Carl Angel smallAdapting

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”—Charles Darwin

Out in the world it is common to hear that older people just cannot adapt to change. Well, just look around! We can see people every day in Fearrington Village wearing masks and social distancing but getting on with life. A real example is what Fearrington Cares has done in providing a drive-through clinic for flu immunizations. We are adaptable and resilient.

FHA has adapted as well, even though so much has changed. Yes, we have had to close The Gathering Place for most activities, but we are using it for a polling place for the upcoming government elections. Some activities such as the Easter Egg hunt have had to be cancelled, but we have not missed a beat in actions to keep our village the way we want it to be.
In fact, we have been aggressive in many areas to improve our surroundings and resources. Just as examples:

• We are changing our management company from Towne Properties to Associa/HRW to improve processes and add resources. More about this in this newsletter. You will hear a lot more as we move forward.

• FHA has set a direction to take on management of the trails and walking paths throughout the village, to assure they meet our needs at the lowest possible cost.

• We have managed to complete all our activities, with a strong emphasis on grounds and landscaping, within a very tight budget. We are always conscious of our responsibility as stewards of every dollar.

We have adapted by conducting most meetings via Zoom, including our recent open meeting by “webinar.” This allowed many more residents to participate and was highly successful. We are now planning our Annual Meeting, which will also be by webinar; this is taking a lot of planning and we are having to take a new approach to obtaining ballots for open board positions. So, we not only adapt but learn new processes, which will serve us well going forward.

“Older people just cannot adapt to change” – balderdash! (I had other words in mind, but the editors ruled them out).

—Carl Angel,