All Fearrington Village property owners have been mailed a notice of the meeting that will be held on September 6, 2023 at 7:00 pm in The Gathering Place, relating to the increase in the annual FHA dues that the Board has proposed. We have done our best to include non-resident property owners in the mailing, but if you are a renter and receive one of these mailings, we would appreciate your forwarding it to the property owner. The Notice of Meeting, Proxy and Proxy Instructions can also be downloaded using the links in this sentence.

We are encouraging as many residents as possible to vote by proxy, as both space and parking at The Gathering Place are limited. While we will have several people working to get everyone checked in, we are concerned that the lines could be long. There will be no presentation at the meeting.  Rather, we will determine whether we have a quorum and, if we do, those present will vote. Regardless of the outcome, we will send out a blast email with the results, so you may wish to save yourself some inconvenience by voting by proxy. Please see the Proxy Instructions for details about how to do so.

For residents who could not attend the June 29, 2023 open meeting discussing this proposal or who wish to review it, a video recording can be viewed HERE, and the slides from the meeting can be found HERE. Minutes of the meeting, including responses to the Q&A, have been posted with other minutes of Board and resident meetings, and here is a LINK to those. The 2023 Budget has been posted online since it was adopted last fall and can be found HERE, and the updated reserve study can be found HERE.

Residents with questions for the Board about the proposed dues increase can email them to duesquestions@fhaboard.org. Please allow a few days for responses.

Residents may also want to visit THIS PAGE, which contains links to other relevant material such as committee reports from the Long-Range Planning Committee and summaries of responses to community surveys, and will contain links to any new information provided in response to resident questions.

The final Coffee & Conversation informal meeting with Board members to discuss the dues proposal will be held at The Gathering Place on Thursday, August 24 at 10:00 am. Please RSVP by email to hospitality@fhaboard.org to reserve a spot.