North Carolina Law: Vehicles & Pedestrians on Roadways

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North Carolina Law: Vehicles & Pedestrians on Roadways

Walking Along Village Roads and Streets:

  • Always walk on the sidewalk if one is provided. If there is no sidewalk and you have to walk in the road,

  • WALK FACING TRAFFIC, so you can see oncoming cars and so that drivers can more easily see you.

  • Walkers MUST step to the side when an oncoming car approaches and drivers MUST slow down and move over a bit when it is safe to do so to give walkers a safety break.

  • Dress to be seen. Brightly colored clothing makes it easier for drivers to see you during the daytime. At night, wear clothing with material that reflects the light from headlights of cars coming towards you. Carry a lighted flashlight.

  • Be especially careful when walking on village roads with many curves and small hills (such as Spindlewood), which blind motorists to your presence until they are right upon you.