Newsletter Guidelines

Newsletter Guidelines


The Newsletter Guidelines

Fearrington Homeowners Association

Published by The Newsletter Staff

The following guidelines will be used by the editors in the FHA’s monthly newsletter. Residents and outside organizations submitting material for publication are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these practices.



The FHA Newsletter is an important channel of communication between the Board of Directors, Fearrington clubs and organizations, and residents of the village. The Board uses the newsletter to inform residents of important issues and decisions. Clubs and other organizations report on their activities and announce upcoming events of village-wide interest. The Newsletter includes other features on topics that are of general interest to residents.

Articles for inclusion in The Newsletter may be submitted by members of the Board, by representatives of Fearrington clubs and organizations, or may be solicited by the editors.

Residents are welcome to suggest topics of interest to the editors and/or submit material for possible inclusion.

How to Submit,
  • How to Submit: Submit your content by email to the newsletter staff at: If you do not receive a “got it” reply within 1-2 days, please resend.
  • Deadline: Content must be received by midnight of the 15th of the preceding month. No submissions are accepted after this deadline.
  • Committee Submissions: Content from FHA Board committees should be submitted through the Board member responsible for the committee.
  • Articles & Announcements: Submissions must include: name and email address of preparer, date, and phone number, as well as the month content is to be published. Also include a contact person (name, email, phone) if different than preparer.
  • Calendar: Fearrington Village clubs, groups and organizations wishing their events listed in the Calendar should indicate that with “Please include in the Calendar.” Also provide: date, day of week, time, event name, contact and contact phone number.
  • Publication: The Newsletter is published every month except August, and is distributed a few days before the beginning of the month. Residents registered in the Directory are sent The Newsletter by email.
Upcoming Events
  • Notices of coming events may appear in The Newsletter and the newsletter Calendar up to two times – once the during the month prior to the event and once during the month of the event.
  • Clubs, groups and organizations having more than one article or announcement for a single issue are asked to combine the separate items into one submission.

Size of Submissions

  • Official FHA content has no space limitations imposed.
  • Fearrington groups and clubs, as well as outside groups or charities, are encouraged to submit content of 150 words or less.
  • All content may be edited for space and clarity if needed.

Due to limitations of space and time, the following content is generally not suitable:

  • Re-prints from other publications
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Commercial advertising
  • Advocacy or political articles
  • Obituaries
  • Personal thank-you notes
  • Commentaries from individuals

Decisions concerning suitability will be made by The Newsletter editors.


All editorial decisions are at the discretion of the editors with guidance from the FHA Director of Communications. Questions or comments should be directed to the editors at

Jan Kowal
Ann Melchior
Leslie Palmer
Deborah Repplier
Jackie Walters