Directory Verification Tools

Directory Verification Tools

Directory Verification Mass Mailing

Two functions on this page:

  1. Reset Database
    Do this only once in the year before sending the current year’s emails to residents. 
  2. Send Emails
    This will send ~1,800 emails to all emails currently in the FHA directory, using our proprietary queuing process. While the emails will be queued immediately, only about 325 are sent every hour to stay within our hosting company’s Terms of Service.

Groups/Organizations Mass Mailing

Sends emails using our proprietary queuing mechanism to all registered contacts for groups/organizations in the FHA Groups directory.

Edit Directory Verification Table

Use this function to manually set or reset a residence residence to stay listed in the FHA directory or not.

Formerly used to continue listing GR residents, whom GR said had to be reverified every year. FHA has decided to ignore this and list GR and/or FV residents the same way: until they are no longer residents or opt out of listing.