Join a Village Improvement Team!


Join a Village Improvement Team!

Your FHA Board is very appreciative of your recent responses to our Community Assessment Survey, which have helped us identify what defines our mutual Fearrington Village vision.

Key findings of the Survey have led the FHA’s Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) to identify four new initiatives (along with the issue of Governance) that have wide community interest and can enhance life in our village. The four proposed initiatives are:

• Walking Paths & Nature Trails

• The Gathering Place

• Village Attractiveness & Renewal

• Aging in Our Community

In the recent Community Survey, 60% of residents stated that, depending on the topic, they would consider providing assistance to find solutions for the issues our village is facing. Our Board fully supports each of these four initiatives. To accomplish them, we need your help. Only with active community participation can we achieve our shared goals. Your engagement will help drive success. Now we are asking for your assistance. We strongly encourage you to consider joining a team focused on the initiative that interests you most.

If you are able to invest your time, energy, and abilities over the next three to four months, the LRPC would be delighted to consider your participation on one of these projects.

Fearrington Village Needs YOU! Learn more about volunteering.

—Long Range Planning Committee (c/o