Plans for Beechmast Pond

Plans for Beechmast Pond

Posted May 12, 2021

Maintaining Beechmast Pond is one of the larger expense items in the FHA budget, and the cost is increasing every year. A decision needs to be made soon concerning changes to the pond that could significantly reduce maintenance costs. Open Meetings were held in February, and again in April 27, to discuss plans for the future of Beechmast Pond. 

An analysis by Kris Bass Engineering (KBE) was described. KBE outlined three options that might be used for modifying the pond. During the April meeting there was an analysis of how the costs of any option might be funded from the reserves budget. A recording of the April meeting is available for viewing. You will need to use the passcode #Khd2@6G (the initial # is required).

A summary of the options has been prepared. The summary includes the slides illustrating the three proposed approaches, together with estimates of their immediate and long-term costs, and an explanation of the benefits associated with each option.

Questions and comments were received prior to the April meeting, and other questions were asked during the meeting itself. Answers to the questions were provided, and the answers have been posted on the FHA website.

The FHA Board will not make any decision about the options until residents have had an opportunity to express their preferences. A survey that addresses this issue will be circulated shortly. Residents are encouraged to review the material available in the links provided above, and provide their feedback to the Board.