We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals for the compilation and production of the FHA Directory and Handbook, in both printed form and online, and the time and effort they devote each month to maintaining it.

Tony Carroll, Director of Communications, Publisher

Conner Sandefur, Web Administrator

Jim Brooking and Sarah Pohlig, Senior Technical Consultants

Gordon Pitz, Senior Editorial Consultant

Pat Skiver, Directory Editor

Jan Kowal, Newsletter Content

Clairbeth Lehn, Gathering Place Calendar

Wendy Snodgrass, Village Calendar

Sharen Faye, Maps

Front Cover Photo: Minnie Gallman

Front Cover Design: Tony Daniels, Lynne Griffin and Gordon Pitz

Inside Back Cover Photos:

Photo of Jesse and Willa Fearrington and Aerial Photo Courtesy of Jesse Fearrington, Jr.

Photo of RB and Jenny Fitch Courtesy of Greg Fitch/Fitch Creations

Inside Back Cover Design: Tony Daniels and Gordon Pitz

And many others who have contributed to the content, publication and distribution of this edition.  Special thanks to Pam Bailey and the Area and Block Contacts for their logistical support in distributing this document to their neighbors.