Did You Know

Did You Know

Here are a few common-sense recommendations to make your home safer and more comfortable:

1) Used Batteries: To store used batteries for recycling, simply place a piece of masking tape over both the positive and negative terminals to prevent a possible fire. The Cole Park Plaza Recycling Center has a battery collection container in their booth for battery disposal. You must have a county recycle sticker.

2) HVAC Filters: Replace your return air filters at least every 2 to 3 months, more frequently if you have pets. Mark the filters with the insertion date using a magic marker, or tape and ball point so you won’t have to remember when they were last changed.

3) Shower: After showering leave the shower door open a little to allow the shower walls to dry out, thereby reducing the chance of mold growth. Using a squeegee on the walls after a shower will also hasten drying.

4) Thermostat: Change your thermostat batteries annually. (It is a good idea to do prior to a winter vacation.) Mark the batteries with the insertion date using a permanent magic marker, or on tape with ball point, so you won’t have to remember when they were last changed.

5) When on vacation:
a) Drains: To discourage mold growth in the trap, put a splash of bleach in each of your drains (sinks, showers and tubs) followed by a small amount of water to clear the bleach from the stopper mechanism.
b) Water: 1) turn off your water using the house inlet valve, usually found in a closet; 2) set the hot water heater to “pilot” and, if you have one, turn off the hot water circulation pump; 3) turn off the ice-maker if there is a switch in the freezer, otherwise raise the arm on the ice-maker. c) Closets: Leave the closet doors open a crack to allow