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Directory Changes: 11/16/2023 through 12/01/2023

The Following People Have Been Added to the Directory

SANTENS, Michael
    580 Woodbury
Jane's Email: jane.bernat@gmail.com
Michael's Email: michaelsantens580@gmail.com
Jane's Cell: 301-752-3665
Michael's Cell: 703-489-1872
JOHNSON, Penny, Ward B
    C-007 C Wing
Penny's Email: penny1937@earthlink.net
Ward's Email: wjohnson824@earthlink.net
Home: 919-542-2174
Penny's Cell: 760-683-4811
NEWTON, Rebecca Reynolds
    576 Woodbury
Rebecca's Email: rebecca@rebeccanewton.comRebecca's Cell: 919-599-0218
    22 Benchmark
Home: norahpatterson@hotmail.comHome: 919-624-1348
SINISI, Diana, Tony
    457 Beechmast
Diana's Email: Sinisi801@gmail.com
Tony's Email: Sinisia50@gmail.com
Diana's Cell: 603-591-0604
Tony's Cell: 941-713-6828


ARTHUR, William B (Bill)
    169 Wintersage
Home: kathy.doherty@gmail.com
Bill's Email: warthur2@nc.rr.com
Home: 919-533-6124
Bill's Cell: 703-217-1623
BIRD, Richard, Sara (Sally)
    G-207 G Wing
Richard's Email: richard.bird@gmail.com
Sally's Email: sallybird@me.com
Richard's Cell: 919-593-1285
Sally's Cell: 919-444-1188
ENGLISH, Abigail
    249 Fox Ridge
Home: abigail.english.cahl@gmail.comAbigail's Cell: 919-619-0821
Abigail's Business: 919-968-8850
LYNCH, Annette F (Nettie)
STRAUSS ED.D, Mitchell Dean (Mitch)
    307 Baneberry Close
Nettie's Email: annette.lynch@uni.edu
Mitch's Email: mdeanstrauss@gmail.com
Nettie's Cell: 319-830-7530
Mitch's Cell: 319-504-0599
ZELT, Pamela A (Pam)
    10 Caswell (1139)
Pam's Email: Zeltpamela@gmail.comPam's Cell: 412-498-5274

The following people have been removed from the directory:

Judy Cohan
Ann Deborah Engles
Craig Jacobs
Don Collins
Michael Hornblow
Carolyn Mottola
Vance Cope-Kasten
Jack Traywick
Paul Fehrenbach
Betty Lou Cobb
Rhoda Lituchy
ignore test
Peggy H Brinn
Heidi Kanwischer