A Guide to Recycling Electronics

A Guide to Recycling Electronics

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Also see our complete guide on Recycling in Fearrington Village/Chatham County.

recyclecomputerConsider donating your used computer(s) to KRAMDEN Institute, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable institution whose mission is to empower hardworking, less-advantaged students by giving them home computers, allowing them to bridge the digital divide and advance their achievement, strengthening their contribution to the community. They do this by collecting, refurbishing, and reusing computers, extending their useful lives. Note, however, that they have specific guidelines regarding what equipment that can accept for this mission. See their guidelines by visiting this page on their web site. They are located nearby at 4915 Prospectus Drive, Suite J, in Durham. Phone: 919-293-1133.

Kramden needs hard drives, so please consider including them with your donation. They do their best to delete all data before our refurbishing process begins. If you like technical stuff, more detailed info here.

The following electronic items are accepted for recycling in “E-cycle Stations” at Cole Park Collection Center (919-932-2834) and the other Chatham County Collection Centers (Pittsboro, Bonlee, Siler City), if they weigh less than 50 pounds (for reference, most CPUs and monitors do each weigh less than 50 pounds). You can still leave small working items in the Swap Shops and recycle the rest. All these items regardless of weight can be brought to the Main Waste Management Facility located at 720 County Landfill Road, off Hwy. 64 (919-542-5516), just a few miles west of Pittsboro toward Siler City. Visit this site for more information E-Cycling Stations in Chatham County NC.

  • CD and DVD Players, VCRs
  • Cell Phones / Telephones
  • Circuit Boards
  • Computer Monitors & TVs (CRT / Flat Screen)
  • Copier, Fax, Printers, Scanners
  • CPUs and Hard Drives (desk top computers) NOTE: There are several ways to erase your computer before recycling it. This service is provided for a small fee by the Intrex computer store on Elliott Road in Chapel Hill (919-969-8488) and by Fearrington resident Brian Paren (click here for additional information from him). You can also have computer memory erased without cost as part of the trade-in program at Best Buy where they also accept a wide variety of other electronics for recycling. A local non-profit that refurbishes computers that are less than 5 years old is the Kramden Institute (919-293-1133).
  • Digital Cameras
  • Docking Stations
  • Gaming Systems
  • Keyboards
  • Laptop Computers
  • Mouse Devices
  • Microwaves
  • Modems and Routers
  • Peripherals
  • Power Network Cables
  • Radios, Stereos, Tape Players

NOTE: Household batteries can be recycled at Whole Foods on Elliot Road in Chapel Hill (919-968-1983).

Rechargeable batteries and screw-in fluorescent bulbs can be recycled at Lowe’s Home Improvement (919-642-4030). They also reuse individual plastic planters (not the small 6-packs).

Also, earth911 is an excellent source of information about other recycling options.

The following hazardous material is not accepted at Cole Park but can be taken to Main Waste Management Facility on 64 West (919-542-5516) on the 3rd Saturday of every month between March and November, 9am – 3pm, or saved for the Fearrington hazardous waste event to be scheduled in October.

  • Fluorescent light tubes
  • Corrosive material(examples: oven cleaner, bleach, auto batteries, and other products that can cause skin burns)
  • Reactive material (examples: chlorine, lye, some laboratory chemicals, and other products that can explode or emit toxic gases)
  • Toxic material (examples: pesticides, herbicides, antifreeze, mercury and other poisonous materials)
  • Ignitable material (examples: gasoline, turpentine, motor oil, and other flammable materials)

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