FHA Annual Meeting 2010

FHA Annual Meeting 2010


The Annual Meeting of the FHA was held on November 14, 2010.

The Meeting was called to order by President Ken Talbot who described some of the Board’s major accomplishments this year.

Among these were:

• The installation of a generator to provide power to a command center in case of an emergency impacting the Village (Jim Granger was recognized as a major benefactor providing funds for the generator).

• A major landscaping project at the Gathering Place with financial support by Fitch Creations.

• New readable signage in many areas of the Village with the costs shared by Fitch Creations and the FHA. In addition, an annual report detailing accomplishments was distributed and copies of that report are available in the FHA office.

Walter Jernigan, Treasurer, reported that the overall finances of the association were in good shape and that the dues for the coming year would be raised by 5%. Jim Morland then reported that the reserve study, which was several years old, has been updated. In addition, a regular schedule had been developed so that maintenance projects would be made part of the overall operation of the Board.

The meeting was then open to questions and concerns by residents. The major focus was traffic safety. There were a number of suggestions about the traffic signal at the entry to Village Way from 15/501. The overall conclusion was that, given the age of many Village residents, greater care needed to be exercised when making the turn into the Village to make sure that there was enough clearance from cars traveling north on 15/501.

The President asked for a moment of silence in memory of Linda Lang, a Board member, who passed away this summer.

It was announced that the meeting lacked a quorum and citing Article III Section 4 a motion was made for the Board to stand in recess and that motion was adopted.

Leonard Kreisman, Secretary