Add Person to FHA Directory

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  • Type the lot number or address into the Lot Number box. When the correct address appears below the box, click the correct address and it will appear in the Lot number box.
  • Enter the person’s first and last names in the space provided. The Lot Number and First and Last Names are the only required fields on the form. All other fields are optional.
  • After you’ve entered all the data the individual wants in the directory entry, click the Insert New Person button at the bottom of the form.
  • After the data are stored you will be presented with a choice of adding another person or returning to the previous page.
Formatted full name:
Title (Ms, Dr, etc.):
First name: (REQUIRED)
Middle initial:
Last name: (REQUIRED)
Suffix (Jr., M.D., III, etc.):
List with others at the same address:
Personal email:
Personal phone no. with area code:
Personal cell no. with area code:
Personal business no. with area code:

Household Information
DO NOT fill in these fields if you are adding a person to an existing household! If you put anything in these fields, it will REPLACE the household information in the residence of the new person. Use these fields only for the first resident of an empty residence!

Household phone number with area code:
Household email:
Household FAX: