President’s Message – November 2014

President’s Message – November 2014

As my time in office winds down, I’d like to close out the year with some encouraging observations about recent events.

On September 17th, the FHA Board held the last of 2014’s open meetings at the Gathering Place. This was the best-attended of this year’s open sessions (the room was full). The comments and questions from the floor led me to believe that residents are involved and interested in what’s happening in Fearrington, providing lots of material for this and future Boards to discuss and act upon. That’s a good sign of a healthy community.

On October 10th, the FHA Board held a welcoming event at the Gathering Place for this year’s contingent of newcomers to Fearrington. Lots of people came, the food and drinks were wonderful (our thanks to Debbie DiSabatino) and the spirit of the event was in evidence right from the start. Newcomers were eager to engage each other in conversation, as well as talk with FHA and Fearrington Cares representatives who were attending and staffing the affair. When large numbers of new arrivals are curious and interested enough to meet others and inquire about what’s available, I take that as another good sign of a healthy community.

Finally, I want to wind up the year by paying tribute to my fellow Board members who have been a pleasure to work with since last November. To a man or woman, they have been supportive of overall Board efforts and individually effective at producing results in their own areas of responsibility. I think that all residents can take heart in the fact that many of these members will carry over into the next year. They are committed to serving the community, as are all the FHA volunteers who help with the daily activities of the Association.

The FHA Annual meeting to report on this year’s activities and elect the new Board will be held at the Barn on November 16th, in conjunction with an activities fair with representative from clubs and groups from within and outside of Fearrington. Please join us for that event.

Joe Mottola