Community Emergency Response Planning

Community Emergency Response Planning

Summer Storm Season Has Arrived Storm season in Fearrington Village has arrived! While we very rarely experience hurricanes here, we often experience strong storms and occasionally hurricane remnants. Power outages may result, lasting hours to days. It is time to prepare. Emergency preparation guidelines can be found on page 10 of the Fearrington Village Directory and Handbook or on the FHA website. (Remember to log in first.)

The Time to Prepare for the 2024 Hurricane Season is NOW

Hurricane Season begins June 1st – make sure you’re prepared now, before it starts.  Update your insurance coverage and property list.  Complete a file of life [link to form] is up to date and post it where it will be visible to emergency responders.  The Emergency Preparedness Guide at on page 11 of the Directory & Handbook or on the FHA website HERE ( It will help you stockpile the proper supplies, prepare your home for high winds, flooding, and loss of power, and plan where to seek shelter.  Remember that The Gathering Place, while not a shelter, can serve as a cooling center and place to store medicines and charge devices in the event of a power outage. Finally, if told to evacuate, do so immediately and do not drive around barricades.

Your FHA has updated The Gathering Place to serve as a cooling station for those choosing to remain in their homes during these outages. The Gathering Place is powered by a generator. Multiple outlets will be provided for electronics charging; refrigeration is available for medicine storage; first aid kits are available for minor injuries; and energy bars are available. The Gathering Place is not an emergency shelter. If you choose to go to a shelter, these will be established by the NC Department of Emergency Management and the American Red Cross in locations outside of Fearrington Village. If you have questions, please contact me using the link just below.

Warren Ort, Director, Health, Safety, & Security,


IMPORTANT: For any village-based emergency response to be effective, we urge all residents to return the completed Voluntary Emergency Information Registration Form Choose one format listed below.. If there have been recent changes in your household regarding the needs and capabilities of any resident(s), be sure to complete and turn in a new form so the content will be up to date!

  • Voluntary Emergency Information Registration (Fill in on-line version) Used to register the needs and capabilities of residents during emergency conditions. This information is a vital resource in case of an emergency.
  • Voluntary Emergency Information Registration (Print and fill in by hand version) Used to register the needs and capabilities of residents during emergency conditions.  This information is a vital resource in case of an emergency.
  • Also see the information about the FILE OF LIFE, which we encourage ALL residents to have on the refrigerator for easy access by EMT responders. The magnetic FILE OF LIFE envelope and the information card insert is available FREE of charge at the FHA office during business hours.