Recent Pick-up Reports

Recent Pick-up Reports

Recent Collections Data Summary
 January 2012 – Current 2013
Collection Date
Number of Bags
Number of Hours
Dec 201381012Holiday clean-up accomplished. Nice warm day. It would get to 75 degrees!  Not bad for the first day of winter.

Nov 2013


Oct 2013

297This was on Mon 28 October and followed the cancellation on Sat 26 Oct due to wimp factor of organizer. It was chilly! This won’t happen again. Honest. Short of rain and snow and sleet and all that. Next pickup will be Saturday 16 Nov at 8:30 am.

Sept 2013

71314Followed by FHA lunch. Thank you!  Next pickup will be October 26.

Aug 2013

 914 14 The next pick-up will be September 21, 2013.

July 2013

 1417 2First pickup of new era!  Great coffee and cake afterwards.
May 2013 1012 
April 2013 1421 The next collection will be on Saturday, May 18th at 7:30am (early because the regular date occurs on Memorial Day weekend this year). Note the start of summer earlier hours. 
March 2013 515 3We were unable to complete all our areas, but 8:30am to 11:30am (three hours) was a good effort. 
February 2013 CANCELED 
January 2013 22 
December 201224 6One energetic person working alone over three days. 
November 2012 1216 2 
October 2012 11172 
September 2012152 
August 201210162 
July 201212152 
June 2012CANCELED  — 
May 201214152 
April 201211222 
March 20122 104 

February 2012

5 Collection Days to Catch Up

33100(!)19Many of the same collectors; not 33 different ones; maximum was 20 at any one collection time. Extended collection north and south on 15/501 over several days / cleaned up for Jan & Feb. 
January 2012Cancelled —  January litter was picked up in February.