President’s Message – June 2013

President’s Message – June 2013

Recently I went to the ophthalmologist for my regular eye evaluation. I have had some vision problems since I was a child and so try to keep tabs on how things are going as my eyes (but certainly not the rest of me) age. One of the challenges is noticing that my vision is getting worse since my only measure of visual acuity is my own eyesight. Perhaps if I could see through another person’s eyes for even a short period, I would better recognize how well-or unwell- I see.

That same analogy applies to my work with the Fearrington Homeowners’ Association. It often strikes me that, prior to being on the FHA Board; I saw little of the background work that goes on under the auspices of the FHA. I’d like to share a small part of that work with you.

Some of you may know that a representative from FHA chairs the Briar Chapel Communications Committee. That Committee was formed at the request of the Chatham County Commissioners to monitor Briar Chapel developmental issues pertinent to Fearrington Village with special attention to environmental concerns and buffers. In addition to the chair, Committee members include one representative from each of the following: Concerned Citizens for an Effective Chatham (CCEC), the Fearrington Historic District, the Haw River Assembly and the Newland Project Manager for Briar Chapel. The group, which Ken Talbot chairs, meets every other month. I want to be certain that you know that if you have concerns relating to the committee’s charge, you may share them with Ken (or me) via email.

The picture of the Adopt-A-Highway group on the FHA web site reminded me that our volunteer work force is often almost invisibly working on your behalf. Whether it is picking up roadside trash, checking speed monitors, or general property upkeep, someone is there. If you would like to offer your services or change your volunteer activities, there is a new volunteer form available at the FHA Hospitality Office or on the FHA web site that you may complete and drop off at The Gathering Place.

Don’t forget our June 20th Open Board Meeting. We plan to have a representative from the Sherriff’s office with us to discuss issues of concern to villagers. Happy June!

Gail Mazzocco,FHA President