FHA Newsletter 2024 July/August

FHA Newsletter 2024 July/August

President’s Message

Steve Stewart

Welcome to high summer in North Carolina! Given weather projections and this past month, we can expect extremely hot temperatures and the potential for strong storms. As most of us are senior citizens, high temperatures are very dangerous for us. Please protect yourself! Try to plan outings for morning or evening, avoiding the heat of the day. An afternoon siesta may be in order. Hydration is also of prime importance. Make sure your fluid intake is increased to make up for fluid loss. Most of all, enjoy the beautiful surroundings with your family and friends.

Our current major refurbishment projects should be completed by the end of this month. Creekwood mail kiosk construction is scheduled to be completed with new mailboxes and new keys. Instructions on how to obtain the new keys will be forthcoming. The Swim and Croquet mail kiosk will be thoroughly cleaned and new package lockers installed. The retaining wall behind The Gathering Place has been replaced and upgraded.

Discussions with Brightspeed continue. Your FHA and the service groups have met with Brightspeed numerous times. Those service groups with private roads must grant permission in order for fiber-optic cable to be laid in their areas. Those areas with only state roads will not be asked, as the State of North Carolina has given Brightspeed permission to use the existing easements along those roads. Once all permissions are granted, Brightspeed will re-mark the routes and begin laying cable. The time to complete, once started, is estimated to take six weeks.

As many of you know, your FHA has solicited bids for a new management contract. By the time of the next Gazette, the contract should have been awarded. As we have become larger and more complex, it is necessary to increase the scope of services provided by our management firm. At this writing we are in the midst of interviews with the top two applicants, one of which is our existing management company. Both are excellent, and the choice will be difficult—a good problem to have, from our perspective.

Even though we are entering a slower, more relaxed period in the Village, social events will continue. Your FHA will host an ice cream social for the more than 275 residents who volunteered in Village activities in the past year. Without their support and dedication, Fearrington Village could not function. In August, your FHA and our management firm, Associa, will sponsor National Night Out, saluting our first responders. We will circulate details later, but expect food, entertainment, and fellowship.

To all residents, thank you for all you do to make Fearrington Village a wonderful place to live. If you are traveling, please be careful, and have a wonderful time. We look forward to everyone’s return in the fall.

Soliciting in the Village

Recently there have been a number of solicitors knocking on doors in the Village. Some have been aggressive. Soliciting in the Village is not permitted for any reason. If you are approached, inform the individual that they may not solicit and that they are trespassing and in violation of the law. If they continue, or become aggressive, contact the sheriff’s department at 919-542-2911 (non-emergency number).

—Steve Stewart, president@fhaboard.org

FHA News

The FHA Thanks You for Volunteering

It is with gratitude that I, along with the entire FHA Board, wish to thank all those who have given their time and talent to making our many events in the Village huge successes during this past year. We thank all of you who have volunteered for:

  • Area and block contacts
  • The Belted Gazette
  • AV support
  • FHA Board
  • Nominating Committee
  • Hospitality Office
  • Green Scene
  • Grounds & Facilities
  • Long-Range Planning
  • Trail upkeep
  • Covenants
  • Food trucks
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Staffing social events

Our volunteers have enabled us to offer more social events this year that were enormously popular, including Oktoberfest, Veterans Day Recognition, Winter Solstice, and Winterfest. We want to be able to continue to count on your efforts, in addition to recruiting more members of the community to share in these endeavors and spend more social time together.

For our valued volunteers, we wish to show our appreciation in July with a small thank-you. Please keep an eye out in your mailbox for a postcard invitation to an event for you in July.

A BIG thank you, and please know that we value all you do!!!

–Ruth Ann Burk, Director of Community Affairs


What’s Happening in the Village Center

As a service to our readers, we’ve added a link to the Village Center calendar, showing events at McIntyre’s, The Roost, and the Village Center shops: https://www.fearrington.com/calendar/.

We also remind readers that The Belted Goat is open Wednesday through Sunday, 9 am to 5 pm, and other Village Center shops are open on those days from 10 am to 5 pm. The Roost will be open on Thursdays and Fridays during the spring and summer from 4:30 to 7 pm, with live music from 5 to 7 pm. Please go to www.fearrington.com for additional details, including online ordering for pizza at The Roost. The Galloway Pub has been closed for renovations and is scheduled to reopen in the fall.

The Fearrington Farmers Market is held every Tuesday afternoon next to the Fitch Creations offices, from 4 pm to 6 pm during daylight saving time and 3 pm to 5 pm at other times. Additional information about the market and its vendors can be found at https://fearringtonfarmersmarket.com/.

Fearrington Cares Newsletter Announcement

Fearrington Cares has advised us that, after careful consideration and consultation, its board of directors has decided to discontinue publishing the FC newsletter in The Belted Gazette, starting with this issue. Fearrington Cares will continue to distribute the FC newsletter to residents on its email list and will also continue to make it available on its website, https://fearringtoncares.org. The Belted Gazette will provide a link to that page in future issues.

Residents not on the Fearrington Cares email list who wish to continue to receive the FC newsletter should contact the Fearrington Cares Center at 919-542-6877 or by email at info@fearringtoncares.org. Please share any newsletter questions or input with Kim Schneider at kim@fearringtoncares.org or by calling or stopping by the Fearrington Cares Center.


Scene Around Fearrington:

Preview for Future Issues

By Gordon Pitz

Scene around Fearrington takes a break this month. The Belted Gazette will not be published in August. For September we have something special planned, which we think you will find interesting and entertaining.

For the remainder of the year, we are open to readers’ suggestions. Recent issues have addressed black and white, nighttime, and infrared photography, photographic jokes, and portraits. There have been photos featuring ducks and other birds, cats, wildlife, and the Belties. We have celebrated special events, and illustrated times of day, seasons of the year, and weather conditions. Local photographers have been featured in collections of their own photos that deal with several other topics. 

What else would you like to see? Do you have an idea for themes that might provide interesting photographs, or present a challenge that persuades photographers to try something new? Are you a photographer who would be willing to show your own images here? 

Please send your ideas to editors@fearringtonfha.org, using “Scene Around Fearrington” as the subject for your email.

Food Trucks for July & August

By Leigh Matthews

July 3: Gussy’s Greek Truck
(Greek/Mediterranean/Wraps) Pitas, platters, burgers, salmon cakes, fries, hummus, spinach pie, and baklava.

July 10: Ta Contento Mex FreshFood (Mexican) Voted one of the best Mexican restaurants in the Triangle! Vegetarian and meat options available.

July 17: Doherty’s Paddy Wagon (Irish/American) Brisket, wings, fish&chips, sandwiches, homemade chips, and Bailey’s chocolate mousse.

July 24: To be announced later.

July 31: Cousins Maine Lobster (Seafood, TexMex, Sandwiches) Maine and Connecticut rolls, tacos, tots, quesadillas, soups, and whoopie pies. Remember they have their own mobile app for preordering available at their website: https://www.cousinsmainelobster.com.

August 7: Death by Taco (Mexican) NEW VENDOR! Meat and veggie favorites and churros.

August 14: The Blue Window (Mediterranean) Gyros, falfael, kofta, wraps, hummus, fries, and veggie dishes.

August 21: Salt and Pepper (American) Burgers, fries, sliders, hot dogs, beef sandwiches, wraps, and flatbread pizzas.

August 28: Cousins Maine Lobster (Seafood, TexMex, Sandwiches) Maine and Connecticut rolls, tacos, tots, quesadillas, soups, and whoopie pies. Remember they have their own mobile app for preordering available at their website: https://www.cousinsmainelobster.com.

Food trucks are located at The Gathering Place parking lot from 5 until 7:30 pm. You may order and pick up at the truck. Or, you can visit our hotspot page and place your preorder for pick up at the truck. (Cousins Maine Lobster has their own app for preordering.)

For a weekly reminder email—and a quick link to view the menu—sign up at our hotspot page: https://streetfoodfinder.com/fearringtonvillage.

Or, if you use Nextdoor, watch for our weekly announcement with a link to the menu.

For more info, please contact Deborah Repplier at drepplier@gmail.com.

This Month’s Announcements

Please use the Announcement Submission Request form to submit club and organization announcements. Email the form, after saving it first so that we do not get a blank form, to editors@fearringtonfha.org.

If you need assistance, one of our editorial team members will work with you if you email us at editors@fearringtonfha.org.

AM Book Club

Join the AM Book Club on Wednesday, July 17, at 10:15 am at McIntyre’s Books to discuss Tunnel 29 by Helena Merriman. It is a true story from the early days of the Berlin Wall. In the words of one reviewer; “He escaped from one of the world’s most brutal regimes. Then, he decided to tunnel back in.” In the summer of 1962, a young student named Joachim Rudolph dug a tunnel under the Berlin Wall. Waiting on the other side in East Berlin were dozens of men, women, and children—all willing to risk everything to escape. 

On Wednesday, August 21 at 10:15 am we will discuss Hello Beautiful by Anne Napolitano. Four very different but loving sisters and their parents are at the beating heart of this novel. Set mainly in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago, as well as Northwestern University (Lake Michigan plays a role, too), the eldest sister brings into their orbit a young man whose dedication to basketball and his teammates has saved him from utter despair. His family story is a counterpoint to the warmth and inclusivity of the Padavanos family. We follow them all as they navigate love and loss, choose careers and mates, and raise children.

All residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge are welcome to participate. Questions? Contact Cathy Clare, catfearr@gmail.com or Carole Yardley, peacefulathome@bellsouth.net.

Bocce Club

Bocce—it’s easier than you think—is great exercise, provides socialization, and is playable year-round! Mixed men’s and women’s open play takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2 pm in the winter and 10 am the rest of the year. The bocce pitches are at the end of Benchmark off Creekwood in the Historic District. For more information, contact Jim Rudbeck at 919-444-3117 or jprudbeck40@gmail.com.

Concert Series

The Fearrington Concert Series is pleased to announce its 2024-2025 season, one which will bring another stellar lineup of both veterans and new faces to our concert home at The Gathering Place. Details of the six concerts will be found on the FHA website under Clubs and Other Organizations>Clubs and Groups>Fearrington Concert Series.

Previous subscribers have been mailed a ticket order form for the 2024-2025 season. For new subscribers, 2024-2025 subscription ticket order forms will be available at each of the mail kiosks throughout Fearrington. The form also will be available on the FHA website under Clubs and Other Organizations>Clubs and Groups>Fearrington Concert Series.

All concerts will take place at 3 pm at The Gathering Place. Season tickets are $100 per person. 

Individual tickets are $25 and may be purchased at the door 10 minutes before each concert begins, on a space-available basis.

In addition to our regular series and ticketed separately, pianist Steve Baddour will perform a concert on November 10, 2024, to benefit Fearrington Cares and Women of Fearrington. More information on this event will be forthcoming.

Please direct any questions to Jo Bolig by email at jobolig@gmail.com or to Nina Alperin at Galloway Ridge by phone at 919-704-8796.

Duplicate Bridge

Join is for a face-to-face game every Wednesday in July and August. We play at 1 pm at The Gathering Place. We’re always looking to add new players. Play the first time is free; after that, the cost is $7 to defray the costs. Questions, please contact Dianne Hale at haledianne@gmail.com.

Fearrington Cares Film Nite

Fearrington Cares Film Nite, which is typically presented on the first Thursday of each month, will take a break on July 4, as Villagers celebrate Independence Day.  

Film Nite will return on Thursday, August 1.

Fearrington StoryCorps

The Fearrington StoryCorps team are your neighbors—eager to hear, record, and share your story. To date, we’ve had the pleasure of listening to and recording over 34 stories—each unique. Paulette Terwilliger shared her family’s Holocaust experience; Jack DeVries recalled his experiences as a young boy in WWII occupied Java. Don Harris, Ann Bromberg, and Rolf Lynton shared memories of earlier times and shaping events. And that’s just a sampling. Be sure to visit our Fearrington StoryCorps Community Page by clicking here to enjoy hearing these stories and many others. 

Everyone has a story. We would love to hear yours!

Want to know more? Contact us at FearringtonStoryCorps@gmail.com.

Galloway Ridge Special Events Committee

Fearrington residents and their guests are cordially invited to attend a Galloway Ridge Special Event at 4 pm on Sunday, July 7, in Chapin Auditorium at Galloway Ridge.

The Gabe Evens Trio—a jazz threesome that has thrilled local audiences in the past—will return to present “Songs of Love.”  

Pianist Gabe Evens, guitarist Keith Ganz, and vocalist Kate McGarry are lifelong friends and musical collaborators. While all three members of this trio have active solo careers, they have honed a tight group sound through countless hours of jamming together on gigs as well as in their living rooms. They share a love of crafting beautiful, direct melodies that playfully interact, weaving musical tapestries that are as surprising to them as they are to the audience. The music for this concert will be centered on themes of love and the different ways it can be expressed and perceived.

Gabe Evens is the associate professor of jazz piano, composition, and arranging at the University of Louisville Jazz Studies Program. He has eight albums of original music and has had numerous compositions performed by chamber and large ensembles, including the Louisville Orchestra, Orquestra Sinfónica de Loja, the Cape Symphony Orchestra, and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Kate McGarry and Keith Ganz have been musical and life partners for 20 years, producing seven critically acclaimed albums together and earning two GRAMMY® nominations for Best Jazz Vocal Album. After honing their craft on the NYC jazz scene for many years and a stint out west at the California Jazz Conservatory, the couple make their home in Durham, NC.

Admission is free. Enter Galloway Ridge’s main lobby, and staff will direct visitors to the auditorium.

Join Raleigh native Bob Rankin on Sunday, July 14, at 4 pm at Galloway Ridge Chapin Auditorium, for an inspiring exploration of art. Bob will be discussing and demonstrating his creative process, drawing inspiration from his extensive travels and lifelong dedication to artistic expression. Discover how Bob’s global journeys translate into a vibrant world of color, textures, and the pure joy of discovery. Witness Bob’s artistic passion extend beyond the canvas. Learn about his remarkable career as a teacher, philanthropist, and the driving force behind Raleigh’s thriving art scene, including his role in founding Art in the Village (later Artsplosure). Bob’s international acclaim and numerous awards are a testament to the power of his artistic vision. This event promises a captivating blend of artistic insight, personal stories, and a live demonstration that will ignite your creative spark. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet Bob Rankin and experience the world through his eyes!

Genealogy Group

Interested in developing a family tree but don’t know where to begin?  Family Search, Ancestry, My Heritage, WikiTree, Find My Past—so many options. What genealogy site is the best, what site should I join, how much does it cost to join? The Fearrington Genealogy Group Summer Workshops can help you get started or overcome brick walls that you encounter during your research. The workshops are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 3 to 5 pm, in the small meeting room at The Gathering Place. The workshop dates are July 23 and August 27 and are open to members and guest. Each workshop has Fearrington Genealogy Group members available to assist you. Join us and learn how to get started on your family history or solve challenges as you continue your genealogy research.

Golf Club

The FGC continues to book a variety of golf courses to keep the game interesting and challenging. We have many tee options to accommodate players of different skill levels. Our schedule is also available on our website (see below for the link). 

Here is our July Tuesday/Thursday schedule of outings: 

7/2      9:05 – Bryan Park Champions, Greensboro

7/4      No golf outing today! Enjoy the Holiday!

7/9      9:05 – The Crossings, Durham

7/11    TBD – The Preserve at Jordan Lake, Chapel Hill 

7/16    8:30 – Summer Tournament, Quail Ridge, Sanford

7/18    9:10 – Siler City, Siler City 

7/23    9:00 – Mill Creek, Mebane

7/25    9:30 – Quail Ridge, Sanford

7/30    9:20 – Forest Oaks, Greensboro

If you would like to join our golf club or try one of our outings as a guest, please contact Chris Horn, membership chair, fearringtongolfclub@gmail.com. Further info about the Golf Club and current outing updates can be found at our website, Click here.

Mah Jongg Dragons

Fearrington Dragons Mah Jongg games will be on Saturday, July 13, and Saturday, August 10, from 1 to 4 pm at The Gathering Place.

Our games are open to non-members, both in Fearrington or who live outside the Village. Guests from outside Fearrington must be invited by a resident of Fearrington. All guests will need to register and pay $5.00 each month or could join the Dragons and pay a membership fee of $25 per year.

If you would like to learn how to play, or know someone who would like to learn, please contact Mary Donna Pond at mdpond@gmail.com.

Join us on July 13 and August 10 for a fun-filled afternoon; snacks and drinks provided.

May the jokers be ever in your favor!!

Piano Plus

We are a small group of dedicated but easy-going musicians (mostly pianists) who enjoy playing for each other once a month in each other’s homes. We are looking for an additional member or two. For more information, call Carolyn, at 919-542-8532.

people playing pokerPoker Knights

Poker Knights is a Fearrington Village club for poker players. All adult Fearrington residents are welcome to join. We meet every Monday at 7 pm at The Gathering Place for Dealer’s Choice games (no wild cards, no high/low games). Games played are five-card draw, seven-card stud, and Omaha and their derivatives, as well as Texas Hold ’em.

We also meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 7 pm at The Gathering Place for a Texas Hold ’em Tournament.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact Bob Spillane at 919-742-0744 or weathersfield1@gmail.com for details.

Swim & Croquet Club

Our activities are well underway, so suit up and c’mon over to the club! Members may join in our Water Fitness Class (9 am, Tues & Fri), Water Zumba (5 pm, Mon & Thurs).  There is also an informal Poolside Happy Hour on Wednesdays at 5 pm, so BYOB (no glass containers) and enjoy the camaraderie with this gorgeous weather.

Tennis & Pickleball Association

It’s a good time to join us on the courts this summer! FTPA members joining after July 1 will pay the initiation fee of $75 and discounted dues of $40 for the first year. Join the latest cohort of new pickleball players by contacting Gisela Miller at giselamiller2@gmail.com! For tennis information, contact Karen Vaca at karenallenvaca@gmail.com.

Women of Fearrington

Mark your calendars for Women of Fearrington’s Fall Welcome Meeting, Wednesday, September 18, 2024, 1:30-3:30 pm, The Gathering Place. This meeting is open to all residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge (not just WoF members) free of charge. More information will be provided in the August and September issues of Fearringtimes. 

WoF Membership: Zero—that’s where Women of Fearrington’s membership begins every July 1. Welcoming returning members and encouraging new enrollees starts afresh every year. What brings so many Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge women back each year? What attracts others to join? It’s all about CONNECTIONS:

  • To each other—building friendships at special-event luncheons and small-group gatherings
  • To the community—providing support through our grants program to other 501(c)(3) charities that assist women and children in Chatham County
  • To issues and topics of current interest—encouraging greater understanding through our programs at general meetings and our road trips to surrounding area locations

And so much more…

Help us replace that 0—that zero—with your membership for 2024-2025. Go to womenoffearrington.org/membership, complete and submit the membership form with your check for $30 by dropping them in our box at Swim & Croquet kiosk or mailing them to Women of Fearrington, PO Box 507, Pittsboro, NC 27312. We look forward to CONNECTING with you for the next exciting year ahead!

Show Your Village Pride! Village of Fearrington License Plates: Cost $20 each. All proceeds go to our Wonderful Options Fund. To purchase, contact Kathryn West here. 

Women of Fearrington is pleased to share that this year we are awarding grants totaling $44,000 from proceeds of our FUNdraising events, donations to our Wonderful Options Fund, and the support of our sponsors. These donations allow us to provide meaningful support to organizations that support women and children in need in Chatham County. 

We are extremely appreciative and inspired by all who so generously donated to our Wonderful Options Fund, purchased tickets to WoF-sponsored events, and shopped at our Holiday Bakery & Market. We thank our many volunteers whose efforts made these events possible. 

The following are the recipients of Women of Fearrington grants for 2024-25: 

  • Autism Society of NC Chatham Arts Council 
  • Chatham Education Foundation 
  • Chatham Outreach Alliance (CORA) 
  • Communities in Schools of Chatham 
  • Hispanic Liaison of Chatham County
  • Love Chatham 
  • Salvation Army of Chatham County 
  • Second Bloom of Chatham 
  • Sprott Youth Center 
  • The Confidence Project 
  • The Learning Trail 
  • WEBB Square 
  • YMCA of Chatham 

You will learn more about them in the coming year.

We thank co-Chairs Adrienne Lallo and Jo Bolig, Treasurer Miff Flaherty, and Secretary Joyce Brennan for evaluating the applications, as well as Grants Coordinator Beth Coulombe and Assistant Coordinator Sue Jinks-Robertson for facilitating the grants process.

Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club

We invite Fearrington and Galloway Ridge social golfers to join us Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at Twin Lakes Golf Course (and occasionally other courses) and lunch afterwards. Membership is free, but golf and lunch are paid individually.

For further information contact:

Arlene Labenson at arl366@aol.com or 516-633-9914 or Susan Lundblad at stlundblad41@gmail.com or 919-593-0316.


Welcome New Residents!

The following new villagers were added to the Fearrington Village Directory & Handbook between May 15  and June 14. Want to reach out to your new neighbor? You will find their contact information on our community web page. Go to: FearringtonFHA.org (click Find People under the Directory tab).

Karin Aughenbaugh & Dee Futerfas498 Beechmast
Donna M. Bandelloni & Gerald C. (Jerry) Gianni2 East Madison (1003*)
John C. Hagstrom & Roxanne S. Vaitkus927 Woodham
D. Wayne McGeehan423 Wintercrest East
Janet M. (Jan) & Joe T. Minchew4303 Burke Place
Jo Moore4625 Forsyth
David B. Riddle417 Wintercrest East
Margaret Jenkins Skinner5 East Camden (1005*)
Andrew B. & Anne H. Waters196 Weatherbend
Creston & Melanie (Mel) Woods705 Spindlewood
*Fearrington Post number

Are you a new resident? To register your information in the Directory, please visit the FHA website at https://fearringtonfha.org. From the left menu (top right on a mobile device) choose Directory, then select New Residents. To confirm you are not a spambot, answer the two questions (answers: Cow and Fitch), and select Check answers. This should take you to the new resident directory registration page.

To obtain full access to website features, you must also create a website account (available only to residents or non-resident owners). You can do this by selecting the Login/Register link in the top menu. Enter your information and select Register. Once your status as a resident or non-resident owner is confirmed by the Website Resource Team, you will receive an account activation email.

Are you an existing resident whose contact information has changed? Don’t forget to update your listing on the http://www.fearringtonfha.org website. Use the Login/Register link in the top menu if you aren’t logged in yet. Then, click the Directory tab on the left menu (top right on a mobile device), then select Edit My Directory Info. Directory updates can also be sent to directory@fearringtonfha.org. When you update your contact information online, the updates will be included in the Fearrington Village Directory & Handbook printed in January of each year. Stay in touch with your fellow residents by keeping your contact information current.

Moving Away? If you’re leaving Fearrington Village permanently, please let us know by emailing admin@fearringtonfha.org.

Death Notices: Residents may sign up to receive email notices of the deaths of current and former Village residents by emailing notices@fearringtonfha.org. Survivors wishing to submit a notice or obituary can use the same email address. Notices or obituaries should include the name of deceased, survivors (optional), date (and optionally cause) of death, particulars about funeral or memorial service, and any donations in memoriam.

July/August 2024 Calendar

All activities will be held at The Gathering Place unless otherwise noted.

The links below will bring you to the online Combined Village Calendar, which is updated periodically from multiple sources.

View Calendar by Month

View Calendar as a List

The following link shows events that are scheduled by shops in the Village Center.

Other Events at McIntyre’s & Village Center Shops

The table below contains the calendar compiled by the editors from announcements that are submitted for publication.

July 2
9:05 am
Bryan Park Champions
Fearrington Golf ClubGolfChris Horn
July 3
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckGussys Greek TruckDeborah Repplier
July 7
4 pm
Chapin Auditorium Galloway Ridge
Galloway Ridge Special EventGabe Evens Trio—
“Songs of Love”
Leah Meyer Austin
July 9
9:05 am
The Crossings, Durham
Fearrington Golf ClubGolfChris Horn
July 10
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckTa Contento Mex
Deborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
July 11
The Preserve at Lake Jordan, Chapel Hill
Fearrington Golf ClubGolfChris Horn
July 13
1-4 pm
Mah Jongg DragonsMah JonggPolly Williams
July 14
4 pm
Galloway Ridge Special Events CommitteeA Conversation with Bob RankinEd Barrows ebarrows@gmail.com
July 16
8:30 am
Quail Ridge, Sanford
Fearrington Golf ClubSummer TournamentChris Horn
July 17
10:15-11:15 am
McIntyre’s Books
AM Book ClubMonthly book discussion—
Tunnel 29
by Helena Merriman
Catherine Clare catfearr@gmail.com
Carole Yardley
July 17
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckDoherty’s Paddy WagonDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
July 18
9:10 am
Siler City
Fearrington Golf ClubGolfChris Horn
July 23
9 am
Mill Creek, Mebane
Fearrington Golf ClubGolfChris Horn
July 24
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckTBADeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
July 25
9:30 am
Quail Ridge, Sanford
Fearrington Golf ClubGolfChris Horn
July 30
9:20 am
Forest Oaks
Fearrington Golf ClubGolfChris Horn
July 31
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckCousins Maine LobsterDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
August 1
7 pm
Fearrington Cares
Fearrington CaresFilm NiteFearrington Cares
August 7
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckDeath by TacoDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
August 10
1-4 pm
Mah Jongg DragonsMah JonggPolly Williams
August 14
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckThe Blue WindowDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
August 21
McIntyre’s Books
AM Book ClubMonthly book discussion—
Hello Beautiful
by Anne Napolitano
Catherine Clare catfearr@gmail.com
Carole Yardley
August 21
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckSalt & PepperDeborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
August 28
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckCousins Maine
Deborah Repplier drepplier@gmail.com
Meeting Multiple Days in July & August
July 3, 10, 17, 24, & 31; August 7, 14, 21, & 28
1 pm
Fearrington Duplicate Bridge ClubDuplicate BridgeDianne Hale
July 23 &
August 27
3-5 pm
Fearrington Genealogy GroupSummer WorkshopsBarbara Ashby
Upcoming Event in September
September 18
1:30-3:30 pm
Women of FearringtonFall Welcome MeetingMary Jo Stone

FHA Board Members

Our Fearrington Home­owners Association (FHA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of residents. In addition to fostering resident participation, the FHA is res­ponsible for maintenance of common property and covenant enforcement. For additional details, including job des­criptions, visit the FHA tab on our webpage, fearringtonfha.org.

PresidentSteve Stewart
Vice PresidentAmy Ghiloni
SecretaryJudy Graham
TreasurerTony Daniels
CommunicationsTony Carroll
Community AffairsRuth Ann Burk
Grounds and FacilitiesPatrick McGahan
Health, Safety and SecurityWarren Ort

The Belted Gazette

The Belted Gazette is produced by the Fearrington Home­owners Association (FHA), by and for the residents of Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.

Newsletter Staff:
Copy EditorDiane Frazier
Features Editor & Copy EditorJackie Walters
FHA AdvisorTony Carroll
Graphic DesignerLeslie Palmer
Photo EditorGordon Pitz
Production EditorJan Kowal
ProofreaderJenny Walker
Contributing CorrespondentTad McArdle
Web Page
Alison TozerSteve Anderson
Printing and Distribution
Carol KurtzBarbara Amago


The Belted Gazette contains community news, reports from the FHA Board members, items of interest to residents, and announce­ments of club and neighbor­hood activities.

Content deadlines are the 15th of the previous month. All persons submitting content will receive a confirmation email.

Email submissions to: editors @fearringtonfha.org.

Do you have content for an upcoming newsletter? Please read the Publishing Guidelines at https://fearringtonfha.org/newsletter-guidelines-for-d-hb/.

The Belted Gazette is published electron­ically 11 times a year (July/August is a combined issue). A link to the current issue is emailed to all residents who have an email address in the FHA Directory. A PDF copy of the current issue and back issues can be found on the FHA website (fearringtonfha.org).