About the Green Scene

About the Green Scene


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Thank you for your interest in the Fearrington Green Scene.

The Fearrington Green Scene is a Village residents’ group that encourages our community residents and organizations to take active steps to reduce their consumption of energy, water, and other resources, reuse goods and supplies, and recycle whenever possible. The Green Scene has initiated a new How Green is Our Village community initiative. We hope you will be willing to participate in this initiative so that together all of us can document just how green is the Fearrington community.

Watch for our frequent articles and programs.

Everyone is welcome – no dues, no formal membership. We meet the 2nd Wednesday of most months (check Upcoming tab) from 11-12:30. New members and suggestions are always welcomed. We are dedicated to finding ways to lessen our environmental impact individually and collectively. Activities include speakers on a variety of safe environmental practices and concerns, as well as projects in support of environmental responsibility within Fearrington Village.

Who’s on the logo? 

The Fearrington Green Scene banner is a collage of postage stamps of some of the intellectual giants who have helped us to understand the natural world: John and William Bartram, John James Audubon, Rachel Carson, Charles Darwin, Henry David Thoreau and John Muir. Click on the banner to see a larger version.