FHA Contacts and Website Support

FHA Contacts and Website Support

We have revised our FHA contact/question form in an effort to get residents’ questions or comments to the right parties within FHA or the Website Team.

The form is linked on most of the website pages on the lower right. Look for this link: GET HELP or CONTACT FHA. You will see a reminder of this form’s availability every so often.

When you click this link a new window or tab will open and you will see a pop-up window similar to that on the right.

In this window you can browse through all available topics (scrolling down if necessary), or use the search box by typing a few letters of the subject of your email. (Nouns are more likely to find good matches!) When you see a subject close to what you are writing about, click it to close the popup window and put the topic in the email’s subject box.

You must choose an available subject or your email can not be sent!

Some of the selectable topics have been addressed on the website. For these, a popup-type box will appear after the selection with more information and/or links. Please check the available online help, if shown, before sending your email to save yourself time.

If you are not logged-in when you use this form, you will have two extra boxes to fill out to let us know your name and email address.

Why Did We Do This?

The main reason was to try and direct your inquiries to the right person or people. Each of the email addresses associated with the website has a particular function for the website, the FHA Board, or the FHA Office. We hope that using this form, which selects the appropriate email associated with each topic, with save everyone time and frustration by getting the correspondence to the right person right away rather than having it bounce around until someone takes ownership of it.