Chatham County Codered Service System Update Underway

Chatham County Codered Service System Update Underway

FHA Health, Safety, & Security Message:: Beginning July 1, 2015, Chatham County will be adding Weather Notifications to their CodeRED alert system. Residents will have to sign up for both notifications separately and can decide to receive only one or both of the notifications. 

If you are not currently signed up for emergency alerts from the county, please sign up, or check that you are registered, by clicking on this link:

Note that you may also receive a phone call coming from 866-419-5000 displaying the caller ID as being: EMERGENCY COMM [short for “Emergency Communication”]. This is a legitimate call from Chatham County’s CodeRed system, also used in many other town & cities to notify people of an emergency such as Amber Alert, school emergency etc. 

The current automated calling is to notify subscribers of the new option on Chatham County-based CodeRed service, which will now include a range of emergency weather alerts, for which residents may opt-in to receive. The system also uses this opportunity to update the numbers they have in their emergency system to make sure they are numbers that are still in service.

To hear the recording of that automated phone message, click here: