Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

Police, Fire or Health Emergency Call 911
County Sheriff (for non-emergency) Call 919-542-2911

You can access additional emergency phone numbers and other contact information by clicking here.

The Fearrington Homeowners Association also has available a guide for emergency preparations. You can see the guide as a web page, download it to save on your computer. or print it out by going to this page:


Fearrington Village Resident Emergency Preparedness Guide

Voluntary Emergency Information Forms for Residents

An important part of emergency preparedness involves being sure that first responders can have quick access to specifically relevant up-to-date and accurate information about the needs and capabilities of residents during emergency conditions. The following voluntary forms will help to ensure that such information will be there when and if it is needed in an emergency.

IMPORTANT: If there have been recent changes in your household regarding needs and capabilities of any resident(s), be sure to complete and turn in a new form so the content will be up to date!

  • Voluntary Emergency Information Registration Form

Voluntary Emergency Information Registration (Used to register needs and capabilities of residents during emergency conditions. Fill in Online.)

Voluntary Emergency Information Registration (Used to register needs and capabilities of residents during emergency conditions. Print and fill in by hand.)

  • Voluntary File of Life Card

File of Life Card (Used to update the medical information card in the red “File of Life” folder. Fill in by typing on the web page, then print.)

File of Life Card (Used to update the medical information card in the red “File of Life” folder. Print and fill in by hand.)

Important Links to Hurricane Preparedness Information

Dangerous Weather Alerts

Get Alerts About Dangerous & Severe Weather Conditions for Your Own Street

For weather-related alerts and warnings specifically for your own street, WRAL-TV’s WEATHER CALL, based on doppler radar reports, references conditions in your own immediate neighborhood. This popular fee-based subscription weather alert service costs $8.00/year. You can subscribe by using this link.

Chatham County advises residents and businesses to rely on weather alert radios tuned to the National Weather Service (NWS) frequencies (providing alerts by counties), weather coverage on commercial radio and television news and weather programs, and on phone, email, or text messaging weather alert services (such as the WRAL service described above) or free zip code-related services such as offered by The Weather Channel.

Our Designated Evacuation Center & Chatham County’s CODE RED/Reverse 911 Emergency Notification System

Northwood High School is our main evacuation shelter. The school is located 5 miles south on the right side of 15/501, just before the west bound entrance of 64 west.

If the Northwood High School Shelter is ACTIVATED by the Chatham County OEM Coordinator, notification to the public will be made well in advance on ALL the major TV stations.

Chatham County Emergency Management Services maintains an effective, secure high-speed emergency telephone notification system for notifying County residents of emergencies or disaster information, such as evacuation notices, boil water notices, bio-terrorism events, etc. This system automatically subscribes land-line phones, except for unlisted numbers and anyone who acquired a new phone number within the past three months. VISIT THIS SITE to read all about such aspects as:

  • If you have a land-line phone and do not want to receive such calls, you must formally opt out of the system. The article explains how.
  • If you have a cell phone (or want to receive such calls on your cell phone) or if you have telephone service through an Internet (VoIP connection), you have to subscribe yourself to receive such calls. The article explains how.
  • IMPORTANT: Note that Chatham County’s CodeRed service does not get activated for severe weather alerts. See the section just above for instructions on how to receive severe weather alerts.


  • Have a safe room, usually an interior room on the lowest floor with no windows.
  • Have someone out-of-state as a contact for all family members.
  • Make sure insurance papers etc are protected and available.
  • Have a plan for your pets if you will need to evacuate. Only pets permitted in shelters are Seeing Eye dogs.
  • If a family member requires life support equipment, make special plans for them to have extra filled oxygen bottles on hand; extra medications, at least a two week supply.
  • Water for at least one week; One gallon per person per day. Have extra water for cooking and sanitary use. Fill up your bathtub, pots, empty jugs, etc., when warned of an approaching storm.
  • Now is the time to check to see if your flashlight works and batteries are fresh. Always have extra batteries and spare flashlight bulbs on hand.
  • Have a battery operated TV / Radio or the newer generator wind-up type.
  • If storm is pending turn down the temperature setting on your refrigerator. In the event of a power outage open the refrigerator only if necessary. Have an insulated chest filled with ice.
  • Never operate any generator where fumes can enter your home.
  • Make sure you have a full tank of gas.
  • Have extra cash on hand. ATM machines in area may not have power.
  • Secure outdoor furniture or bring inside.
  • Have non-perishable food on hand, such as parmalat milk, canned meats, pet food, canned fruits etc.
  • Have a non-electric can opener.
  • Enough warning is given before a hurricane, ice or snow storm hits, don’t wait until all the stores are crowded and stock is low. Always be prepared.
  • If you are a special needs resident please, use the links near the top of this page to access an important form so we can add you to the Fearrington Village needs list.