FHA Newsletter November 2023

FHA Newsletter November 2023


November 2023  Volume 42  Number 10

President’s Message

It is with greatly mixed emotions that I write this President’s letter, which will be my last, since my term as FHA President comes to an end at our annual meeting on November 19. Although getting my thoughts in order each month has always been a bit challenging, serving as your president has been a tremendous privilege. When my husband and I moved here in June of 2019, we knew a lot about this area but very little about retirement. We had lived in the same house in Rockville, Maryland, for 39 years! Five months later, I was suddenly vice president of the FHA, and it proved to be the perfect transition from my working life. I started meeting so many wonderful people. I was able to apply my skill set, acquired over a professional lifetime as a community planner and a politician, to my new home. I learned that the Village is unique in many wonderful ways but that it faces some unique challenges as well. I have been fortunate that excellent people stepped up to volunteer their time on the Board. Since Fearrington is the size of a small town, the Board has to spend many hours each week addressing all the issues that arise. We may not always agree with one another, but we are all working toward the same aim: to make the Village better.

So, what were some of things that surprised me? (1) Many residents do not realize when they move in that they may owe dues to two associations: the FHA, which everyone must belong to, and a service group for a particular neighborhood. This structure was created because state law requires the dues for every property in a homeowners’ association to be the same. When Fitch was building only single-family homes, this law was not an issue, but when he started building townhouses, he wanted all the exterior maintenance and landscaping to be done by an HOA. Since the FHA couldn’t charge a townhouse resident more than a single-family house, Fitch started creating service groups, which are separate HOAs with their own covenants and dues.

(2) Many residents still do not understand that the FHA has no control over the Village Center, the pastures, and livestock, or Camden (Jenny’s) Park. Those are all under control of Fitch Creations.

(3) Few people who move here even think about who provides wastewater services because most of us used to live in areas where wastewater was the responsibility of a public, not a private, utility. Chatham County seems to have little interest in building a public wastewater plant. Fortunately, Fitch Utilities operates the wastewater plant for our Village and has kept our rates far lower than those in other Chatham communities, although we know those rates will be going up soon.

(4) How many of us who purchased our homes here in prior years could have imagined that Chatham (and the town of Pittsboro, in particular) would become one of the fastest growing counties in the state? This growth will bring new restaurants, new entertainment venues, and new services, but it will also change the rural character that we currently enjoy, and traffic will increase. Fortunately, with only two roads into the Village and many mature trees, Fearrington should be able to maintain its bucolic feel.

There were two other surprises that the Board could not have anticipated, but both will affect our Village going forward. One was the decision by Fitch Creations to purchase 53 acres of new land just to the south of the Village. Since the 43 planned new homes will become part of the FHA, the Board weighed in with the county to help ensure that the new neighborhood will fit well with the existing community. It also led us to encourage Fitch to move ahead with the extension of West Camden that has always been in the planned-unit-development plans, so that construction traffic would not be such a burden on our residents. The other surprise was the decision by Fitch Creations to transfer a large parcel of land on the southern and eastern sides of the Village to the Triangle Land Conservancy. While it is too early to predict exactly how this will play out, having such a large, permanently undeveloped parcel on our border can only help maintain the quality of life in our Village.

When I look back on my two terms on the Board, which accomplishments stand out? (1) The successful effort to block the proposed wastewater connection between Fearrington and Briar Chapel. Although the concept may have been good in theory because we would no longer have a wastewater facility in our midst, it was quite evident that the Village had little to gain and much to lose. The buffer between the historic district and the development proposed adjacent to it would have been breached. The track record of the utility company managing Briar Chapel’s plant was abysmal, as indicated by the many sewer spills that occurred. Fitch Utilities is now upgrading (not expanding) our plant, which should improve both its dependability and the quality of the water it releases into Jordan Lake.

(2) We navigated our way through the pandemic. No Fearrington Board had ever faced a similar challenge. Since we are a community of predominantly older adults, protecting the health of our residents was foremost. None of us knew anything about Zoom when the pandemic started, but we quickly switched to Zoom meetings so that the Board could continue to get work done, and we held our open meetings via Zoom, which actually increased our attendance! Mask policies and vaccination requirements at the clubhouse were new topics on our agenda. Social interaction, which helps all of us as we age, was greatly limited, but fortunately, our clubs are now meeting again, and our community affairs team has brought back some of our old events and added new ones as well.

(3) Deciding to keep Beechmast Pond as is. The pond is an amenity that is greatly valued by a portion of our residents but has never been seen by the majority. Even our engineering consultant agreed that his proposal to restore the pond back to a stream had both positive and negative aspects. The Board felt that the costs to carry out that proposal might far exceed projections, and that we had little to lose if we adopted a wait-and-see approach.

(4) The recent dues increase and the way we went about seeking approval for it. Boards are often criticized for not being transparent enough. When our Board realized that our dues were not keeping up with our needs or with inflation, we made communicating with our residents about the issue a priority. We held a number of open meetings, as well as informal coffees, to make sure we understood your concerns and provided answers to your questions. Even our lawyer told us she didn’t think we could get a quorum (840) at our first meeting, but we did! I can now leave the Board knowing that we are on a strong financial footing to help us face the future.

As always, we rely on our volunteers, and I hope that many of you will decide to get involved. As I said at the beginning—volunteering for the FHA has been a rewarding experience for me, and, I believe, for most of our volunteers. In fact, I have even agreed to continue as a special advisor to the Board after my term ends because it keeps me young! I look forward to working with more of you in the future.

—Rose Krasnow, president@fhaboard.org


FHA News

Report of the Communications Director

Update Your Directory Info!

Directory season is coming up again. We will print the 2024 Directory & Handbook (D&H) from the information on the website as of approximately December 10 of this year. Please update your information now so that we have the most up-to-date information when the D&H is printed. You can update your information yourself by going to “Directory/Edit My Directory Info” on the FHA website (https://fearringtonfha.org), or by sending an email with the updated information to directory@fearringtonfha.org. We also expect to send out email reminders.

The D&H contains lots of useful information in handy spiral-bound form, including contact information for the FHA, Fearrington Cares, Village Center businesses, and local authorities, utilities, and medical resources; maps of our Village and its neighborhoods; emergency preparedness information; and general information about our Village. So, we encourage all residents to have a look if you haven’t been using it regularly. However, all of this information is also available on our website, using the “Directory” tab (including the “Online Directory & Handbook” option under it) or the website index. So, if you don’t wish to receive a printed D&H, send an email to directory@fearringtonfha.org requesting that we take you off the physical delivery list.

Club and service group officers can update their contact and other information on the website, and by extension in the D&H, by emailing admin@fearringtonfha.org. Please keep the December print date in mind so that your information in the 2024 D&H will be up to date.

Annual Meeting Ballot Delivery

In a departure from previous years, we are mailing ballots for the 2023 FHA Annual Meeting to resident owners instead of asking the block contacts to deliver them. As in previous years, the covenants allow one vote per lot owned. Owners may return ballots by depositing them in a box outside the back door of The Gathering Place; by mailing them to The Gathering Place, 599 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312; or by emailing a PDF of the completed ballot to office@fhaboard.org. Ballots must be received by November 17 so they may be counted in time for results to be announced at the annual meeting, which will be held via webinar on Sunday, November 19, from 4 to 6 pm. Invitations to the webinar will go out by email in early November.

—Tony Carroll, Communications Director (communications@fhaboard.org)

3rd Winter Solstice Celebration in Fearrington Village!

The 3rd Annual Solstice Celebration in Fearrington Village begins with Lantern-Making Workshops: November 14 and November 28, 10 am-12 noon in Fearrington Cares’ large room. There is a $5 materials fee payable at the workshop. To register, contact Ellen at Fearrington Cares, 919-542-6877. Limit 12 to a class. If you are making a lantern on your own, please choose natural, organic LED colors within the winter or star-colored spectrum. Watch this YouTube link on how to make a simple lantern:  DIY Paper lantern / Handmade Balloon Tissue Paper Lamp / Recycle Craft Ideas / Dry Leaves Crafts – YouTube.

The Winter Solstice Celebration will take place on Thursday, December 21, at 5 pm around the fountain in the Village. After a gathering time, those who are willing and able will walk through the village and around the pond, lighting up the winter sky with their creations.

Our Village event is a non-denominational winter-themed event. We hope you will bring a handmade lantern to light up the night. RAIN DATE: 12/22

For more information, contact Mariana Fiorentino at magicalpuglia@gmail.com or Beth Gold at bethgold3@gmail.com.

Honoring Our Veterans in the Village

All veterans are invited to attend our special “Thank a Veteran Celebration” on Friday, November 10, from 10:30 am to 12 noon at The Gathering Place. Please consider wearing a hat or shirt representing your branch of service. Pastries and beverages will be served, and a special program is being planned. Everyone is welcome to come as we thank these American heroes for their service to our country. Sponsored by Fearrington Homeowners Association, Fearrington Cares, and Associa HRW.


This Month’s Features


Scene Around Fearrington:

Sunrise, Sunset,

And One View of the Moon

After two months devoted to monochrome images (black and white, and infrared images that display in black and white), it may be time for something more colorful.  What better then than the skies that accompany the rising and the setting of the sun?

It is not hard to find eye-catching, sunrise/sunset scenes that contain mountains and oceans.  In this part of the country, however, it’s a little more challenging.  Nevertheless, a suitable arrangement of trees and ponds can serve as substitutes.  Pick the right arrangement of clouds, or mist or fog, and the result can be very pleasing indeed.

Here then is a sample of colorful photographs taken around Fearrington Village. Eight are of sunsets. Only one was taken at sunrise (do photographers not wish to start work that early). To round out the collection, there is one shot of the moon, a “supermoon” as it sets behind the iconic village silo.

Click on any photo to see an enlarged view.

Photo by Terry Ames

Photo by Tony Daniels

Photo by Tony Carroll
Photo by Tony Carroll
Photo by Minnie Gallman
Photo by Gordon Pitz

Photo by Terry Ames

Photo by Gordon Pitz

Photo by Tony Carroll

Fearrington at Nighttime:  Next month we invite you to send photographs taken after the sun has set, when a different view of the village emerges. In the absence of sunlight, you must rely on the moon or on artificial lights to illuminate the scene, or you can try “light painting” with your own light source.

Street lights may not be beautiful objects in themselves, but the light they cast sometimes has a mystery of its own. Lights in the windows of village stores can elicit the magic of the holiday season. The lights of moving vehicles on the road generate interesting patterns. You will need to use a tripod and a long exposure time to get the images you want, so a little practice will help. Here are some other ideas you might find useful.

Darkness falls earlier at this time of year, offering a better opportunity to exercise your creativity. So please check the photo submission guidelines, and submit your photos by November 12 to gfpitz@gmail.com.

Oktoberfest and the Secret to Community Success

Story by Wendy Snodgrass, Photos by Melissa Tomich

Click on any photo to see an enlarged view.

In the picnic area, Paul Cannon enjoys the Oktoberfest band before joining in for the “chicken dance” while Nancy Jacobs and Annette Cannon discuss flyers from the Club Fair

The recent Oktoberfest event clearly proves that collaboration is the key to bringing our community together. Some might credit the perfect fall weather or extensive planning or maybe the beer truck that served over three kegs to thirsty residents—but it was more than that! It was cooperative community spirit that united the efforts of the Fearrington Homeowners Association, Fearrington Cares, our gracious hosts at the Fearrington Swim & Croquet Club, the leaders of 22 Village clubs, and dozens of volunteers.

Celebrating the 30th season of the Fearrington Concert Series, music lovers Mirinda Kossoff and Vic Benedict present information on performances coming to The Gathering Place.
Avid readers Carole Yardley and Laurette LaPrevost discuss their enjoyable, enlightening experiences with the AM Book Club at McIntyres.
Village Quilters Peggy Johnson and Pat Essex display the club’s creations as they raise funds for a new quilt to hang at The Gathering Place.

The picnic area was festive and welcoming! The Club Fair was engaging and informative! Oktoberfest music provided by the Chapel Hill Brass Ensemble (with resident Doug Zabor playing the flugelhorn) was lively and entertaining! There were special door prizes compliments of The Fearrington House Inn! These elements combined with a sense of connection and community to create a synergistic effect that elevated the event experience for everyone who attended.

Fearrington for Life offers information on transportation and meal delivery from food vendors who presented menus and samples at an adjacent table; Art Lituchy visits with organizers Carole Breckenridge, John and Bunny Lancaster, Mike Ennis and Sandy Spiegel.
Swim & Croquet Club members Mary Norgren and Brenda Ginsberg share a laugh with Verity Dunphy as they sell visors with the club logo.

Residents relaxed and enjoyed dinner, drinks, and time together. Many thanks to all who attended and contributed to the success of Oktoberfest. Events like this are the true essence of community and evidence that we make Fearrington even better when we come together!

Garden Club members Beth Essington and Diane Frazier share information on their upcoming events with Sue Robertson.
Fearrington Cares promotes Film Nite along with upcoming programs; Carol Kurtz and Barbara Spillane representing Film Nite, Wendy Snodgrass (after winning red sunglasses at their corn hole game), executive director Kim Schneider, Jodi Allen, and Donna Costa smiling in the background.

Autumnal Exploits on the Henderson Place–Richmond Trail

Story and Photos by Caldwell Hahn

Click on any photo to see an enlarged view.

Heroic Henderson Place volunteers gather on October 6 to improve the trail between Henderson Place and Richmond Close.

Sometime in 2016, Homes by Dickerson, the Henderson Place builder, completed the original Henderson-Richmond trail linking Henderson Place (HP) with the Richmond neighborhood. Made of pine mulch, the path was sodden, slippery, and unusable for several days after every rain.

Thus, the first “Henderson–Richmond Trail improvement party” occurred in September 2022, when a hearty, coed group of 15 HP residents gathered to upgrade the trail. Using materials purchased by Henderson Homeowners Association (HOA), they cleared away the slippery mulch and created a more durable trail by laying down five tons (!) of gravel. Our handy residents also laid railroad ties and riprap along the side of the trail to protect it from flooding and erosion. A few months later, the Fearrington HOA adopted the path.

Trailhead of 400-foot trail: gravel added and smoothed to improve pedestrian usability and trail durability in all types of weather
Trail view uphill from the bridge: gravel replaced mulch to improve durability of the trail, which has wooded and open-country sections

 After a year of fruitful use of the 400-foot trail leading from HP to the bridge over the creek, a second HP improvement party was held on October 6, 2023. An enthusiastic coed group of 16 HP residents gathered again to carry on with trail improvement.

Using materials purchased by the Fearrington FHA, the HP team replaced 33 bowed and rotten planks on the 25-foot bridge with new polyurethane planks, better suited to endure the wet conditions of the deep forest. The cheery volunteers flattened out the gravel path with a roller and added two more tons (!) of gravel. They also cut back shrubbery and removed dead wood along the path to make pedestrian travel more pleasant.

Work in progress—replacing rotten planks and strengthening the handrail on the pedestrian bridge across the creek.

Refurbished bridge! New polyurethane planks to prolong bridge life and sturdy handrail for pedestrian safety.

From a rough mulch trail supplied by the HP builder, neighbors came together to upgrade the trail to a smoother gravel and rock path that can resist erosion and remain passable in bad weather. Installing water-resistant polyurethane planks and strengthening the pedestrian handrail, residents extended the life of this well-used trail that links two neighborhoods.

Your neighbors on HP aim to inspire other neighborhoods in Fearrington Village to take some form of ownership of the trails in our community by notifying the FHA when significant work is needed and by keeping the trails in good condition with light effort. Walking paths in Fearrington Village can be used by a large majority of our residents and give pedestrians an alternative to walking on the roads. Our trail system is one of the very best features of Fearrington Village.

Contact Patrick McGahan at Grounds@FHABoard.org for “taking ownership” of trails near you.

Caldwell Hahn is a 2019 arrival from the metro DC area who retired from a career as a research wildlife biologist specializing in bird behavior and ecology.


Food Trucks for November

By Leigh Matthews


November 1: Sister Liu’s Kitchen (Chinese) Handmade classic veggie and meat Chinese dumplings and steambuns. Plus, try their unique Chinese Burger.

November 8: Doherty’s Paddy Wagon (Irish, American) Rolls, wings, sandwiches, fish & chips, sides, and, of course, Bailey’s Chocolate Mouse.

November 15: Bulkogi Korean BBQ (Korean BBQ, Asian Fusion) Authentic meat and veggie Korean bbq, quesadillas, burrito bowls, tacos, and mandoo.

November 29: Cousins Maine Lobster (Seafood, TexMex) Maine and Connecticut rolls, tacos, tots, lobster quesadillas, shrimp tacos, soups, and whoopie pies! Remember they have their own mobile app for preordering available at their website https://www.cousinsmainelobster.com.

Food Trucks are located at The Gathering Place parking lot from 5 until 7:30 pm. You may order and pick up at the truck. Or, you can visit our hotspot page and place your preorder for pick-up at the truck. (Cousins Main Lobster has their own app for preordering.)

For a weekly reminder email—and a quick link to view the menu—sign up at our hotspot page https://streetfoodfinder.com/fearringtonvillage.

Or, if you use Nextdoor, watch for our weekly announcement with a link.

For more info, please contact Deborah Repplier at drepplier@gmail.com.


This Month’s Announcements

Please use the Announcement Submission Request form (https://fearringtonfha.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Announcement-Submission-Request_July-2023.pdf) to submit club and organization announcements. Email the form, after saving it first so that we do not get a blank form, to editors@fearringtonfha.org.

If you need assistance, one of our editorial team members will work with you if you email us at editors@fearringtonfha.org.

Fearrington Clubs and Organizations

AM Book Club

Join the AM Book Club at McIntyre’s Books, Wednesday, November15, at 10:15 am to discuss The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. Between life and death is a library with an infinite number of books, each the story of another reality. Finding herself in the Midnight Library, Nora Seed, whose life has been full of misery and regret, has a chance to make things right. There in the library, the books enable her to live as if she had done things differently. Each book contains a different life, a possible world where she can make choices, which then play out in myriad ways. But things aren’t always what Nora imagined they would be.

All residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge are welcome to participate, including new members. Questions? Contact Cathy Clare, catfearr@gmail.com, or Carole Yardley, peacefulathome@bellsouth.net. Masks please.

Carolina Club

Galloway Ridge Bus Service for Carolina Men’s HOME Basketball Games

The bus will run from the Galloway Ridge main entrance to the Smith Center. Check in with the lobby concierge 1 hour and 30 minutes before tip-off time. Seats may be available for Fearrington Village Residents and guests, but Galloway Ridge residents receive priority. The round-trip cost is $5/person payable by check made out to Galloway Ridge and given to the driver.

Registration is required for bus service at least two business days before the game. To register, call or email Jennifer Watson, Community Outreach Coordinator, 919-545-2671 or jwatson@gallowayridge.com. Jennifer’s office hours are Monday-Friday, 10:00 am-3:00 pm.

Transportation is not guaranteed if you call/email less than two days before the game or outside of the days and hours listed above.

You must provide your own ticket for the game. Tickets are available from the Athletic Department Ticket Office (800-722-4335).

Concert Series

Fearrington Concert Series is pleased to welcome back on November 12 at 3 pm at The Gathering Place violinist Jennifer Curtis in recital with pianist Leva Jokubaviciute. Curtis (jennifercurtisviolin.com) has been celebrated by The New York Times as “an artist of keen intelligence and taste, well worth watching out for.” Her passion for myriad types of music, performance venues, and cultural traditions enlivens her mission to “tell her own story on her own instrument.” In addition to her concert activities, which are international in scope, she composes and teaches part-time at Duke University.

Season tickets are still available for $100 per person and may be procured by writing a check made payable to Fearrington Concert Series and dropping it in the Fearrington Concert Series mailbox at the mail kiosk next to The Gathering Place, or by mailing to Jo Bolig at 555 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Tickets may be available for purchase at the door on the day of the concert for $25 per person on a space-available basis.

Questions may be emailed to Jo Bolig at jobolig@gmail.com, or to Nina Alperin at Galloway Ridge by phone at 919-704-8796.

Dog Club

Chatham County dog law is the focus for our November meeting when we host Tiani Schifano, director, Chatham County Animal Resources, and her boss, Chatham Sheriff Mike Roberson. Our goal? To learn what our Sheriff’s Department does to protect and serve the animals of Chatham County.

What are the ordinances affecting dog ownership? How do deputies keep the peace when responding to barking and off-leash dog complaints? What’s a typical day for an Animal Service deputy? What types of calls for service do deputies receive from Fearrington residents? What improvements were made when the new Chatham Animal Resource Center recently opened? Bring your questions. These are the experts with the answers.

Our meetings are open to all Fearrington residents with an interest in dogs. Join us at The Gathering Place on Thursday, November 16, at 1 pm. For more details about our club go to FearringtonFHA.org and click on Clubs and Other OrganizationsClubs and Groups.

Fearrington Village Singers

Garden Club

November 7 and 14 at 10 am – Candle-Making Class. You’ll need to attend both sessions. No cost. Will be held in a garden club member’s home. Register by emailing dliebtag50@gmail.com.

November 28 at 2 pm at The Gathering Place – Matt Jones, horticulture extension agent, NC Cooperative Extension, Chatham County, will speak on “Preparing our gardens for winter and other garden gems.” No cost. Registration is not required.

December 1, 9 am-12 pm or 1-4 pm at The Gathering Place – Wreath-Making Workshop. Attend either session for $15 per person. Limit 11 people per session. Register by emailing dliebtag50@gmail.com.

Please Note: There will be no Garden Club meeting in December, and, due to a greenhouse malfunction at Northwood High School, there will not be a poinsettia sale this December.

Golf Club

We had a great time at Octoberfest. In our Golf Ball Contest, we had two Holes in One (exact count of 48) by Becky Sommer-Peterson and Diane Wright. Betty Thomas won Closest to the Pin. All won coveted FGC hats.

Boyd Webb continues his great golf by again shooting his age!

Our Fall Tournament was postponed due to course issues.

Here is our November Tuesday/Thursday schedule of outings:

11/2      9:30 am – Stoney Creek, Whitset

11/7      9:10 am – Mill Creek, Mebane

11/9     10 am – Carolina Trace, Sanford

11/14   Fall Tournament, Forest Oaks, Greensboro

11/16   9:30 am – Quail Ridge, Sanford

11/21   10:30 am – Quail Ridge, Sanford

11/28   9:30 am – Quail Ridge, Sanford

11/30   10 am – Mill Creek, Mebane

If you would like to join our Golf Club or try one of our outings as a guest, please contact Chris Horn, membership chair, cphorn.128@gmail.com. Ask Chris about our end-of-season membership offer. Further info about the Golf Club can be found under Clubs and Other Organizations at Home – Fearrington Homeowners Association, Inc. (fearringtonfha.org).

Great Decisions

Lectures on Current National and International Affairs

Thursday, November 9
12:30 pm (New Time)      The Gathering Place
Mark J. Crescenzi, Ph.D.
Nancy Hanes White Distinguished Professor and Chair
Department of Political Science
University of North Carolina

Title: The Market Power Politics of the Green Economy

The growing threat of climate change has heightened the importance of the mineral resources needed to produce green energy technologies. These critical minerals include cobalt, copper, graphite, lithium, nickel, and rare earth elements. China has taken aggressive steps to corner these mineral markets and is now the dominant global processor. It has the market power to control the prices and the quantities of these essential commodities for green energy technologies. These market power motivations incentivize states to pursue expansionist foreign policies that are reshaping the global political dynamics of international institutions and economic interdependence and could potentially lead to international conflict.

Green Scene

Concerned About Your Drinking Water?

The Haw River is one of three major tributaries flowing into Jordan Lake, from which Fearrington Village obtains our drinking water. The Haw River Assembly is a non-profit citizens group, founded in 1982, to restore and protect the Haw River and Jordan Lake. Their work involves the 110 miles of the river itself, as well as the 920 miles of streams that flow into the river. They pursue their goals with a Haw Riverkeeper, as well as a small and dedicated staff. They also collaborate with other area environmental groups, such as the Chatham Conservation Partnership (https://www.chathamconservation.org/) and others.

Historically, the upriver cities and towns in the watershed, in particular the City of Burlington, have been significant pollution contributors to the river. In response to an unusually egregious spill earlier this year, the Haw River Assembly, working with the Southern Environmental Law Center, was able to negotiate a legally significant settlement agreement with the City of Burlington and its largest industrial polluter, Elevate Textiles. The agreement requires the city and its largest industries to take specific, concrete steps designed to alleviate the polluting-discharges problem. The Haw Riverkeeper, Emily Sutton, was an important participant in the negotiations that resulted in the settlement agreement.

Emily Sutton will be our guest speaker at the November Green Scene meeting at The Gathering Place at 11 am on Wednesday, November 8. All Fearrington and Galloway residents are invited to attend and learn more about what is being done to preserve and protect the quality of our drinking water.

—Jason Welsch, Moderator, Fearrington Green Scene, 914-806-4852


Tuesday, November 14, 7 pm at The Gathering Place

Fearrington Havurah will present George Lankevich, who will speak on the topic of “The World Goes to Coney Island.”

Mah Jongg Dragons

This month’s Fearrington Dragons Mah Jongg game will be Saturday, November 11, from 1 to 4 pm at The Gathering Place.

We have decided to open the games to non-members, both in Fearrington or living outside the Village. Guests from outside of Fearrington must be invited by Village residents. All guests will need to register and pay $5 each month if they are not a member of the Dragons. Anyone who would like to join the Dragons can pay a membership fee of $25 per year and forego the $5 monthly fee. All current members and new members can pay their yearly fees of $25 at the November game with checks payable to Robin Weinberger, or in cash in an envelope with your name on it.

Join us on November 11 for a fun-filled afternoon; snacks and drinks provided.

May the jokers be ever in your favor!!

PORCH Turkey Drive

Fearrington PORCH will be conducting its annual turkey-breast drive on November 13. All donated turkey breasts (or small turkeys) will go to CORA and be distributed to Chatham County families in need. Please bring your donations to the truck outside The Gathering Place between 11:30 and noon. This drive is in addition to the regular PORCH food collection that day. Thank you!

Swim & Croquet Club

With the swimming season behind us, it’s perfect weather to pick up a mallet and play croquet on our beautiful croquet court. If you are currently not a member of the FSCC and would like to try croquet, please let us know. We are happy to host you so that you may experience all that croquet has to offer. Just send us an email to request a complimentary pass and introduction to croquet. Email: fearringtonswimcroquet@gmail.com.

Tennis & Pickleball Association

The Fearrington Tennis and Pickleball Association’s Annual Meeting is Sunday, November 5, at 4 pm at The Gathering Place.

The agenda is designed to update all on the status of the organization, including a comprehensive review of the club’s financial status.

Check out our new courts, now until 12/31/23, for only $40.00, plus initiation fee. Many think this is the best time of year to play tennis and pickleball—cool, not freezing or burning hot. Check us out!

Contact Karen at karenallenvaca@gmail.com for tennis information and Stokes Adams at stokesadams63@gmail.com for particulars about pickleball.

Women of Fearrington

November Road Trip to Pine Lake Loop Trail, Apex Community Park Playground, Apex Community Park Dr., Cary, NC, Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 10:30 am. (Rain date, Thursday, November 9.) Optional lunch (cost $12.95) catered by 39 West Catering to follow. Please provide cash or a check made out to Women of Fearrington with “Pine Lake Loop” on the memo line and place it in the WoF mailbox at Swim & Croquet mail kiosk or mail to: Women of Fearrington, 507 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Payment due before Monday, October 30.

This walk is mostly on a fully paved path around the lake, but we might detour for a short bit into the woods. This is a great opportunity to get outside and breathe some fresh autumn air while chatting with your fellow Women of Fearrington friends. Registration required; click here.

Small Group Gathering, Tuesday, November 7, luncheon at noon. Location will be announced Friday, November 3. Limited to 9 guests. Must be a member of WoF. All guests must be vaccinated for COVID. For registration, please click here.

November General Meeting, Wednesday, November 15, 2023, 1:30-3 pm (doors open at 1:15 pm), The Gathering Place. Guest Speaker, Linda Sittig (https://lindasittig.com), award-winning author, will share inspiring stories in a presentation entitled, “Women Hold Up Half the Sky!” She will donate a portion of the proceeds from two of her recent books to the Wonderful Options Fund. WoF members and their guests are welcome. (Guests are requested to give a $5 donation to our Wonderful Options fund.) Register here.

The Wonderful Options Fund is WoF’s way of supporting the community we live in by giving back to Chatham County. We focus on nonprofit organizations that help women and children specifically. Contributions may be made through the Women of Fearrington website. To donate, click here.

Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club

We invite Fearrington and Galloway Ridge social golfers to join us Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at Twin Lakes Golf Course (and occasionally other courses) and lunch afterwards. Membership is free, but golf and lunch are paid individually.

For further information contact:

Arlene Labenson at arl366@aol.com or 516-633-9914 or

Susan Lundblad at stlundblad41@gmail.com or 919-593-0316

Community Opportunities

Chatham County Social Services

Help Make Christmas Wishes Come True!

Chatham County Social Services’ Christmas Wishes program helps make holidays special for foster and other high-risk children in our county in Department of Social Services care. Every year, more volunteer sponsors are needed. Sponsors are given the “wish list” of 2 gift wishes made by each child. You can help make the holiday special for these children. Learn more and volunteer to sponsor a child, or donate to help the fund, at email: Donate2christmaswishes@gmail.com.

Thank you, Fearrington and Galloway residents, for Calendar Donations

Thank you to the many residents who donated beautiful 2024 calendars. Chatham County Social Services gave calendars to Chatham Senior Services for both the Pittsboro and Siler City senior centers and Meals on Wheels programs, to Chatham Cares Community Pharmacy in Siler City (https://wp.chathamcares.com/), and to CORA and West Chatham Food Pantry. Your calendars will provide a bright spot and daily reminders of your gift to others in Chatham County.

Community Remembrance Coalition—Chatham and NAACP Branch #5377

On Saturday, November 18, from 3 to 4 pm, at George Moses Horton Middle School multi-purpose room (79 Horton Road in Pittsboro), come view the film, Unlocking the Doors Of Opportunity: The Rosenwald Schools of North Carolina. George Moses Horton School began as one of the 10 Rosenwald Schools in Chatham County. The filmmaker, Tom Lassiter, will attend and will respond to questions following the film. Discussion leaders will be Dr. Charles Johnson, Jr., director of the public history program at NC Central University in Durham, and Gene Brooks, Chatham County historian.

Continuing Education

The School of Athens

The School of Athens will present a special, public service event entitled, “Debate: A Primer,” on Saturday, December 2, from 2 to 3:30 pm at Chapel in the Pines, 314 Great Ridge Pkwy, Chapel Hill.

During this season, it seems fitting to review exactly what debate is. Besides being a means of reaching conclusions, debate is also a practice of rational and critical thinking, expanding one’s mind, and developing understanding.

The presentation will review the historical antecedents of formal debate, benefits of learning debate as a rhetorical skill, different debate formats, how to evaluate debate, and the rules/decorum for formal debate. We will look at examples of debates such as the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 and the William F. Buckley v James Baldwin debate at Cambridge in 1965.

This presentation is open and free to the public.

The School of Athens is an independent, unaffiliated educational nonprofit organization: https://www.theschoolofathens.net


Fearrington Cares material is edited by their staff and volunteers. Direct comments or questions to them at (919) 542-6877 or info@fearringtoncares.org.

—Edited this month by Carolyn & John Boyle

Welcome Reception for Kim Schneider

We are pleased to formally introduce our new Executive Director, Kim Schneider, to our Villagers! We will have a warm Welcome Reception on Thursday, November 30, from 1-2:30 pm in The Gathering Place.  Please join us for this unique opportunity to meet Kim and hear the latest on Fearrington Cares as well as Kim’s ideas and vision for the future. We will enjoy hors d’ouevres and Prosecco at the conclusion of her introduction.

Happy Holidays!

The Fearrington Cares Center will be closed November 20-24.

The Center may be closed for the holidays, but our volunteers will be busy providing transportation and Handyperson services. If you need assistance with either of these areas, call the Center at 919-542-6877 and leave a voicemail message in the appropriate mailbox; a volunteer will be in touch with you. Messages left in the general mailbox or for Kim Schneider will be retrieved on November 27.

Message from Kim Schneider, Executive Director

Happy Fall! This is one of my favorite times of the year, with cooler temperatures, autumn colors, and the many seasonal activities and events in Fearrington Village. The Fearrington Cares Center is bustling with meetings, classes, and support groups. We are particularly excited about our lineup of special workshops in November—including candle- and wreath-making. I had the opportunity to visit with many of you at Oktoberfest and Film Nite last month, and I look forward to many more opportunities to get to know you individually and as a community.

I hope you will join us for Film Nite, movement classes, support groups, and more in the coming months. I would also like to encourage you to consider volunteering at Fearrington Cares. Volunteers are vital to our ability to offer some of our most popular services, like transportation and minor home repairs. Our volunteer interest form is available on our website or at the Center.

Fearrington Cares Film Nite Brings Neighbors Together
Thursday, November 2, 7 pm at The Gathering Place

Last month’s film was a special selection that truly “hit home” with our audience. Ask your neighbors who attended how much they laughed and also cried during the showing. If you missed it, they would certainly recommend that you seek out this movie and watch it.

Our upcoming November film was curated with equal care and is equally powerful and poignant. Since our film titles cannot be announced in this publicly accessible newsletter, we encourage you to email us at FearringtonFilmNite@gmail.com for an automated response that offers a blurb about the film. Any subject line will do as will any text in your email message. Once you know the title, tell your neighbors and make plans to come together!

We serve complimentary movie theater popcorn, beverages, and treats. Admission is free but contributions are gratefully accepted to support this community program.

All films are captioned, and the AudioFetch system at The Gathering Place offers hearing assistance. Download the AudioFetch app to a smartphone and listen with noise-canceling headphones or directly through Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

Michael J. Fox Foundation Speaker: Parkinson’s Disease Updates
Tuesday, November 7, 1:30 pm at The Gathering Place and by Zoom

Jocelyn Pietro of the Michael J. Fox Foundation will present the latest research findings in the search for a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. She will also describe the first proven method that can lead to diagnosis of Parkinson’s years before other methods currently in use. For more information contact Jen Buckmire (jenbuckmire@gmail.com) or Doug Zabor (JDZabor@gmail.com).

To join the meeting by Zoom, click here and enter the Meeting ID (867 7243 1504) and Passcode (865070).

Photo by Beth Colombe

Candle-Making Workshop

Tuesdays, November 7 & 14, 10-11 am

Location revealed at time of registration

Fearrington Cares and the Fearrington Garden Club are sponsoring a candle-making class given by resident Julie Davis. These beautiful candles are great to keep or to give as a gift. There is no participation fee, but reservations are required and you must attend both classes to complete your project. For more information and to save your spot, email Debbie Liebtag (dliebtag50@gmail.com).


Insights into Low Vision and Vision Rehabilitation
Wednesday, November 8, 1:30 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

We rely upon our eyesight to engage with the world around us. As we age, sometimes that eyesight starts to lose its edge. The Vision Rehabilitation and Performance Division of the Duke Eye Center is one of only two such Centers in the Southeast and one of the best in the country. One of their missions is to provide educational and training resources to patients. They will make a presentation on low vision conditions, how these conditions impact daily living, and strategies, tools, and resources to improve quality of life.

Managing the Holidays When Someone You Love Is Missing
Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 1:30 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

The holiday season seems to begin earlier each year and can be stressful for even the most ardent celebrants. For those grieving the loss of a loved one, this time isn’t always merry and bright. How do you not just “manage” this time, but survive it and hopefully enjoy some of your seasonal traditions? Join Anne Kissel (former Fearrington Cares Executive Director) at the Fearrington Cares Center for a facilitated discussion on how to help yourself and show others how they can support you in this challenging journey.

Winter Solstice Lantern-Making Workshops
Tuesdays, November 14 & 28, 10 am-12 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

In order to support our Lantern Walk on December 21 and just for fun, Fearrington Cares is holding workshops on lantern making. Each class is limited to 12 people and registration is required. There is a $5 materials fee payable at the workshop. Call Fearrington Cares at 919-542-6877 to register.

Wreath-Making Workshops
Friday, December 1, 9 am-12 pm & 1-4 pm at The Gathering Place

Wreaths are great decorations for the holidays, and Fearrington Cares and the Fearrington Garden Club are sponsoring two workshops to help you prepare yours. (you may only register for one time slot). There will also be a $15 participation fee. For more information and to reserve your spot, email Debbie Liebtag (dliebtag50@gmail.com).

Winter Solstice Lantern Walk
Thursday, December 21, 5 pm at the Village Fountain (Rain date Friday, December 22)

The Third Annual Winter Solstice Celebration in Fearrington Village will take place on the Winter Solstice (of course!). We will gather around the fountain in the Village to settle in with our lanterns placed on tables, around the fountain, or held in our laps. There will be quiet time for reflection and time to meet and greet and “ooh and ahh” over each others’ lanterns. Then those who are willing and able will walk through the village and around the pond lighting up the winter sky with their creations. We hope you will bring a handmade lantern to light up the night.

Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, with December 21 being the longest night of the year. This astronomical event is significant to many cultures, religions, and traditions, for many different reasons. This secular, winter-themed event is sponsored by Fearrington Cares and the FHA.

Medicare Open Enrollment Review Appointments

Open Enrollment is a great time to evaluate your Medicare coverage and make sure it’s still the best choice for your needs. You can use the Medicare Open Enrollment window to make changes to your Medicare plan including:

  • Enrolling in Medicare Advantage
  • Enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan
  • Switching back to original Medicare from Medicare Advantage

This year the Open Enrollment period will extend until December 7. Our SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) volunteers are available again by appointment to help you review your plan either in-person or over the phone. A session takes about 30 minutes; couples should schedule two consecutive sessions or separate half-hour times. Call the Fearrington Cares Center (919-542-6877) for more information. Fearrington residents have saved tens of thousands of dollars in previous years through making changes to their plans.

Check Your Smoke Detectors!

Smoke detectors are a valuable safety component of our homes. Remember that the detector itself is only useful for about ten years. After that period, the sensor may not be effective and the detector should be replaced. The condition of the battery is irrelevant if the sensor is no longer functioning properly.

Many of us have smoke detectors that are hard-wired into our electrical circuits, and those have a battery backup in case of power failure. Some houses may have only battery-powered detectors or a combination of hard-wired and battery-powered. Many also have detectors with ten-year batteries, so we never have to replace the battery during the useful life of the detector.

No matter what kind of smoke detectors you have, it is important to make sure that the batteries are still functioning (even the ten-year batteries). That’s what the little test button is for. You need to hear that ear-splitting noise to assure yourself that the battery is still working. Of course, batteries are supposed to chirp when they are going bad; that usually happens around 2 am. However, don’t be passive and wait for the battery to complain; push the button and get a positive test. If you cannot reach the detector, try using a broom handle to push the button. And remember that the Handyperson volunteers of Fearrington Cares are always happy to come push your buttons.


Movement Classes at the Fearrington Cares Center

Suggested donation of $5/class session (cash or check to Fearrington Cares)

  • Otago Fall-Prevention Exercises: Mondays, 10:30 am. (No class Nov. 13, 20)
  • Chair Yoga: Tuesdays, 11:30 am. (No class Nov. 22)
  • Chair Tap Dance: Thursdays, 10 am. (No class Nov. 2, 23)
  • Line Dancing: Thursdays, 11:30 am. (No class Nov. 2, 23)
  • Intermediate Yoga: Thursdays, 2:30 pm . (No class Nov. 23)

Support Groups Meeting in Person at the Fearrington Cares Center

  • Alcoholics Anonymous: Mondays, 10 am (No meeting Nov. 20)
  • Parkinson’s Group: Tuesday, November 7, 1:30 pm (Special presentation at The Gathering Place)
  • Brainiacs Memory Café: Wednesdays, 10 am (No meeting Nov. 22) 

Support Groups via Zoom

fearringtoncares.org > Services > Support Groups

  • Caregiver Support Group:  Wednesdays, November 1 & 15, 1 pm
  • Living with Chronic Conditions: Thursdays, November 2 & 16, 1 pm

Health Services Offered at the Fearrington Cares Center By Appointment

  • Nurse Consultation Triage Clinic:  Call 919-542-6877 to schedule an appointment.
  • PediCure Foot Care: Call 919-542-6877 to schedule an appointment with Wendy McCluney. Fees range from $45-55 and are paid directly to Wendy.

Enrichment Activities at the Fearrington Cares Center

  • Meditation: Fridays, 10 am (No meeting Nov. 24)

Welcome to Our New Residents

The following new villagers were added to the Fearrington Village Directory between September 15 and October 14. Want to reach out to your new neighbor? You will find their contact information on our community web page. Go to: FearringtonFHA.org (click Find People under the Directory tab).

Marie E. Anstrom2 Macon (4002*)
James P. (Jay) & Mary V. Kelley870 Millcroft
Aaron & Barbara Ligo672 Spindlewood
Karin J. Lind    330 Whisperwood Close
Kathleen R. & Peter E. McElligott427 Wintercrest East
Anne C. & Frederick M. III (Fred) Morris    12 Caldwell (1148*)
Gray G. III & Marcia Wells321 Sycamore Close
*Fearrington Post number

Are you a new resident? To register your information in the Directory, please visit the FHA website at https://fearringtonfha.org. From the left menu (top right on a mobile device) choose Directory, then select New Residents. To confirm you are not a spambot, answer the two questions (answers: Cow and Fitch), and select Check answers. This should take you to the new resident directory registration page.

To obtain full access to website features, you must also create a website account (available only to residents or non-resident owners). You can do this by selecting the Login/Register link in the top menu. Enter your information and select Register. Once your status as a resident or non-resident owner is confirmed by the Website Resource Team, you will receive an account activation email.

Are you an existing resident whose contact information has changed? Don’t forget to update your listing on the https://www.fearringtonfha.org website. Use the Login/Register link in the top menu if you aren’t logged in yet. Then, click the Directory tab on the left menu (top right on a mobile device), then select Edit My Directory Info. Directory updates can also be sent to directory@fearringtonfha.org. When you update your contact information online, the updates will be included in the Fearrington Village Directory & Handbook printed in January of each year. Stay in touch with your fellow residents by keeping your contact information current.

Death Notices: Residents may sign up to receive email notices of the deaths of current and former Village residents by emailing notices@fearringtonfha.org. Survivors wishing to submit a notice or obituary can use the same email address. Notices or obituaries should include the name of deceased, survivors (optional), date (and optionally cause) of death, particulars about funeral or memorial service, and any donations in memoriam.


November 2023 Calendar

All activities will be held at The Gathering Place unless otherwise noted.

View Calendar by Month

View Calendar as a List

These links will bring you to the online Combined Village Calendar, which is updated periodically from multiple sources.  The Table below contains the calendar compiled by the editors from announcements that are submitted for publication.

Day/Date/ TimeOrganizationEventContact
November 1
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckSister Liu’s KitchenDeborah Repplier
November 2
7 pm
Fearrington CaresFearrington Cares Film NiteFearringtonFilmNite @gmail.com
November 5
4 pm
FTPAFTPA Annual Meeting
Betty Robie
November 7
12 pm
Women of FearringtonSmall-Group Gathering/ LuncheonCarol Wade
November 7
1:30 pm
Fearrington CaresMichael J. Fox Foundation Speaker: Parkinson’s Disease UpdatesJen Buckmire
jenbuckmire @gmail.com
Doug Zabor
November 8
10:30 am
Women of FearringtonNovember Road Trip to Pine Lake Loop TrailMichelle Massa
mmassa1983 @gmail.com
November 8
11 am
Fearrington Green SceneGreen Scene November MeetingJason Welsch
November 8
1:30 pm
Fearrington Cares
Fearrington CaresInsights into Low Vision and Vision RehabilitationFearrington Cares
info @fearringtoncares.org
November 8
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckDoherty’s Paddy WagonDeborah Repplier
November 9
12:30-2 pm
Great DecisionsThe Market Power Politics of the Green EconomyLiz Welfel
November 10
10:30 am–12 pm
FHA Community AffairsThank a Veteran CelebrationRuth Ann Burk
community @fhaboard.org
November 11
1-4 pm
MahjonggMahjongg DragonsPolly Williams
November 12
3 pm
Fearrington Concert SeriesJennifer Curtis,
Victor Benedict
vicbassoon28 @gmail.com
November 13
11:30 am-12 pm
Fearrington PORCHAnnual turkey breast driveRosalyn Darling
rosalynbdarling @gmail.com
November 14
1:30 pm
Fearrington Cares
Fearrington CaresManaging the Holidays When Someone You Love Is MissingFearrington Cares
info @fearringtoncares.org
November 14
Fearrington HavurahGeorge Lankevich—
“The World Goes to Coney Island”
Joe Labenson
November 15
10:15-11:15 am
McIntyre’s Books
AM Book ClubMonthly book discussionCatherine Clare
Carole Yardley
peacefulathome @bellsouth.net
November 15
1:30–3 pm
Women of FearringtonNovember General MeetingRegister at:
November 15
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckBulkogi Korean BBQDeborah Repplier
November 16
1 pm
Fearrington Dog ClubMonthly Meeting—
Speakers Tiani Schifano & Sheriff Mike Roberson
Chatham Co. Animal Resources
Ann Melchior
November 27
10 am-12 pm
Fearrington Piano GroupPiano PlusCarolyn Schwartz
keltywoman1 @gmail.com
November 28
2 pm
Fearrington Garden ClubPreparing Our Gardens for Winter and Other Gems, with Matt Jones 
November 29
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckCousins Maine LobsterDeborah Repplier
November 30
1-2:30 pm
Fearrington CaresWelcome Reception for Kim Schneider
ED, Fearrington Cares
info @fearringtoncares.org
Meeting Multiple Days in November
Tuesday November 7 & 14
10-11 am
Location TBA
Fearrington Cares & Fearrington Garden ClubCandlemaking Classdliebtag50@gmail.com
November 14 & 28
10 am-12 pm Fearrington Cares
Fearrington CaresWinter Solstice Lantern-Making WorkshopsBeth Gold
Upcoming Events in December
December 1
9 am-12 pm &
1-4 pm
Fearrington Cares & Fearrington Garden ClubWreath-Making Workshopsdliebtag50@gmail.com
December 2
2-3:30 pm
School of AthensSpecial Lecture—  “Debate: A Primer”Blaine Paxton Hall
December 4
6-8 pm
Women of FearringtonHoliday Bakery & Market set-upJo Bolig
December 5
9 am–1 pm
Women of FearringtonHoliday Bakery & MarketJo Bolig
December 21
5 pm
Village fountain
Fearrington Cares & FHAWinter Solstice Lantern Walk919-542-6877
info @fearringtoncares.org

FHA Board Members

Our Fearrington Home­owners Association (FHA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of residents. In addition to fostering resident participation, the FHA is res­ponsible for maintenance of common property and covenant enforcement. For additional details, including job des­criptions, visit the FHA tab on our webpage, fearringtonfha.org.

PresidentRose Krasnow
Vice PresidentAmy Ghiloni
SecretaryJudy Graham
TreasurerSteve Gambino
CommunicationsTony Carroll
Community AffairsRuth Ann Burk
CovenantsEric Frank
Grounds and LandscapingPat McGahan
Health, Safety and SecuritySteve Stewart
Infrastructure and FacilitiesPat McGahan

The Belted Gazette

The Belted Gazette is produced by the Fearrington Home­owners Association (FHA), by and for the residents of Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.

Newsletter Staff:
Copy EditorDiane Frazier
Features Editor & Copy EditorJackie Walters
FHA AdvisorTony Carroll
Graphic DesignerLeslie Palmer
Photo EditorGordon Pitz
Production EditorJan Kowal
ProofreaderJenny Walker
Web Page
Alison TozerSteve Anderson
Gordon Pitz 
Printing and Distribution
Carol KurtzBarbara Amago


The Belted Gazette contains community news, reports from the FHA Board members, items of interest to residents, and announce­ments of club and neighbor­hood activities.

Content deadlines are the 15th of the previous month. All persons submitting content will receive a confirmation email.

Email submissions to: editors @fearringtonfha.org.

Do you have content for an upcoming newsletter? Please read the Publishing Guidelines at https://fearringtonfha.org/newsletter-guidelines-for-d-hb/.

The Belted Gazette is published electron­ically 11 times a year (July/August is a combined issue). A link to the current issue is emailed to all residents who have an email address in the FHA Directory. A PDF copy of the current issue and back issues can be found on the FHA website (fearringtonfha.org).