touch with officials at, and we have taken a number of steps that should simplify the delivery process for their drivers. Most problems arise because each location in the village has two addresses, a street address and a PO Box number. In some cases there is a simple association between the two; in other cases they are unrelated.

Delivery people need a reference source that connects PO Box numbers to the associated street addresses. Jim Brooking, FHA webmaster, generated a suitable data base from the FHA directory. This was bundled with street maps, and provided to Amazon.

We continue to explore ways to help Amazon drivers deliver packages to your home. It appears that the number of problems has been significantly reduced. There is still a problem occasionally, but problems can be minimized if we make sure both PO Box number and street address are provided whenever ordering goods online.

Note that for some delivery services it may not be possible to determine if a package will be delivered to the house or to the mail box, so to be safe one should include both addresses.

—Gordon Pitz,