FHA Annual Meeting 2011

FHA Annual Meeting 2011

Minutes of the Annual Meeting November 13, 2011

The meeting was called to order by President Talbot. All members of the Board were present in addition to about 125 residents. Representing the management company, CAMS, were Diane Clarcq and Cathie Johnson.

President Talbot briefly reviewed the history of Fearrington Village from its initial development. He then went on to detail the variety of accomplishments of the Board during this past year, noting the contribution of each of the various Board members.

He then introduced Jim Morlan, the Treasurer, who indicated that the operating budget was on track for the remainder of the year. Of special significance was the fact that for the first time the Board has a Long Term Repair and Replacement budget which details what will need to be done in the future, how much it may cost, and the amount of money that needs to be allocated on an annual basis to fund that repair or replacement. 

Morlan noted that there were only four households that were in arrears for annual dues, two for 2011 and two for 2010. Ken thanked Jim for the massive effort that went into creating this budget.

Ken noted that the contract with CAMS is for three years and the end of that term is approaching;negotiations for possible renewal are in progress. He then opened the floor to resident comments and concerns.

A resident noted that there was a problem with lighting in the Creekwood kiosk. Ken Benjamin indicated that he was aware of the problem and that an electrician would be looking at the situation next week. Appropriate repairs will be undertaken soon.

Another resident asked the Board to investigate whether Village residents could use the existing or projected Briar Chapel dog park since the effort to establish a dog park in the Village had been unsuccessful. The Board will follow up on that suggestion.

In replying to a question about the lighting problem in the Millcroft mail kiosk the Board noted that the kiosk was under the control of Fitch Creations and it was suggested that Laura Morgan be contacted about the problem.

Responding to another resident’s concern about street lights, Ken explained that any problem with street lights should be referred to Progress Energy, noting the pole number.

A resident complained about worker trucks not obeying the 25 mile an hour speed limit in the Village in the mornings and it was suggested that if one could obtain a plate number, that number could be reported to the sheriff who then might check in on such violations.

A suggestion about a siren system to warn residents of an upcoming tornado or other weather emergency was met with the response that for $8 a year WRAL would warn residents about any weather emergency that was coming close to their house, and that this is the method advised by the local Fire Department.

Following up on an earlier comment a resident noted that it was important if you used the ambulance service to allow yourself to be carried from your home, rather than walking to the ambulance, if you wish to escape a very large ambulance charge.

The Secretary then reported that a preliminary count indicated that 411 residents had voted, exceeding the quorum requirement, and that the results of the election were as follows:

  • Gail Mazzocco as Vice President and President elect
  • Pat Harkins and Director of Covenants for 2 years
  • Ken Benjamin as Director of Grounds and Facilities for 2 years
  • Debbie DiSabatino as Director of Community Affairs for 2 years

The bylaw change providing for staggered terms for Nominating Committee members was approved.

The following individuals were elected to the Nominating Committee:

  • Kay Hunt 1 year term
  • Bill Somers 1 year term
  • Carla Mazzone 2 year term
  • Bill Stempfle 2 year term

Ken noted that Jim Morlan was resigning as Treasurer at the close of the Annual Meeting. The Board had known about this for a while and Bob DeVido will be named Treasurer at the next Board meeting.

David Erisman then thanked Ken Talbot for all of his efforts during his term on the Board and the audience joined in with applause.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 6:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Leonard T. Kreisman, Secretary