Be A Volunteer!

The efforts of volunteers over the history of Fearrington Village have made this place a community unlike any other. Volunteers play an active role in all aspects of village life thereby affecting the character of the neighborhood, preserving our property values and enhancing everyday life in the village. Simply put, we make the community a great place to live.

See below for examples of contributions that volunteers have made to our community.  If you would like to become one of Fearrington Village’s treasured volunteers, please send an email to, and write “Volunteer” in the subject line. If you let us know how you would like to be involved, one of our Volunteer Coordinators will contact you.

Volunteer Opportunities Abound

No matter what your interests and skills may be, we believe you will find something here that offers you an opportunity to contribute. As you will see below, volunteers participate in just about everything that goes on in Fearrington Village.

Women of Fearrington: Paws for a Cause

Governance. The Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA) is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the health, safely and welfare of residents.   It is responsible for the enforcement of covenants, the maintenance of common property, and the promotion of the health, safety and welfare of village residents.  From time to time the FHA Board seeks residents to serve on committees charged with pursuing these objectives.

Communications. Keeping our village informed is a major effort run entirely by volunteers who produce the resident directory, the monthly newsletter The Belted Gazette, and maintain this website. We urge you to volunteer in this area if you have even a modest level of experience. If you are familiar with creating documents in Word, for example, you can learn the basics of creating WordPress web pages.

Landscaping and property maintenance. Fearrington Village is known for its gardens, beautiful tree canopy, shady trails, running creek and ponds with waterfowl, and–at last–its welcoming benches. Walkers, runners, bikers and parents pushing strollers enjoy the amenities that FV offers. Volunteers from many groups help to keep these natural treasures in shape and accessible.

Pam Bailey feeds the hungry hordes

Helping at National Night Out

Events and Socialization. FV is a community alive with opportunities to attend concerts, movies and other events right here within our community. Volunteers are the ones who organize these events, from selecting musicians to setting up seating. Another group of volunteers arranges for food trucks to operate on our campus.

Hospitality. In Fearrington Village, hospitality takes many forms. Each new resident receives a visit by a neighbor who provides a newcomer’s packet full of practical information. Other groups open their homes for coffee and conversation. Volunteers staff the Hospitality Office where anyone can come for information about the village or to have something copied or faxed.

Audio-Visual. Meetings and events are held in the Gathering Place, and many take advantage of the audiovisual equipment to host meetings and make presentations. A small team of volunteers provide technical assistance so that everything runs smoothly. Some volunteers train users on how to use the equipment, others are present during the meeting, and others are on-call should a problem arise unexpectedly.

Health and Daily Living. Fearrington Cares, an entity separate from the FHA, focuses on fostering the health, well-being and independence of everyone who lives in FV. Fearrington Cares has its own website,, so please visit it for information about volunteering there.

Contributions that volunteers have made 

Following are some examples of just some of the ways that volunteers have enhanced life in Fearrington Village.

In 2020, the FHA chartered several teams of residents to take a close look at aspects of village life and make recommendations to the FHA Board. Other volunteer committees have made important contributions to topics that affect village residents. These topics include the Gathering Place, Paths and Trails, Village Attractiveness, and Aging in Community.  Here is the report of the task force that explored ways to improve paths and trails.  As other committee reports become available, links to the reports will be provided here.

Volunteers with CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), which works to provide emergency services in Fearrington, answered questions at National Night Out

An especially important volunteer group is the Wastewater Treatment Taskforce, made up of residents who have special expertise in related areas.

Volunteers from the Garden Club have helped to clean Jenny’s Park –  see newsletter article. Other volunteers participated in National Night Out last summer – see photo right.

Volunteer repairs bridge on Creekwood nature trail.

A crew referred to fondly as the “Light Cavalry” works to maintain the nature trails in the village. They are on call to repair bridges, remove fallen trees, and otherwise keep the trails in good condition – see photo left.  See also this newsletter article.

Please let us know how you would like to become one of Fearrington Village’s treasured volunteers by emailing to, and write “Volunteer” in the subject line. Let us know how you would like to be involved, and one of our Volunteer Coordinators will contact you.