President’s Message – April, 2013

President’s Message – April, 2013

As I write this piece, Spring is just about here. Early in February, I spent a week in England visiting our daughter and her family and helping out with our newest granddaughter. It was a good week to be in Britain since the weather was lovely, while here at home rain and cold were the order of the day-every day. I arrived home just in time to work in our garden where I could clearly see what needed to be pruned and raked. Before long, the abundance of leaves and flowers will make it difficult to see what needs my attention.

Here in the Village similar repair work is being done. The walkers among us may already have noticed the ongoing maintenance efforts of FHA and many Village volunteers.

Please take a look at the condition of the replacement trees in front of the Gathering Place. They are just coming into bloom and will soon be flowering; something we all look forward to.

In April, any fire hydrants that are in need of upkeep will be painted. Our thanks to Ken Benjamin, the Grounds and Facilities Director for seeing to this.

All of the Service Groups are trimming their greenery and mulching as are many of the owners in Phases I-IV, VI, Bush Creek and The Woods.

Sections of the pathways that are need of “re-gritting” are being tended to. Our thanks to Henry Castner and his team of volunteers and Fitch Creations for ensuring that the paths remain in first-rate condition. They are a wonderful addition to the Village and all of us appreciate the effort that it takes to maintain them.

Last year at this time, past President David Erisman announced that two pet stations had been installed on East and West Camden at the gravel walkways leading to the Park. These stations allow those of you who are walking your dogs to obtain individual bio-degradable dog waste baggies and then deposit the used bags into on-site trash receptacles. Unfortunately, we continue to find filled bags along the walkways and in the mail kiosks. I would like to remind the pet owners among us that it is your responsibility both to pick up after your pet and to dispose of the filled bags in your household trash or in the pet station receptacles. Most of us do these things as a matter of course and we appreciate that. However, this is a case where most is not enough. We need everyone to discard properly this doggie detritus. Thanks so much.

Your Board hopes to see many of you at our spring events: the Easter egg hunt, and the shredding event. Please see the details elsewhere in the newsletter.

Gail Mazzocco, FHA President