Starting Thursday, January 6, our existing web address,, will bring you to this new site. For most users, your existing email/user name and password will still work when you choose “Log In/Register” on the top right; however, users who first registered after October 12, 2021 or who may have forgotten their password will need to reset it using the “Forgot Password” link, also found under Login / Register.  You can use that same link to register if you have not previously done so. We suggest that you click the box on the login page that will keep you logged in. 

We hope that you will find this new site accessible and easy to use. Our goal has been to at least replicate the functions of our old website on a new platform, called WordPress, that will also make it easier for us to maintain and to make further improvements in the future. One key advantage of the WordPress platform is the availability of an enhanced search function, and we would urge you to try it out (using the “Search Website” link in the horizontal menu at the top) if you are looking for a particular item. The index under “Can We help You?” provides an alternative search procedure – find the item you are looking for alphabetically. You may also find helpful the “Navigating this Website” page, accessible from the left-hand menu bar near the top.

In general, the menu bar on the left of the home page contains the general categories similar to those along the top menu of the former site. If you click on one of the main menu categories or the arrow to the right of it, a series of links will open underneath it that will bring you to the pages they describe. Some of the pages, such as the Calendars, Club Portal, and Health, Safety and Security pages, have been reorganized and presented in a way that we hope will make them easier to use and navigate, as well as making them easier to update and maintain by our volunteer staff.

Other pages, such as “Navigating this Website” and “Be a Volunteer”, are new. Additional pages, including a photo gallery, are planned, and we hope to continue to make improvements and enhancements to the site.

Conner Sandefur, our new Web Administrator, is assembling a team of volunteers with a range of skillsets to help keep the website up to date and well maintained. Additional volunteers, with or without relevant experience, are welcome – please email

We would like to recognize and thank Jim Brooking, the Village resident and volunteer who built and maintained the website that Village residents have used for the past ten years and who actively collaborated with our web consultant in building the new site. Much of what Jim built continues to provide the foundation for the new site, and working on the new site has made us even more appreciative of the work Jim has done to get us to this point. We also thank the volunteers who worked with us and Sarah Pohlig, our outside consultant, to build this site.

As with any transition, there are bound to be glitches and bumps, and we ask for your patience and good will in dealing with them. We would urge you to treat this site as you would any website that you are encountering for the first time, and take a few moments to try and find your way around before reaching out for help. We recognize, however, that not all problems can be solved that way, and you can bring issues or comments to our attention by emailing We will do our best to respond promptly. In addition, this website is still very much a work in progress, and we hope to continue to make it more responsive to your needs.