FHA Newsletter 2024 February

FHA Newsletter 2024 February


February 2024  Volume 43  Number 2

President’s Message

Steve Stewart

By the time you read this, winter will be half over. While we have had a mild and snow-free winter to date, February and early March may bring cold, wet, and possibly snowy weather. Please be prepared! Recommendations for emergency preparedness can be found in your directory and on the website. The Gathering Place has been prepared to serve as a warming center in case of a power outage; hopefully, it will not be needed.

On another important issue, the Village is not immune from crime. Recently, several vehicles have been looted and one vehicle has been stolen. Please make sure not to leave valuables in your vehicle (or keep them out of sight if you must leave them), lock it when parked, and use your garage. The sheriff has been informed and may be increasing patrols.

Scams also continue; I have even been the victim of one. Like former FHA Presidents, my name was sent out as the person asking for money or gift cards. This is not something that I or any other board member would do. If in doubt about any request, contact the person by using the information in the directory. Do not use the reply found in the potential scam email.

On a much more pleasant note, there are a number of social events planned for the spring. The Winterfest dance is planned for February 9 at The Barn. I look forward to seeing many of you at this event as we relive our youth for a few hours. At the end of March, we will host our annual Easter Egg hunt for Village children and grandchildren. Having attended with my grandchildren, I can attest that it is a fun event for all. At the end of April, we will be holding the Village-wide Founders Festival. This year Fearrington Village will be 50 years old! I look forward to a great event in which all residents can participate. Further information on the Founders Festival can be found later in this issue.

February will see the beginning of a number of projects in the Village. Construction on the new Creekwood mail kiosk will be started. Those of you using it will temporarily have your mail delivered to the Swim & Croquet kiosk. The buildout time is estimated at 12 weeks. The paving of The Gathering Place parking lot may occur in February. This will cause some interruption in use of The Gathering Place; as we know more, we will inform you. Our architect is currently developing plans to make The Gathering Place restrooms ADA compliant; this work will be done later in the year. Finally, the single light on the sidewalk in front of The Gathering Place will be joined by 10 more. We evaluated this light to make sure it met our needs before ordering more, and now that we have, we are just waiting for them to arrive.

A number of residents have asked about what is being done with the results of the amenities survey you completed last spring. Your board is looking at those items under the purview of the FHA. Our director of grounds is beginning the replacement of bridges on the Creekwood trail and is looking at what trail expansion might be feasible. As noted above, The Gathering Place restroom upgrade is underway. We will be forming a committee later this year to plan for the possibility of a community park that might include a playground, performance pavilion, basketball court, exercise trail, and picnic area.

As is apparent, we will be busy. If you are interested in participating in any of these planning activities or have comments or suggestions, let me know.

Stay safe and warm!

Steve Stewart, president@fhaboard.org

FHA News

Founders Festival 2024—Start Making Plans!  

The FHA will hold this year’s Festival on Saturday, April 27, from 1 to 5 pm at The Gathering Place campus in partnership with the Swim & Croquet Club and Fearrington Cares and supported by the Women of Fearrington.

There will be entertainment, food trucks, libations, exhibits, club participation, 70s music, children’s activities, and more! It is time to celebrate this special place in which we live as it reaches a golden 50-year milestone. Based on last year’s success, it is designed to be a FUN event, to relax, extend your hand, and meet neighbors. The Festival will give you a chance to learn so much more about our Village, its history, neighborhoods, and residents. This is our community, the second-oldest planned unit development in the state. Our neighbors come from all across the US and internationally to call Fearrington home. Children of previous owners are also moving here to what their parents called their “happy place.” Many call it a “wonderful life” to live with interesting neighbors in a unique, wooded community.  

Let’s make plans to celebrate. Volunteerism is the essence of our community, and we need your help in making this event a great success. Strangers are only neighbors and friends you haven’t met yet. This is our Village, so please make plans to participate and learn more about what attracted you to our Village. Look for more info in subsequent issues of The Belted Gazette!

Questions, info, and to volunteer: Tony Daniels, FHA Festival Chair, tdanielsuk@icloud.com

Health, Safety, & Security Report 

Remember to Follow Rules of the Road

A majority of auto accidents occur within five miles from home. One reason is that drivers following familiar routes can become casual about following basic traffic rules, something we see frequently in the Village. You may know where you’re going, but fellow drivers and pedestrians do not. So please, remember always to use turn signals, stop at stop signs, and watch out for pedestrians and other drivers. A good summary of four-way stop right-of-way rules can be found here, but if you simply remember to stop, and proceed only when clearly safe to do so, it will keep you and those around you safer.


Calling all Fearrington Residents! Sheriff Mike Roberson is now offering the Sheriff’s Training Academy for Residents (STAR) program.

The STAR program is a seven-part, interactive program designed for citizens throughout Chatham County to learn more about the daily functions of the Sheriff’s office. Participants will enjoy hands-on activities and relationship-building opportunities throughout the program.

One day per week, STAR program participants will meet in a central location for class from 6 to 9 pm. Orientation packets will be sent out to students before the first night of class. A graduation ceremony will be held the final night of class.

Participants will have the opportunity to ride along with a deputy, ask questions, explore law enforcement topics, and gain valuable experience. They will receive behind-the-scenes facility tours as well as practice crime-scene processing and scenario-based training exercises in a safe, supportive environment.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, consent to a criminal background check, and be in reasonably good health. Each class will consist of no more than
25 participants.

Sheriff Mike has informed me that he will try to make special arrangements for our Fearrington residents. If you are interested in the program, please email me at warrensailo@aol.com, and I will email additional information on joining the STAR program.

         —Warren Ort, Director, Health, Safety, and Security

Spotlight on Volunteers

Our spotlight this month is on volunteer Patrick McGahan. Patrick is currently serving as the director of grounds and facilities for the FHA. He originally got involved with the FHA in 2021 by serving on the paths and trails task force. His energy and commitment have led him to tackling many of the challenges facing the community. When he’s not on his daily run around Fearrington, he can be found fixing one thing or another at The Gathering Place or one of the other FHA properties.

Patrick is currently building a team to help manage the many tasks and projects within the FHA grounds and facilities organization. If you are interested in serving on this team, please contact him at his FHA email, grounds@fhaboard.org.

Celebrate Winterfest at The Barn This Month!

WINTERFEST tickets are close to being sold out! Both couples and singles are well represented, and our DJ is primed to provide a broad variety of music and dancing for all. The event will be held at The Barn in the Village Center on February 9, from 7 to 10 pm. Tickets are $50 per person, of which $15 is tax deductible. They are on sale at Fearrington Cares, open weekdays from 9 am to 1 pm, phone number 919-542-6877.

The event, co-sponsored by the FHA and Fearrington Cares, will include a charcuterie table and desserts, a cash bar, and a silent auction featuring unique artwork and curated experiences. All proceeds of the auction will benefit Fearrington Cares. You may pay by check or with credit card. Suggested attire is “dressy casual,” i.e., a dress or dressy top and skirt or pants outfit for women and slacks and a collared shirt for men, with a tie and/or sport coat or blazer optional.

What’s Happening in the Village Center

As a service to our readers, we’re adding a link to the Village Center calendar, showing events at McIntyre’s and the Village Center shops: https://www.fearrington.com/calendar/.

We also remind readers that The Belted Goat and other Village Center shops are open Wednesday through Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm. The new Galloway’s Wine & Beer Bar is open Wednesday through Saturday, 5 to 8 pm, and can be accessed from the downstairs door of McIntyre’s. On Fridays, pizza can be ordered online from the Roost for pickup from 4 to 6 pm and can be enjoyed at Galloway’s, where live music will be featured on Fridays through the winter. More details can be found at www.fearrington.com. 

This Month’s Features


Scene Around Fearrington:

Third Annual Solstice Lantern Walk Is Great Success

By Beth Gold, Gordon Pitz, and Jackie Walters

Jointly sponsored by Fearrington Village, the FHA and Fearrington Cares, the third annual Winter Solstice Lantern Walk on Thursday, December 21, 2023, drew 190 participants and spectators. Gathering at the Roost, Beth Gold led a welcome program, which included Pamela Stewart singing December Lark, a song by Robert Kreutz based on Oliver Herford’s poem. When it was dark enough for the lanterns to be seen and appreciated, walkers set off, circled the Village Center and then headed to Jenny’s Park. Lanterns along the path lit the way, and some passers-by joined in. After passing over the bridge and circling the concrete sheep, walkers returned to the Roost for hot cider and doughnuts provided by the FHA. In November, Fearrington Cares sponsored two lantern-making workshops facilitated by Beth Gold. Over forty Villagers participated, many of whom were inspired to invite friends and neighbors to their homes to make lanterns of diverse materials and creative patterns. As one organizer, Beth Gold, noted, “It was a wonderful night bringing more light back into our days with the marking of the Solstice.” Other organizers included Mariana Fiorentino, Ruth Ann Burk (FHA), and Beth Coulombe (Fearrington Cares). Click on a photo below to see an enlargement (If you have problems, try opening in a new tab or window)

Photo by Minnie Gallman.

Photo by Terry Ames.

Photo by Annette Griffith.

Photo by Minnie Gallman.

Photo by Gordon Pitz.

Photo by Minnie Gallman.

Photo by Terry Ames.

Photo by Minnie Gallman.

Photo by Gordon Pitz.

Photo by Gordon Pitz.
Scene Around Fearrington In April

We have a special topic scheduled for the April issue. It will be devoted to photographs that lighten the mood, that lead the viewer to chuckle, gasp, laugh, or simply feel good. If you are looking for an idea, you might think about what it is that makes you smile and feel happy. Or look for the little absurdities in life that prevent you from taking things too seriously. Or use photos that seem to be crying out for a caption. It is sometimes surprising how animals, people, trees, or plants manage to elicit humor.

There are no rules, other than that the photos should be the original work of the photographer. Feel free to use anything you think would amuse others. If you enjoy playing with Photoshop or other photo editors, let your imagination run free. Feel free to provide captions.

Please send your contributions to the photography editor, c/o editors@fearringtonfha.org. Use “April Scene Around Fearrington” as the subject of the email.

Chatham Transit Offers Convenient Transportation

Ann Bromberg on the Chatham Transit lift assisted by the driver, James Strain. Photo by Bunny Lancaster.

By Sue Burke and Bunny Lancaster

In 1974, R.B. and Jenny Fitch began Fearrington Village on a quiet Pittsboro road. Today that road, 15/501, is an intense and highly travelled four-lane highway. According to the World Population Review, Chatham County has grown 28.17% since 2010, with an estimated population in 2024 of 81,397. 

For those of us facing aging mobility, one of the challenges this current-day environment presents is transportation. Because seniors are living longer, they are driving 6-10 years longer. But can seniors remain in their homes and find safe, affordable, and accessible transportation when driving isn’t an option? 

To address this question, Sue Burke and Bunny Lancaster, members of the Fearrington for Life committee, met with Anna Testerman, the executive director of Chatham Transit (CT), a public transportation service available to everyone in our county. 

Anna stated that CT is supported by federal, state, and county funding subject to Federal Transit Administration monitoring through the North Carolina Department of Transportation. This requires oversight of all CT drivers who are between the ages of 20 and 55. They are vetted and trained to meet professional standards that qualify them to work with all passengers. Safe and healthy protocols for bus travel are required and tracked. 

Chatham Transit provides in-county service from 6 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance. A fleet of vans varying in size can accommodate individuals or groups of up to 21 for special outings. These outings may be medical appointments or trips to stores, restaurants, or other activities. Chatham Transit will go out of the county only for medical appointments.

The fares are quite affordable. Senior discounted fares are charged per mile: 

0-5 miles: $2

5-10 miles: $4

10-20 miles: $7

20 or more miles: $3 for each 10-mile increment

Individuals can access CT for a ride by phone at 919-542-5136, or online on the CT website: chathamtransit.org. 

Riders have several options for payment: 

  • Cash (exact change) – You can pay for the roundtrip when being picked up or you can pay each way. Drivers will make a note of payment.
  • Electronic – You can pay via PayPal, credit card, or debit card. Call 919-542-5136 with card info. 
  • Fare cards – You can purchase on the website.

In the near future, an electronic reservation option will be available to make travel planning easier. By using the CT app, round-trip reservations can conveniently be made from home or destination. However, phone calls will always be welcome. 

Anna stressed the value she places on the family of workers at CT, and the drivers, who, due to their training and to their own personal values, appreciate and enjoy the people they meet daily, the riders. One of these riders is Ann Bromberg, a resident of Fearrington Village (FV). She has been using CT for the past two years for monthly appointments to the Duke Eye Clinic. Ann loves the convenience of curbside pickup and drop-off. According to Ann, “The drivers are prompt, helpful, and very friendly. CT is safe, inexpensive, and extremely convenient. I don’t have to contend with traffic or a distant parking garage. It is the best local transportation option. I am an advocate for CT and encourage my friends and neighbors to use their services.”

Sue Burke boarding the Chatham Transit bus. Photo by Wanda Rushing.

Mike Ennis and Carole Breckenridge about to board the bus. Photo by Karen Shectman.

A group of FV residents recently took an outing via CT to S&T Soda Shoppe in Pittsboro for lunch. Orchestrated by Carole Breckinridge, arrangements were made to have the group picked up by McIntyre’s Books. Upon entering the bus, the driver noted names and payment on the CT iPad. When getting ready to check out at S&T Soda Shoppe, a call was placed to CT to indicate the riders were ready to be picked up. By the time the group walked out of S&T, the bus was waiting at the corner. According to Carole, “It was a delightful, seamless, easy, and fun outing. We look forward to other enjoyable adventures using Chatham Transit.”

Mike Ennis and Carole Breckenridge (second row)
Ellen Spin and Michael Hoffman (first row) on the bus in front of McIntyre’s Books, excited about their outing to Pittsboro. Photo by Karen Shectman

For residents of our community desiring to age in place, accessible transportation will become crucial. If and when you need these services, think of the CT buses traveling our highways daily and join their ridership.

Food Trucks for February
By Leigh Matthews

February 7 Bulkogi Korean BBQ (Korean barbeque, Asian fusion) Authentic Korean BBQ with “a yummy twist… prepared with love and care!”

February 14 The Blue Window (Mediterranean) All your favorites, including gyro, falafel, souvlaki, wraps, and sides.

February 21 NEW: Flavor Junction (Indian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern) Chicken marsala, gyros, kababs, falafel, paneer, naan, and vegetarian options available. 

Note: No preordering on our hotspot page; but, you can call to place an order (as early as the day before) at 984-758-1451. Menu is available on our hotspot page.

February 28 Cousins Maine Lobster (seafood, TexMex, sandwiches) Maine and Connecticut rolls, tacos, tots, quesadillas, soups, and whoopie pies. 

Note: Remember, they have their own mobile app for preordering available at their website: https://www.cousinsmainelobster.com.

Food trucks are located at The Gathering Place parking lot from 5 until 7:30 pm. You may order and pick up at the truck. Or, you can visit our hotspot page and place your preorder for pick up at the truck. (Cousins Main Lobster has their own app for preordering, and Flavor Junction accepts preorders by phone only.)

For a weekly reminder email—and a quick link to view the menu—sign up at our hotspot page https://streetfoodfinder.com/fearringtonvillage.

Or, if you use Nextdoor, watch for our weekly announcement with a link to the menu.

For more info, please contact Deborah Repplier at drepplier@gmail.com.

This Month’s Announcements

Please use the Announcement Submission Request form to submit club and organization announcements. Email the form, after saving it first so that we do not get a blank form, to editors@fearringtonfha.org.

If you need assistance, one of our editorial team members will work with you if you email us at editors@fearringtonfha.org.

Registration is required for bus service at least two business days before the game.  To register, call or email:

Fearrington Clubs and Organizations

AM Book Club

Join the AM Book Club to discuss The Devil in the Grove, by Gilbert King, a story of Thurgood Marshall defending four young African American men falsely accused of raping a white woman. Set in Lake County, Florida, just north of Orlando, Marshall’s defense of the Groveland Boys was his best-known case before his victory in Brown v. Board of Education. The book gives one pause for thought about the past but displays the progress—albeit slow—of justice. We will meet at McIntyre’s Books, Wednesday, February 21, at 10:15 am.

All residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge are welcome to participate, including new members. Questions? Contact Cathy Clare, catfearr@gmail.com, or Carole Yardley, peacefulathome@bellsouth.net. Masks, please.

Bocce Club

The weather has been fine, and group bocce play continues on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm. For additional information, contact Jim Rudbeck at jprudbeck40@gmail.com or 919-444-3117.

Carolina Club

Galloway Ridge Bus Service for Carolina Men’s Home Basketball Games

The bus will run from the Galloway Ridge main entrance to the Smith Center. Seats may be available for Fearrington Village Residents and guests, with Galloway Ridge residents receiving priority. The round-trip cost is $5/person, payable by check made out to Galloway Ridge and given to the driver. Check in with the lobby concierge 1 hour and 30 minutes before tipoff time.

Registration is required for bus service at least two business days before the game.  To register, call or email:

Jennifer Watson
Community Outreach Coordinator
Monday-Friday, 10 am-3 pm

Transportation is not guaranteed if you call/email fewer than two days before the game or outside of the days and hours listed above.

You must provide your own ticket for the game. These are available from the athletic department ticket office (800-722-4335).

Concert Series

The next concert in the Fearrington Concert Series, one featuring the string players of Aurora Musicalis, was originally scheduled for March 10 at 3 pm at The Gathering Place. Due to a scheduling conflict that has arisen, this concert will be moved forward one week to Sunday, March 3, at 3 pm at The Gathering Place. More details about the concert will appear in the March edition of The Belted Gazette.

Please direct any questions to Vic Benedict at vicbassoon28@gmail.com.

Fearrington Democratic Club

Democratic Club

The Fearrington Democratic Club will meet on Tuesday, February 27, at The Gathering Place, from 7 to 8:15 pm.  Doors open at 6:30 for refreshments and socializing.

Charles R. Coble, a former dean of the School of Education at East Carolina University and vice president for the UNC system’s University-School Programs, will speak about “Public Money and Public Education,” taking a close look at how public education has been funded, implemented, and at times ill-treated in North Carolina.

This event is open to all Fearrington Village residents and will also be live-streamed on Zoom. To request the Zoom registration link, or to request a ride to the meeting from one of our volunteers, please use the contact form on the Club’s website: FearringtonDems.org>Our Club>Contact Us by 5 pm on the day of the event (and sooner is better).

Dog Club

We are excited to feature Dr. Hannah Salomons from Duke University’s Canine Cognition Center (CCC) as our February guest speaker.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Brian Hare, the CCC is the first “on-campus” center in the United States to study how domestic dogs learn and how they compare to other domestic animals. Dr. Hare and the work of the CCC was a featured segment on CBS’s “60 Minutes” in the fall of 2022, so you may already be familiar with their research. Dr. Salomons’ presentation is called, “Survival of the Friendliest: What Dogs and Wolves Can Teach Us About Human Nature.”

Have we piqued your interest? This is one not to be missed. Join us at The Gathering Place, Thursday, February 15, at 1 pm. 

Duplicate Bridge Club

Join us for a face-to-face game every Wednesday in February. We play at 1 pm at The Gathering Place. We’re always looking to add new players. Play the first time is free; after that, the cost is $7 to defray the costs. Questions, please contact Dianne Hale at haledianne@gmail.com.

Fearrington Village Singers

Oh, the weather outside is frightful!
But singing with others is so delightful 🎶

… And the Fearrington Village Singers are staying warm by warming up for our spring concert. It will be performed in May of 2024 and will include an eclectic mix of the American Songbook, Broadway and Big Band tunes, and maybe even rock ’n’ roll.

So, stay tuned for more details, and tune in to your own musical soul. It’s not too late to join us and join the fun. No audition required. Interested? Email us at info@fearringtonvillagesingers.org.

Garden Club

February 14 at 11:30 am at Fearrington Cares Center – The Paper Garden.

Join us at the Fearrington Cares Center on February 14 at 11:30 am to meet Cynthia Woodsong, a paper-flower artist. Cynthia will discuss how she makes these extraordinary flowers and her passion for making replicas of live native North Carolina plants, including pitcher plants and Venus flytraps. Her work can be found at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. This event is co-sponsored by Fearrington Cares and the Fearrington Garden Club. If you want to attend, please email Debbie Liebtag at dliebtag50@gmail.com to register.

February 20 at 2 pm at The Gathering Place – Fearrington Composts!

That’s the name of a working group of Village folks who believe that composting is simply the bee’s knees. The group has been busy as bees laying the groundwork for a commercial food-waste collection system in our Village. The project has the enthusiastic support of the FHA and is expected to launch in 2024. (For more information, see the article titled “Clean It Up!!!” in the December 2023 The Belted Gazette.

Chances are that you know something about composting. Maybe you’ve personally experienced its joys. Possibly, you’d rally ‘round the concept but prefer to steer clear of an active compost pile. No matter your experience, we invite you to come hear about the whys and hows of composting, with a special emphasis on its application in Fearrington Village. There will be a slide show and discussion about the exciting future food-waste collection system, as well as home-composting opportunities for us.

Genealogy Group

Due to inclement weather, our January meeting was canceled. We have rescheduled that special program for February and March. Margo Fariss Brewer is a professional genealogical researcher, lecturer, and consultant. Her concentration is in the United States with emphasis on states east of the Mississippi River, plus Iowa and Missouri. She has led trips to the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. In our February and March meetings, Margo will address topics and tips for the beginning genealogist. The February meeting will be held on February 13, from 3 to 5 pm, at The Gathering Place. The March meeting will be held on March 12. Plan to attend these informative programs, and bring a friend who is interested in beginning genealogy. Guests are welcome.

NOTE: Supportive workshops are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at The Gathering Place from 3 to 5 pm.

Golf Club

Golf in January and February! We love winter in North Carolina! We try to take advantage of courses that remain in great condition year-round.

Here is our February Tuesday/Thursday schedule of outings:

2/1 10 am – Quail Ridge, Sanford
2/6 10 am – Mill Creek, Mebane
2/8 10:30 am – The Challenge, Graham
2/13 10 am – Quail Ridge, Sanford
2/15 10 am – Siler City, Siler City
2/20 11 am – Forest Oaks, Greensboro
2/22 10 am – Mill Creek, Mebane
2/27 10 am – Stoney Creek, Whitset
2/29 10 am – Quail Ridge, Sanford
3/19 9 am – Spring Tournament, Carolina Trace-Lakes, Sanford (Modified Scramble Format)

If you would like to join our club or try one of our outings as a guest, please contact Chris Horn, membership chair, cphorn.128@gmail.com. Further info about the Golf Club can be found under Clubs and Other Organizations on the FHA website.

Great Decisions

Thursday, February 8, 2024
1:30-3 pm
The Gathering Place

William P. Marshall, JD, William Rand Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Law, University of North Carolina School of Law

Topic: U.S Supreme Court Update

The last two terms of the United States Supreme Court have been some of the most important in our nation’s history. Not only have some of the results been dramatic—overturning the right of a woman to have an abortion, ending the government’s ability to use affirmative action to combat racial inequities, requiring state funding of religious schools, etc.—but the changes in the methodology that the Court has used in reaching the results in these and other cases have been equally momentous and suggest that the direction of the Supreme Court has been fundamentally altered—perhaps for generations. This session will examine where the Court has been these last few terms and where it might be headed in the future.

Green Scene

For the past three months, the Fearrington Green Scene has been focusing on the drinking water for Fearrington Village. At our October meeting, we heard from Emily Sutton, the Haw Riverkeeper. In November, it was Jamie Revels, utilities director for the Town of Cary, whose facilities initially intake our water supply from Jordan Lake. In December, we had a presentation from Chatham County Public Utilities Director Blake Mills and two key members of his staff, who described the system and procedures that control the final stages of the delivery of our drinking water to our community. In addition to our new knowledge of the process, we now also have ongoing information sources and points of reference to be able to access future relevant data going forward in time.

For February, we are in the process of “shifting gears” and changing our focus to other significant environmental areas of interest. But our agenda, here in mid-January, has not yet been nailed down. Members of the Green Scene email list can look forward to our typical meeting-reminder message in early February. Other interested Fearrington residents can feel free to contact the moderator, Jason Welsch, via phone or text at 914-806-4852 before our meeting on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14, at 11 am, at The Gathering Place.


Holy Land Archaeology: Where the Past Meets the Present
Tuesday, February 13, 7 pm
The Gathering Place

Archaeology is commonly understood as the study of human life in the past by analyzing the material remains of the past. What is not usually recognized is that the archaeological quest for the past is inevitably shaped by the excavators’ present and can serve a variety of purposes, in addition to the recovery of ancient cultures. This presentation, by Drs. Carole and Eric Meyers, will use several case studies to illustrate the intersection between the discoveries at ancient sites and the pressures of the modern world. The excavation of these well-known sites—all national parks in Israel—exemplify the ways excavators respond to contemporary issues and problems.

Mah Jongg Dragons

This month’s Fearrington Dragons Mah Jongg game will be Saturday, February 10, from 1 to 4 pm, at The Gathering Place.

Our games are open to nonmembers, both in Fearrington or who live outside the Village. Guests from outside of Fearrington must be invited by a resident. All guests will need to register and pay $5 each month if they are not a member of the Dragons. Anyone who would like to join the Dragons can pay a membership fee of $25 per year and forego the $5 monthly fee.

Join us on Feb. 10 for a fun-filled afternoon; snacks and drinks provided.

May the jokers be ever in your favor!!

Piano Group

We are a small group of dedicated but easygoing musicians (mostly pianists) who enjoy playing for each other once a month in each other’s homes. We are looking for an additional member or two. For more information, call Carolyn at 919-542-8532.

Republican Club

The Fearrington Republican Club will meet on Wednesday, February 28, 7 pm, at The Gathering Place. Our guest speaker will be Joe Godfrey, candidate for NC District 54 State House seat. Come hear what our Republican candidate has to say and be ready to ask your questions. All Fearrington and Galloway residents are welcome. This will be a chance to also get information on the March 5 primary.

Tennis & Pickleball Association

How many minutes do you run in a tennis match or pickleball hour?

As we recently learned in our Fearrington Cares focus groups, most FV residents want to live active, healthy lives.

Recent research suggests running just 10 minutes a day helps us maintain a healthy-ager lifestyle.

Our challenge to the FV community…can you get your 10 running minutes in on the tennis/pickleball courts?

Try us out. The new year brings longer, sunny days!

Contact Karen at karenallenvaca@gmail.com for tennis information and Stokes at stokesadams63@gmail.com for particulars about pickleball.

Women of Fearrington

Wonderful Options Fund: It is a new year, and we are still working to build our Wonderful Options Fund in order to contribute even more dollars to our grants program. Our grants are awarded to many different organizations that help women and children in Chatham County who are in need. No amount is too small—it is participation that counts! Visit the WoF website to learn more and to make a donation here.

Small Group Gathering, Brunch Icebreaker: “My best travel experience ever.” Tuesday, February 13,
11 am-1 pm
. Must be a member of the Women of Fearrington and be fully vaccinated. Limited to 6 people. Register here.

Special SATURDAY WoF General Meeting: The Gathering Place, Saturday, February 24, 3-5 pm. A screening of Benevolence, a film about the transitional housing and education program on a farm in Graham, NC, for women impacted by the criminal justice system. https://benevolencefarm.org. Film director Joanne Hershfield, a Fearrington resident and professor emerita of the UNC-Chapel Hill Women and Gender Studies department, will talk about what attracted her to the subject matter. She’ll be joined by Benevolence Farm Executive Director Kristen Powers, who can address questions about how life and work on the farm cultivate leadership skills and sustainable livelihoods. A Saturday program makes it feasible for members and guests who have other obligations during the workweek to join us. We’re serving popcorn and camaraderie! Register here.

March Road Trip, Sancar Turkish Community Center, 1609 East Franklin St., Chapel Hill, Wednesday, March 27, 1:30 pm. Optional lunch at Kipos at noon. Learn about the colorful history of the Turkish community in our area and tour the center of the most energy-sustainable building in Chapel Hill. The tour will be followed by a cooking demonstration and afternoon tea and nibbles. Our guide will be Dr. Gwen Sancar, professor emeritus at UNC and wife of Dr. Aziz Sancar, Nobel laureate, founder of the center and professor at UNC. Cost $15 – WoF member, $20 – guest. Payable by March 22, 2024; make check out to Women of Fearrington, with Sancar Turkish Community Center on memo line and the outside of the envelope. Leave in WoF box at Swim & Croquet kiosk or mail to P.O. Box 507, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Register here.

Show Your Village Pride! Village of Fearrington License Plates: Cost – $20 each. All proceeds go to: Wonderful Options Fund. To purchase, contact: Kathryn West here.

Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club

We invite Fearrington and Galloway Ridge social golfers to join us Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at Twin Lakes Golf Course (and occasionally other courses) and lunch afterwards. Membership is free, but golf and lunch are paid individually.

For further information contact:

Arlene Labenson at arl366@aol.com or 516-633-9914, or
Susan Lundblad at stlundblad41@gmail.com or 919-593-0316

Yacht Club

Fearrington Yacht Club Sails Again

After a long Covid hiatus, the Fearrington Yacht Club will be sailing again. A reorganizational meeting will be held on Sunday, February 18, at 2 pm, in the large meeting room in The Gathering Place. Both former members and nonmembers are invited. What’s the Fearrington Yacht Club you say? It’s a social club that organizes two regional trips a year and two parties a year. (no yacht required). The good news is that we already have one experienced couple who are willing to plan a trip, with another couple yet to volunteer.

For more information or to RSVP, contact either Warren Ort at warrensailo@aol.com or Maggie Tunstall at maggietunstall@gmail.com. To find out lots more about the Yacht Club click on this link:  https://fearringtonfha.org/Newsletter-Jan-2022/#ftitle4. (Note: Ignore the meeting date listed in that article. It was for 2022.)


Community Opportunities

Chatham County Historical Association

The Chatham Historical Museum thanks you for a successful 2023. Interest is growing! Our great team of museum volunteers serve in various capacities: museum docents, school field trip leaders, tour guides, re-enactors, historical presenters, and more—AND the museum would like to expand open hours to include Saturdays. Can you help?

We invite you to sign up for an introductory volunteer orientation to be held at the Historical Museum in Pittsboro (9 Hillsboro Street, in the old courthouse) on Saturday, February 17, at 1 pm. This orientation is an opportunity to meet our team and explore ways you can actively contribute as a volunteer.

Think you don’t know enough Chatham history to volunteer—we’ve got you covered! Nobody is expected to know it all, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you soak up the interesting tidbits of history that make this work so much fun.

Please sign up by February 10 by contacting Karen Vaca at karenallenvaca@gmail.com. Questions welcome!

Continuing Education

The School of Athens

The School of Athens presents The Epic of Gilgamesh, which predates Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey by 1,500 years. Written before any of the books of the Bible, it is the oldest, extant literary work.

The eponymous protagonist/hero, Gilgamesh, was the king of Uruk, of ancient Mesopotamia. Scholars identify Uruk as the Biblical Erech (Genesis 10:10), and most historians believe Gilgamesh to have been the fifth king of Uruk, who ruled in 2600 BCE.

The Epic of Gilgamesh is timeless and controversial. It has many themes similar to the Bible—for example, the Gilgamesh flood story is unquestionably similar to the Noah’s Ark story. After his beloved companion, Enkidu, dies, Gilgamesh goes on a quest for immortality.

Date: Wednesdays, February 14, 21, & 28
Time: 10 am to noon
Location: Chapel in the Pines, 314 Great Ridge Pkwy
Instructor: Blaine Paxton Hall (bio on website)
Cost: $30 / scholarship assistance available.



Fearrington Cares material is edited by their staff and volunteers. Direct comments or questions to them at (919) 542-6877 or info@fearringtoncares.org.

—Edited this month by Carolyn & John Boyle

Message from Kim Schneider, Executive Director

Happy New Year! I want to express my deep appreciation for your support in response to our 2023 year-end campaign. December donations were the highest in recent history, due to your generosity in helping us advance our goal to become the best healthy-aging residential organization in the country. Our new strategic plan aims to engage all Fearrington Village residents, offering services and activities to reduce social isolation, and communicating with you in new ways about our programs and future growth. We look forward to seeing you in our classes and groups and at our upcoming social events in 2024!

Fearrington Cares Film Nite Presents a Critically Acclaimed Historical Drama
Thursday, February 1, 7 pm at The Gathering Place

This month’s film offers a vivid portrayal of one of America’s finest leaders. As a prelude to Presidents’ Day later this month, we invite you to revisit history with a thought-provoking and engrossing film that entertains even as it informs. Critics claim this “noble democratic masterpiece” is film making at its finest with a superb performance that notably won an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Film, history, and trivia buffs can likely name the title, but our license does not allow it to be announced here. It is available via email at FilmNite@fearringtoncares.org which offers a prompt automated response to your inquiry. Your email can include any subject line or text in the message. Once you know the title, please share it with your neighbors and invite them to join you for a dramatic civics lesson that includes complimentary popcorn, treats, and beverages.

Admission to Film Nite is free but your contributions are gratefully accepted to support this community program.

As always, hearing assistance is offered through the AudioFetch system at The Gathering Place. Download the AudioFetch app to a smartphone, log in to the Wi-Fi system, and listen with noise canceling headphones or directly through Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids. If you need assistance with this process, please come early and we will gladly offer technical support.

Spiritual Autobiography Group
Tuesdays, February 6-March 12, 3-5 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

Please join our “Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography” group! Even if you’re not sure what “spirituality” is or have never written a word before this, you are invited to participate. This group will explore our individual stories of meaning and belonging and share the results of our explorations in a non-judgmental, non-religious, conversational setting.

You will be given prompts for writing topics during the group session, as well as some to take home. The group will be led by Maj-Britt Johnson, a writer, resident of Fearrington Village, and a former minister of congregations in Virginia, New Jersey, and Chapel Hill.

This group will meet for six consecutive Tuesdays, February 6-March 12, at the Fearrington Cares Center. Bring a journal or notebook and a pen.

Registration is required. Call the Center at (919) 542-6877.

The Paper Garden
Wednesday, February 14, 11:30 am at the Fearrington Cares Center

Photo by Cynthia Woodsong.

Join us to meet Cynthia Woodsong, a paper flower artist. Cynthia will discuss how she makes these extraordinary paper flowers and her passion for making replicas of live native North Carolina plants, including pitcher plants and Venus Flytraps. Her work can be found at the North Carolina Botanical Garden. To learn more about her, click here.

There is no participation fee, but reservations are required. For more information and to save your spot, email Debbie Liebtag (dliebtag50@gmail.com). This event is co-sponsored by Fearrington Cares and the Garden Club.


Dialogue with Sera Cuni: Chef, Restaurateur & So Much More!
Monday, February 26, 12:30 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

Chef Sera Cuni.

Sera Cuni, owner and chef of Cafe Root Cellar in Pittsboro, will share stories about her life as a chef and restaurateur, winner of Guy’s Grocery Games, co-founder of Feed-Well Fridges, and occasional Strong Man contestant.

Chef Sera launched her career in her home state of Connecticut, where she grew up surrounded by a family of cooks who embraced their Italian and Czech foodie traditions. Intelligently escaping the frigid north, she settled in NC in the early 2000s. She served for several years as a chef at the Fearrington House Inn before tackling other foodie projects. Come meet Chef Sera at the Fearrington Cares Center.


Movement Classes at the Fearrington Cares Center

Suggested donation of $5/class session (cash or check to Fearrington Cares)

  • Otago Fall-Prevention Exercises Mondays, 10:30 am
  • Chair Yoga   Tuesdays, 11:30 am
  • Chair Tap Dance Thursdays, 10 am
  • Line Dancing Thursdays, 11:30 am
  • Intermediate Yoga Thursdays, 2:30 pm

Support Groups Meeting in Person at the Fearrington Cares Center

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Mondays, 10 am
  • Parkinson’s Group Tuesday, February 6 & 20, 1:30 pm
  • Brainiacs Memory Café Wednesdays, 10 am

Support Groups via Zoom

fearringtoncares.org > Services > Support Groups

  • Caregiver Support Group Wednesdays, February 7 & 21, 1 pm
  • Living with Chronic Conditions Thursdays, February 1 & 15, 1 pm

Health Services Offered at the Fearrington Cares Center By Appointment

  • Nurse Consultation Triage Clinic Call 919-542-6877 to schedule an appointment.
  • PediCure Foot Care Call 919-542-6877 to schedule an appointment with Wendy McCluney. Fees range from $45-55 and are paid directly to Wendy. Event List

Enrichment Activities at the Fearrington Cares Center

  • Meditation Fridays, 10 am

Feeling Overwhelmed by Technology?

Do you know what a smart TV is? Do you think your smart phone is smarter than you? Do you worry that Alexa is talking to Siri behind your back and conspiring with your Roomba? Get help! (Not for the paranoia, but for the technology!) There are wonderful resources available for seniors of all ages. Two prominent ones are Cyber-Seniors and the Personal Technology Resource Center of AARP. 

Cyber-Seniors was developed by young students to connect with people who needed help with technology. You can view web videos on an amazing number of topics and actually book a one-on-one phone session of up to 45 minutes with a volunteer. There is an amazing range of topics online including how to clean your devices (the outsides!), how to clean your devices (the insides—cache, memory, stuff you don’t know about yet!), how to shop for devices, and much more.

AARP may not be so one-on-one with their help, but the Technology Resource Center has clearly written descriptions of myriad technological wonders (USB-A, USB-C, Thunderbolt-3—we’re just having fun here, but you may actually want to know the differences at some point). And their information is also free. Don’t pine for your flip phone; get help with your technology!


Welcome to Our New Residents!

The following new villagers were added to the Fearrington Village Directory & Handbook between December 15  and January 14. Want to reach out to your new neighbor? You will find their contact information on our community web page. Go to: FearringtonFHA.org (click Find People under the Directory tab).



Alison Bierhoff

198 Weatherbend

Bridget Dean Wamsley

324 Sycamore Close

Patricia Allen (Trish) Estes

12 Yancey (1047*)

Thiri W. Lin & Max W. McClellan

130 Shadowbrook

Ancel & Sylvia Mewborn & Melissa Rincon

4 East Madison (1002*)

Patty Lee (Pat) Shipman

17 Bladen (4017*)

*Fearrington Post number

Are you a new resident? To register your information in the Directory, please visit the FHA website at https://fearringtonfha.org. From the left menu (top right on a mobile device) choose Directory, then select New Residents. To confirm you are not a spambot, answer the two questions (answers: Cow and Fitch), and select Check answers. This should take you to the new resident directory registration page.

To obtain full access to website features, you must also create a website account (available only to residents or non-resident owners). You can do this by selecting the Login/Register link in the top menu. Enter your information and select Register. Once your status as a resident or non-resident owner is confirmed by the Website Resource Team, you will receive an account activation email.

Are you an existing resident whose contact information has changed? Don’t forget to update your listing on the http://www.fearringtonfha.org website. Use the Login/Register link in the top menu if you aren’t logged in yet. Then, click the Directory tab on the left menu (top right on a mobile device), then select Edit My Directory Info. Directory updates can also be sent to directory@fearringtonfha.org. When you update your contact information online, the updates will be included in the Fearrington Village Directory & Handbook printed in January of each year. Stay in touch with your fellow residents by keeping your contact information current.

Death Notices: Residents may sign up to receive email notices of the deaths of current and former Village residents by emailing notices@fearringtonfha.org. Survivors wishing to submit a notice or obituary can use the same email address. Notices or obituaries should include the name of deceased, survivors (optional), date (and optionally cause) of death, particulars about funeral or memorial service, and any donations in memoriam.

February 2024 Calendar

All activities will be held at The Gathering Place unless otherwise noted.

The links below will bring you to the online Combined Village Calendar, which is updated periodically from multiple sources.

View Calendar by Month

View Calendar as a List

The following link shows events that are scheduled by shops in the Village Center.

Other Events at McIntyre’s & Village Center Shops

The table below contains the calendar compiled by the editors from announcements that are submitted for publication.


Day/Date/ TimeOrganizationEventContact
Thursday February 1 7 pmFearrington CaresFilm NiteFilmNite@ fearringtoncares.org
Wednesday February 7 5-7:30 pmFood TruckBulkogi Korean BBQDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
Thursday February 8 1:30-3 pmFearrington Great DecisionsU.S. Supreme Court UpdateLizWelfel welfeler@yahoo.com
Saturday February 10 1-4 pmFearrington DragonsMah JonggPolly Williams pw82550@gmail.com 919-478-4260
Tuesday February 13 11 amWomen of FearringtonSmall-Group Gathering Brunch Ice BreakerCarol Wade wade-a@sbcglobal.net
Tuesday February 13 3-5 pmFearrington Genealogy GroupMonthly MeetingBarbara Ashby gjwl@aol.com 401-952-4426
Wednesday February 14 11 amFearrington Green SceneMeetingJason Welsch 914-806-4852
Wednesday February 14 11:30 am Fearrington Cares Center Registration requiredFearrington Garden Club & Fearrington CaresThe Paper GardenDebbie Liebtag dliebtag50@gmail.com
Wednesday February 14 5-7:30 pmFood TruckThe Blue WindowDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
Thursday February 15 1 pmFearrington Dog ClubMonthly Meeting— Speaker, Dr. Hannah Salomons, Duke Canine Cognition Center “Survival of the Friendliest: What Dogs and Wolves Can Teach Us About Human Nature”Ann Melchior amelchior@verizon.net
Saturday February 17 1 pm Historical Museum PittsboroChatham Historical AssociationChatham Historical Museum Volunteer OrientationKaren Vaca karenallenvaca @gmail.com
Sunday February 18 2 pmFearrington Yacht ClubReorganizational MeetingMaggie Tunstall maggietunstall @gmail.com Warren Ort warrensailo@aol.com
Tuesday February 20 2 pmFearrington Garden ClubMeeting—CompostingDebbie Liebtag dliebtag50@gmail.com
Tuesday February 20 7 pmFearrington HavurahFearrington Havurah presents— Holy Land Archaeology: Where the Past Meets the PresentJoe Labenson jltaxtips@aol.com 516 647-7807
Wednesday February 21 10:15-11:15 am McIntyre’s BooksAM Book ClubMonthly book discussion— The Devil in the Grove by Gilbert KingCatherine Clare catfearr@gmail.com Carole Yardley peacefulathome @bellsouth.net
Wednesday February 21 5-7:30 pmFood TruckFlavor JunctionDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
Saturday February 24 3 pmWomen of FearringtonSpecial SATURDAY General Meeting
Monday February 26 10 amPiano+MusicCarolyn Schwartz 919-542-8532
Monday February 26 12:30 pm Fearrington Cares CenterFearrington CaresDialogue with Sera Cuni: Chef, Restaurateur, & So Much More!Fearrington Cares info@ fearringtoncares.org 919-542-6877
Tuesday February 27 7 pmFearrington Democratic ClubMeeting— Charles R. Coble Former dean, School of Education, East Carolina University; Vice President, UNC University-School Program “Public Money and Public Education”Vickie Shea victoria.shea32 @yahoo.com
Wednesday February 28 5-7:30 pmFood TruckCousins Maine LobsterDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
Wednesday February 28 7 pmFearrington Republican ClubMeetingErnie Clarke esclarke38@gmail.com 314-650-3480
Meeting Multiple Days in February
Tuesday February 6, 13, 20, & 27 & March 5 & 12 3-5 pm Fearrington Cares Center Registration requiredFearrington CaresSpiritual Autobiography Groupinfo@ fearringtoncares.org 919-542-6877
Wednesday Feb. 7, 14, 21, & 28 1 pmFearrington Duplicate BridgeDuplicate BridgeDianne Hale haledianne@gmail.com
Wednesday February 14, 21, & 28 10 am to noonThe School of AthensThe Epic of GilgameshBlaine Paxton Hall bph7952@gmail.com
Upcoming Events in March
Sunday March 3 3 pmConcert SeriesAurora MusicalisLaura Johnson mcdowell@brevard.edu
Thursday March 27 1:30 pm Sancar Turkish Community Center Optional lunch at Kipos at noonWomen of FearringtonMarch Road TripLynn Holbein lynnholbein@gmail.com

FHA Board Members

Our Fearrington Home­owners Association (FHA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of residents. In addition to fostering resident participation, the FHA is res­ponsible for maintenance of common property and covenant enforcement. For additional details, including job des­criptions, visit the FHA tab on our webpage, fearringtonfha.org.

PresidentSteve Stewart
Vice PresidentAmy Ghiloni
SecretaryJudy Graham
TreasurerSteve Gambino
CommunicationsTony Carroll
Community AffairsRuth Ann Burk
Grounds and FacilitiesPatrick McGahan
Health, Safety and SecurityWarren Ort

The Belted Gazette

The Belted Gazette is produced by the Fearrington Home­owners Association (FHA), by and for the residents of Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.

Newsletter Staff:
Copy EditorDiane Frazier
Features Editor & Copy EditorJackie Walters
FHA AdvisorTony Carroll
Graphic DesignerLeslie Palmer
Photo EditorGordon Pitz
Production EditorJan Kowal
ProofreaderJenny Walker
Web Page
Alison TozerSteve Anderson
Printing and Distribution
Carol KurtzBarbara Amago


The Belted Gazette contains community news, reports from the FHA Board members, items of interest to residents, and announce­ments of club and neighbor­hood activities.

Content deadlines are the 15th of the previous month. All persons submitting content will receive a confirmation email.

Email submissions to: editors @fearringtonfha.org.

Do you have content for an upcoming newsletter? Please read the Publishing Guidelines at https://fearringtonfha.org/newsletter-guidelines-for-d-hb/.

The Belted Gazette is published electron­ically 11 times a year (July/August is a combined issue). A link to the current issue is emailed to all residents who have an email address in the FHA Directory. A PDF copy of the current issue and back issues can be found on the FHA website (fearringtonfha.org).