President’s Message – July 2013

President’s Message – July 2013

I recently arrived home from a family reunion; one that was a real delight for me. My father, who was born in Ireland, was one of six children. Now only one of them remains with us: my 89 year-old uncle. However, his memory is good and he, with six of my cousins and three of my siblings, were able to sit and share (and sometimes dispute) our memories. As I drove back into Fearrington, I was struck anew by the importance of friends and family. Now that I am no longer working full time, I have to make it my business to see my friends and neighbors every day. Without those connections, it is all too easy to become isolated and just a bit lonely.

Fearrington Village certainly makes it easy for us to interact with one another. No matter how hot the weather, we see residents walking, running, admiring the animals and generally enjoying life. During those activities, some of you may have noticed that many of our fire hydrants have been painted a bright red and will soon be capped with new paint. The color of hydrant top reflects the gallons of water per minutes (gpm) and/or pressure that the hydrant can deliver; useful information for a fireman. If you see Ken Benjamin around, be sure to thank him for his hard work on this project.

You may also have participated in one of the activities which have been organized and carried out by Debbie DiSabatino and our Community Affairs team. This spring, Debbie managed the Easter Egg Hunt and Shredding/Hazardous Waste Disposal Event, provided food for the Adopt a Highway group and hosted, with Marji Maarschalkerweerd, an Area and Block Captains gathering. Debbie never seems to lack for energy, though I feel certain that she must occasionally put her feet up and relax.

In my last article I made a comment about the Briar Chapel Communications Committee but failed to mention the considerable efforts of those Village residents who worked so hard to develop the committee and set its agenda. I would like to apologize to anyone that I may have inadvertently offended. Believe me, I do appreciate each and every Village volunteer.

I wish all of you a pleasant (and not too hot) summer.

Gail Mazzocco
FHA President