FHA Board Actions – January, 2011

FHA Board Actions – January, 2011

1. The large room in the Gathering Place has been repainted and refurbished.
2. A redesigned and updated website will become operational in early February. More details appear in another article in this issue of the Newsletter.
3. Jim Brooking and Julia Hardy have accepted responsibility for oversight of the redesigned website.
4. The Board is actively engaged in seeking replacements for existing vacancies. Interested parties should contact Ken Talbot, FHA Board President.
5. The Board will recognize Arbor Day by planting some trees.
6. The Board approved an Operational and Reserve Budget for 2011.


A 2’ x 3’ frame has been installed at The Gathering Place to display photos by residents. The initial display can be found on the wall just outside the Hospitality and Service Center. Henry Castner’s pictures show the Creekwood Trail in all its winter beauty.

In February John Hammond will put up a selection of his pictures.

If you are interested in having your photos up for a month, contact Carol Kurtz at CarolMcKurtz@ embarqmail.com so she can schedule a time for you. Pictures can be of Fearrington Village, vacation shots, flowers, scenery or any subject you choose and whatever size you prefer. Each display will be accompanied by the photographer’s name.