update contact info iconThis is the time of year when we update the printed Handbook and Directory. We try to make it as accurate as we can at the start of the year, even though it may be out of date soon after it’s printed.

Please check your current directory listing—names, street address, phone numbers, and email addresses—to make sure they are accurate. You can do this by logging into the FHA website, clicking Directory, and selecting Find People.

Hint: If the directory doesn’t seem to be working, type the first two letters of the last name, then the remaining letters one by one.

If you need to make changes, you can send the corrected information to directory@fearringtonfha.org. If you prefer not to have an email address published in the directory, you can request that it be used only for newsletters and critical FHA emails.

If you are an officer with one of the Fearrington clubs or other organizations, please ensure the current directory information for that group is also correct.