Discussion of D&HB Support

This page contains a series of screen shots from the website, all of which have something to do with the Directory & Handbook (D&HB). The links in the text below the images describe the function of the link and its relationship to the D&HB.

Left menu stack

Find People: Directory search using a variety of selectable search criteria. Function: class: Read=only (users) with link to found directory entries for editing by admins or owner of the personal data.

My Neighorhood displays entries for all residents of the same street, if the user’s WordPress (WP) login email matches the email of a directory entry on the street. Linked page provides ability to display street’s (or any) Area or Phase residents.. Function class: read-only, login required..

New Residents provides an app for new residents to request a listing in the directory. No login required, but a simplt CAPTCHA front-ends the app to screen the app against bad bots and spammers.

Edit My Directory Info opens the directory edit screen for a logged-in user whose WP login email matches an entry in the directory.

Past Changes provides a way to list directory adds, changes, and deletions for a selectable period. It was provided in a format compatible with the original (pre-COVID) FHA Newsletter.

Area, Block and Covenants Contacts lists the names and contact info for these FHA agents, for any phase/area.

Service Groups displays the current officers and standing committee chairs providing governance for any (selectable) Service Group.

Search for Clubs and Groups provides a searchable list of interest groups and clubs active in Fearrington.

Online Directory & Handbook shows a representation of the D&HB Table of Contents, with links from the ToC entry to its online equivalent.

From Top Menu

This page tries to provide links to all FHA services, and includes brief descriptions of the services offered through the listed email.

On Top Menu

Provides a page where new residents’ information may be entered by admin personnel. Not available to non-admin users.

Fly-out from Admin top menu

Directory Maintenance Functions opens a page (see following image) with some additional directory support functions, some repetitions.

New Residents duplicates the “Add Person” function at the top of the Admin top meu item.

A and B Contacts Maint. used to change Area and Block Contacts.

Directory Management opens a page of links to 12 different directory subjects for updating. (See below.)

Manage Groups opens a page to add or change a listed affinity group or club for the directioy.

Manage Service Groups allows changing the officers and standing committees for Service Groups.

Fly-out from top menu Admin link

Print the Directory will output all areas or a selected area to a PDF file (e.g., to send to the printer) or an in-line HTML file where problems can be diagnosed.

Printed Material Distributions can print 1-3 sets of distributions sheets for newsletters (obsolete/unused), D&HBs or other distributions. The three sets: one for the print team showing all areas and sub- and grand totals, one for Area Contacts, with block contacts, sub- and grand totals.

Directory Management opens a full page of links, some of which may be familiar from the above discussion. The image is reduced by half to fit this page. You may want to open the page in a separate tab .https://fearringtonfha.org/directory-management/ as you read this.

Directory Management page