Changes to the FHA Website

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Changes to the FHA Website

Each month the editors of The Belted Gazette (as it is now called) produce an attractive, interesting, and informative newsletter. It suffers from a significant problem, however. By the time you receive it, the newsletter will be at least 10 days out of date, and there is no way to update any of the articles.

In the case of sudden, critical events, the Board will send an email to everyone. However, distributing emails to all residents whenever something happens is not feasible and can be very annoying.

The most efficient way to provide up-to-date news is through the website, With the help of the webmaster, Jim Brooking, we have been redesigning the home page so that it emphasizes this important function of the website. When you first connect you should see a few short items that address the most recent issues the FHA has had to address. These may range from recent CDC guidelines concerning the pandemic to upcoming community events. Following a brief heading and a date indicating when the item was posted, there will be a link to a longer article.

We encourage readers who want to find the most recent information about any FHA issue to check the website. If there’s something important there, you will not need to search for it; it will be there on the front page. It is unlikely that something new will be posted every day, or even every week, but if something important has happened since the last publication of the newsletter, that’s where you can find out about it.

Jim Brooking is also exploring other modifications to the appearance of the website. For the next month or so you may notice other changes taking place. Please feel free to comment on these changes, indicating whether or not you find them helpful. The purpose of the website is to be useful to you.

—Gordon Pitz (