Cooking Classes Great Success

Cooking Classes Great Success

Friends and neighbors get together each year to learn from one another. Classes last year in breadbaking, phyllo pastry, French, Italian and Indian cooking and other tasty delights were fully subscribed, raising significant funds for charities and programs in Chatham County that benefit women and children. 

Cooking classes will be offered again this fall. Watch the FHA Bulletin Board and the Women of Fearrington website for additional information. 

Bread Baking ClassEach of several breadbaking classes taught by Donna Fehrenbach last fall produced a variety of breads including Challah, baguettes, cracked wheat, light and easy dinner rolls, Pizza Bianca and beautiful Italian Rustic loaves. Members of the class went on to replicate their efforts, and neighbors of these successful students were thrilled to receive some of the abundance of their newly acquired skills. Donna will be offering this perennial favorite again.

“Phun with Phyllo” taught by Daphne Rhodes helped six Women of Fearrington members overcome their fear of phyllo dough. Working in teams of two, they learned how to use this paper-thin dough to make a variety of appetizers, and an entree that they enjoyed for lunch. They graduated to the thinest grade of phyllo dough and conquered the art of making baklava. This class is usually offered close to the holidays so that participants’ freezers can be packed with items made during the class to pull out, bake and serve effortless to friends and family.

An Indian Celebration dinner was prepared and enjoyed by members of a class taught by Eamon Flavin. Under his watchful eye and guidance, a multi-course Indian meal representing several of the regional cuisines which are of interest to vegetarians and omnivores was thoroughly enjoyed. These special flavors and taste treats rewarded the students in this class. 

Italian Cooking Class

Francis and Ann DiGiano’s Rustic Italian Dinner class provided delightful moments when participants created the popular Italian version of the dumpling, gnocchi, with ease. Their smiles speak volumes. In addition to the gnocchi, they prepared and enjoyed a three-course meal – Antipasto, Primo Piatto and Secondo Piatto – under the guidance of these experts. Simple ingredients and complementary flavors, in addition to the warmth and fellowship throughout the class contributed to this wonderful experience. If anyone would like to teach a class in northern, southern, Tuscan, or Sicilian food, we’re certain it would be fully subscribed. 

The emphasis of Barbara and Jim Terry’s French Cooking class was on planning, techniques and presentation of classic French dishes. Their expertise helped all who participated appreciate everything that goes into creating delicious and beautiful French dishes. Not only did they learn a great deal but they thoroughly enjoyed dining at the Terry’s elegant dinner table hosted by their gracious and generous hosts.

Frenchcooking FrenchMenu

Fun, fellowship and a feeling of community – all accomplished while learning a new skill or perfecting techniques – are engendered through these wonderful classes, and the funds raised benefit programs that support women and children in Chatham County.