Avoid Utility Shut-Off – Make Sure Billing Address Is Correct

Avoid Utility Shut-Off – Make Sure Billing Address Is Correct

As we recently advised residents (see below), the Post Office will no longer deliver letters which do not use the “Fearrington Post” address. For bills and letters (as distinguished from packages) sent to you via the United States Postal Service, you should delete your street address altogether. Utilities in particular tend to default to the street address, as that is where their services are delivered, so you need to notify them that the only address they should use for billing purposes is your Fearrington Post mailing address.

Furnishing the correct billing address is the responsibility of the resident. Jack Hussey, the new Pittsboro Postmaster, estimates that more than 600 pieces of mail per week intended for Fearrington residents are currently being returned to sender for improper addresses.  Failure to give the biller the correct billing address can result in unpaid bills and possible utility shut-offs and unpaid taxes.

Please act now to ensure that you continue to receive your bills and remain in good standing with utilities and other creditors.  Residents may also wish to consider alternative billing arrangements with billers, such as direct-debit or receiving bills by email only, in order to avoid this issue. 

Note that for packages, it is generally recommended to use your street address followed by your “Fearrington Post” address, on separate lines – see “Mailing Information” at page 5 of your Directory & Handbook, also available HERE. Recent posts about this issue can be found HERE and HERE.