FHA Newsletter 2023-10 October

FHA Newsletter 2023-10 October


October 2023  Volume 42  Number 9

President’s Message

I want to say thank you to the many homeowners who participated in the Board’s recent effort to raise our annual FHA dues to $300 for 2024. As I believe most of you know, we exceeded the necessary quorum by 47 (840 were required; 887 were present, in person or by proxy), so we were able to proceed with the vote at the special meeting held on September 6. Of those present, 86.5% voted in favor of the proposed dues reset; 13.5% were opposed.

The Board worked extremely hard to be transparent about the need for this “reset.” Every board member put in an extraordinary number of hours to answer all your questions, to prepare and distribute materials, to carefully check for completeness and record every proxy that came in ahead of time, and to set up the meeting in The Gathering Place in a way that respected the fire marshal’s limitations on crowd size. I also want to thank our community management company, Associa/HRW, and our manager, Kathy Wood, for helping us complete all of this work, including checking in each person who attended the meeting to make sure no lot owner got more than one vote, and counting (and recounting) the votes at the end of the meeting. Everyone pulled together and got the job done, for which I am very grateful.

I also want to assure everyone that the Board takes its fiduciary responsibility very seriously. Although we worked very hard to be transparent throughout the entire process, we know many were concerned that we didn’t lay out exactly how the additional funds will be spent. That’s because this was not a special assessment for a specific project. As we attempted to explain from the get-go, the FHA dues have not been raised by more than 5% since the homeowners association was created, primarily because the process laid out in our covenants is so difficult. However, as the community has continued to expand, and the land and buildings the FHA is responsible for continues to grow, we could foresee problems arising in the future. Therefore, we are very hopeful that this one-time reset will keep us in good stead for years to come.

The Board is now hard at work to determine the best way to allocate these additional funds. Do not expect to see major new projects in the 2024 budget. While we already know that the operating budget will see some increases, we plan to set much of the money aside until we can prioritize those projects that will most benefit our community. Likewise, before committing to any major projects, we will need to vet these ideas with you, our residents. So please stay tuned.

On a lighter note, I am delighted to mention that Fitch Creations, responding to requests from residents, has recently opened Galloway’s Wine and Beer Bar on the bottom floor of The Belted Goat (note that you must enter through the Goat’s lower door, which is down the path along the left side of the building). There are wines available by the glass and bottle, beers on tap or in cans, non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and grab-and-go items. It will be open Wednesday-Saturday from 5 to 8 pm. It’s a wonderful way to meet up with friends, and I hope all of you will give it a try. It won’t succeed without community support.

I also hope that many residents will attend our new Oktoberfest Event scheduled for Tuesday, October 3. We are combining our Newcomer’s Event and Club Fair, and everyone is welcome to attend. There will be food and beer trucks, as well as some free refreshments. A band will provide musical entertainment. The event will be held on the upper lawn of the Swim & Croquet Club—if you haven’t ever seen it, you will see that it is lovely. Of course, if it rains, we will move indoors to The Gathering Place. It should be a great evening.

Finally, I wanted to remind everyone that the road leading to the wastewater plant from Beechmast is still closed to pedestrians. Most of the improvement project should be done by year’s end, but some remaining work will continue in the first quarter of 2024. So please be safe and avoid that area until the work is complete.

Enjoy the fall!

—Rose Krasnow, president@fhaboard.org

.FHA News

Grounds & Facilities Update

As outlined in my previous article, the FHA has been working with an architect and the community to design a new Creekwood kiosk. Our plans were completed this summer and submitted to the county for approval.

I’m happy to report that our plans were approved, and we now have the necessary permits in hand to proceed with the project. Our next step is to seek bids from area contractors. Once we review the bids and make our choice, we will work with the contractor to schedule the project. At that time, we will advise residents as to the timing of next steps, including the temporary relocation of the current Creekwood mailboxes to the north wall of the Swim and Croquet kiosk during the renovation project, as described in my previous article.

—Pat McGahan, Director, Grounds & Facilities, grounds@fhaboard.org

Lost & Found

Are you missing some items and can’t figure out where you last had them? The following items are in the collection box in the Hospitality Office at The Gathering Place: women’s light-colored summer hat with brim, men’s black all-weather jacket with hood, men’s navy V-neck pullover sweater, men’s navy V-neck sweater vest, sunglasses, keys, and buttons.

If you’ve lost something, always remember to check at the Hospitality Office, which is open Monday-Friday, 9:30 am-12 pm.

2023 FHA Elections

This year’s FHA Board election process will be similar to last year’s. The 2023 annual meeting will be held by Zoom webinar on Sunday, November 19, from 4 to 6 pm. Information on registering for the meeting will be sent out via email closer to the date.

Our volunteer block contacts will deliver a printed ballot to you mid-October. Those owners not living in the Village will receive the ballot by mail. As in previous years, the covenants allow only one vote per lot owned. Owners may return ballots by depositing them in a box outside the back door of The Gathering Place; by mailing them to The Gathering Place, 599 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312; or by emailing a PDF of the completed ballot to office@fhaboard.org. Ballots must be received by November 17 so they may be counted in time for results to be announced at the annual meeting.

This year the FHA Board will consist of eight members serving staggered, two-year terms. Our nominating committee has met several times to put together a good slate of candidates for the coming year. The candidate offices and biographies are given below and will be posted on our website.

Residents may also propose candidates. According to our bylaws, this may be done by getting the written approval of a candidate and having 20 residents sign a petition for nomination. The petition, along with a brief biography, should be sent to secretary@fhaboard.org (or by mail or hand to The Gathering Place) and must be received by October 19, 2023, so that a final ballot may be created and distributed in mid-October.

Our FHA Board supports the candidates listed below and believes they will make excellent additions to our Board. Your vote is important! Please vote so we may obtain a quorum and add these volunteer candidates to our vacant positions on the Board and the Nominating Committee.

Individuals currently filling the FHA positions of secretary, treasurer, and director of community affairs will continue into the second year of their terms. As previously announced, the positions of director of landscape & grounds and director of facilities will be merged into one new position (director, grounds and facilities), and the position of director of covenants will be retired. If Steve Stewart is elected president, his replacement as director of health, safety, & security will be appointed, per the bylaws, to fulfill the remainder of his term. Our current president, Rose Krasnow, has reached her term limit of four years but has agreed to continue to assist the Board as a special advisor.


Biographies of Board Candidates

President: Steve Stewart

Steve and his wife, Donna, moved to Fearrington Village in 2011. They had been living in Virginia, where they were both employed. They also bred and sold thoroughbred horses as an avocation. Steve, who holds master’s and doctoral degrees in public health, taught epidemiology and served as a department head and later as associate dean at James Madison University. During this period, he was a consultant to various governmental agencies and the United Nations.

Since his retirement, Steve has remained active in both Fearrington Village and Chatham County. He serves on committees for the Chatham County Department of Public Health and has served as president of Fearrington Cares, chair of the FHA long-range-planning committee, and a member of the FHA nominating committee. He currently is director of health, safety, and security on the FHA Board.

Vice President: Amy Ghiloni

Amy Ghiloni moved to the Historic District in Fearrington Village with her husband, Phil, in 2017 from Ohio. They have a son and daughter-in-law living in Durham and a daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren in Raleigh. She brings with her many years of experience serving in different capacities on various boards. Some of those include president of a chapter of Saint Vincent de Paul, chairperson of the community service committee for the County Board of Realtors, and vice president of the County Board of Realtors. She has served on the Board as vice president for an initial term of two years.

Director, Grounds and Facilities: Patrick McGahan

Patrick and his wife, Laura, moved to Fearrington Village in 2019. He retired from a career in technology sales. Patrick is currently serving as director of grounds and facilities, filling vacancies from 2021. He previously served on the paths and trails committee and the long-range-planning committee.

Director, Communications: Tony Carroll

Tony Carroll moved to Fearrington Village with his wife, Mary, in 2019, following his retirement from Dentons US in New York City, where he practiced corporate and mergers-and-acquisitions law. He has also acted as counsel to several private and public foundations. Since relocating to the Village, he has audited UNC history courses, enjoyed playing year-round outdoor tennis, and started catching up on his reading backlog. During the 2020 election he was involved in researching and disseminating information concerning voting by mail. He has served as the FHA Communications Director for an initial term of two years.


Biographies of Nominating Committee Candidates (Vote for 2)

Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman is a retired database administrator. He worked for UNC at Chapel Hill for 25 years. He and his wife, Jane, have lived in Fearrington for six years. They have lived in Chatham County since 1981, when they were married. Their two daughters are adults, one living south of Asheville, and the other in Santa Clara, California. Chris enjoys geeky stuff, walking, cooking, and napping. Jane enjoys finishing quilts on her long-arm quilting machine.

Libby Wilkie

Libby and her husband, Peter, moved to Fearrington in late 2010. Having lived in the Hudson Valley for 25 years, they welcomed the climate of Zone 7b and set to work developing the gardens in their home in East Camden. This led to Libby’s position on the Camden Park Board as landscape chair. She held this position for two terms. Libby owned a graphic-design business for many years: working with major retailers all over the country; dealing with employees; managing schedules and deadlines. Working with people has always been important to Libby.


Biography of Current Board Member

Ruth Ann Burk, Director of Community Affairs

Ruth Ann was appointed by the Board to fill the vacancy created by Pam Bailey’s resignation, for a term ending in 2024. She moved to North Carolina from Port Jefferson, New York, in 2009 and has lived in Fearrington Village for nine years. She has a degree in nursing and a graduate degree in health, management and technology. After working as a nurse, she became a project manager and spent 36 years in academic and pharmaceutical research. Most recently she was on the UNC Institutional Review Board (IRB) for five years and then on the Copernicus/Western IRB for an additional five years.

While living in Fearrington Village she has participated in Village Quilters, Mah Jongg Dragons, Women of Fearrington (as assistant treasurer), chairperson for Bradford Place Grounds Maintenance Committee, and as a member of the FHA nominating committee, in addition to currently serving as director for community affairs. Her interests include tap dancing, quilting, mah jongg, gardening, and enjoying family and pets.

—Judy Graham, FHA Board Secretary

Health, Safety, & Security Director’s Report

Dog Etiquette in Fearrington Village

Recently we had an extremely unfortunate incident in the Village. Two dogs, one large and one small, approached each other while being walked by their owners. Both owners used reasonable caution as they moved toward one another. The larger dog was a recent rescue, and its owner’s attempts to control it were to no avail. The dog broke free from its leash, knocked its owner down and attacked the smaller dog. Before the animals could be separated, the smaller dog was grievously injured. It had to be humanely euthanized the following day. The owner of the larger, rescue dog made all the proper notifications, and the rescue organization decided that the rescue dog would also have to be humanely euthanized because they could not rehome a dog that had killed another dog. Needless to say, both owners were devastated. In this case there were no villains, only victims.

This incident serves as a reminder of the rules for dogs in the Village. All dogs must be leashed at all times when outdoors in the Village. You must be able to control the animal. Various collars and harnesses are available based on size and level of aggression. Be aware and cautious when approaching other animals. If a fight does occur, do not attempt to break it up using only your hands. Too many people have been severely injured or killed while trying to break up such fights. There are numerous sprays, such as bear spray and pepper spray, that can be used to separate the animals. We all love our pets; please work to protect them and yourselves.


Free Assistance with Medicare Enrollment

On a happier note, we would like to remind Village residents of the valuable, free service offered by Fearrington Cares (FC) during the Medicare open-enrollment period, which runs this year from October 15 until December 7. FC’s SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) volunteers are available by appointment during this period to help review all Medicare-related coverage, including Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Part D plans, either in-person or over the phone. Call FC at 919-542-6877 to schedule an appointment. In the case of couples, a separate appointment should be scheduled for each individual.

—Steve Stewart, Director, Health, Safety, & Security, healthsafetysecurity@fhaboard.org

Annual Fall 3-in-1 Recycling Event Sponsored by the FHA and Green Scene

Saturday, October 21, 9 am-12 noon

The Gathering Place Parking Lot

Come take advantage of free paper shredding and free excess-medication disposal, and receive free fire-prevention information!


Oktoberfest Event Features Club Fair, Live Music, & Food Truck Picnic

Oktoberfest Beltie

Be our guest for Oktoberfest on Tuesday, October 3, from 5 to 7 pm. This celebratory autumn event will be held on the upper lawn of the Fearrington Swim & Croquet Club. They are graciously hosting the affair along with the Fearrington Homeowners Association and Fearrington Cares. The evening’s festivities will include:

• A Club Fair showcasing over 20 Village clubs and their activities

• Traditional Oktoberfest music provided by The Chapel Hill Brass Ensemble

• A picnic area on the lawn with tables and chairs where you can enjoy the music along with complimentary soft pretzels and root beer or selections from the visiting food trucks

• A food truck lineup in The Gathering Place parking lot—Gussy’s Greek Truck (with a diverse menu including vegetarian options), Alsie’s Ice Cream (with their assortment of gourmet ice cream sandwiches), and Hugger Mugger Brewery (serving locally brewed craft beer)

• “Der Ententanz” (aka the chicken dance), games, prizes, and more

Come join in the fun, support our clubs, and picnic with your neighbors!

(We are hoping for fabulous fall weather, but if it rains, the Club Fair will be held in The Gathering Place, and a tented area will be provided for picnicking.)

3rd Winter Solstice Celebration in Fearrington Village!

Photo by Mariana Fiorentino

The 3rd Annual Solstice Celebration in Fearrington Village begins with LANTERN-MAKING WORKSHOPS: November 14 and November 28, 10 am-12 noon in the Fearrington Cares large room. There is a $5 materials fee payable at the workshop. To register, contact Ellen at Fearrington Cares, 919-542-6877. Limit 12 to a class. If you are making a lantern on your own, please choose natural, organic LED colors, within the winter or star-colored spectrum. Watch this YouTube link on how to make a simple lantern: DIY Paper lantern / Handmade Balloon Tissue Paper Lamp / Recycle Craft Ideas / Dry Leaves Crafts – YouTube.

Save the Date: The WINTER SOLSTICE CELEBRATION will take place on Thursday, December 21, at 5 pm around the fountain in the Village.

For more information, contact Mariana Fiorentino at magicalpuglia@gmail.com or Beth Gold at bethgold3@gmail.com.


This Month’s Features

Scene around Fearrington

Fearrington in Black and White

By Gordon Pitz, with thanks to photographers credited below

Digital cameras largely replaced film cameras at the beginning of this century. The number of people taking photographs, and the number of photographs they took, grew rapidly after that. Almost all photographs were in color, and few users ever thought about reverting to black and white. Yet 80 years ago the reverse was true, and color did not take over as the more popular medium until the 1960s.

Early photographers found plenty of scope for creating black and white representations of their world, and today a few still prefer monochrome for some purposes (as we’ll see, “monochrome” may be a better description than “black and white”). This month’s Scene around Fearrington is an attempt to encourage local photographers to explore a different way of looking at their world, and perhaps discover why monochrome still has much to offer.

Why Black and White?

At first there was no viable alternative to monochrome, but now there has to be a positive reason to avoid color. Two reasons come to mind. First, by removing variations in color, factors such as shape, form, texture, and contrast become more salient. In this way, features of the image that are hard to see in color may stand out.

A second reason is the emotional impact of the photo. Many people assume that color is the best way to convey moods and feelings. In fact, the absence of explicit color allows (or requires) viewers to interpret the image in their own way. A painting, Picasso’s “Guernica”, provides a good example. In early versions, Picasso used color in a few locations. Later he removed it. Yet one cannot view the painting without experiencing strong emotions. At one time I clearly remembered it as a color image. Whatever the colors were, I had provided them.

Some topics lend themselves well to a monochrome medium. When taking portraits (see photos by Phillipe Halsman), color may be distracting. Still Life is another topic where one can explore the effects of lighting on objects selected for their shape and texture (see Edward Weston’s photographs of peppers and other objects). With Landscapes, the shape, texture, and contrasting brightness of elements are often the important concerns (Ansel Adams’ landscape photographs are well known). Finally, some conditions lend themselves directly to monochrome representation, when there may not be much color variation. Fog and mist, dusk, and snow are good examples.

Below are a dozen different views of Fearrington Village in monochrome. Click on a photo to see an enlarged image.

Photo by Terry Ames

Photo by Eric Munson

Photo by Tony Daniels

Photo by Terry Ames

Photo by James Leatherberry

Photo by James Leatherberry
Photo by Gordon Pitz
Photo by Susanne Estro
Photo by Tony Daniels

Photo by Terry Ames

Photo by Minnie Gallman

Photo by Gordon Pitz

How To Create an Image in Black and White

Some purists believe you should begin by exposing the image in black and white. Realistically however, it usually makes more sense to start with a color image. Either way, you might consider using RAW images, which permit more flexibility in editing the image.

Once you have taken the photo, you will need editing software. It does not require an expensive or complicated program. Simple, inexpensive, even free editors should suffice. Use the available controls to experiment a little.

The first step, of course, is to remove the color, which you can do by reducing the color saturation to zero. Don’t stop there though. There are further steps you can take. Try adjusting the level of contrast in the image; it will make a big difference to the result. After that, if your software offers something called “levels”, work with that. It allows you to modify the distribution of brightness levels (deep black to brilliant white) throughout the image. An adjustment called “curves” provides even more detailed control.

Your software may provide one other option of interest. You can add an overall color tint to the photo by adding a little red, green, or blue. Hence the preference for “monochrome” over “black and white” as a descriptor. An example is the use of a sepia tone to give a photo an old-fashioned look. You get sepia by adding red, green, and blue components in the ratio 6 to 3 to 1. See the portraits above of Mary Alice and Charlotte, the donkeys.

If you would like to pursue the topic further, here are some introductions to the topic that offer many more tips and suggestions:

Daniel O’Neil, Black and White Photography: The Beginner’s Guide

Chris Bray, Black and White Photography Tips

Sarah Moreno, A Comprehensive Introduction to Black and White Photography


Scene Around Fearrington in November and December

Two special topics have been planned for the remainder of 2023, each of which invites you to characterize the Village in a special way. Please check the photo submission guidelines, and submit your photos by the indicated deadline to gfpitz@gmail.com.

Sunrise and Sunset:  Times when different colors and patterns emerge. These photos are common, and can border on clichés, so look for unusual views, the unexpected impact of a rising or a setting sun, or the play of light on the clouds. For example, here’s a hint from one online source:  “Sometimes a beautiful photo of a sunrise or sunset doesn’t even include the sun itself”. You can find other ideas there. Longer exposures may be needed, in which case a tripod may be useful. Please submit by October 12.

Fearrington at Nighttime:  After the sun has set, a different view of the village emerges. In the absence of natural lighting, you must rely on moonlight or artificial lights, or try “light painting” with your own light source. The lights of vehicles on the road can generate fascinating images. You will probably need to use a tripod and a long exposure time to get the images you want, so a little practice helps. Here are some other ideas you might find useful. Darkness falls earlier by early November, offering a better opportunity to exercise your creativity. Please submit by November 12.

Pittsboro Street Fair

The Pittsboro Street Fair hosted by the Rotary Club of Pittsboro returns to downtown Pittsboro, Saturday, October 28, 2023! The fair is held from 10 am to 4 pm (rain or shine). This year, the Rotary Club is excited to bring you for the first time, Pittsboro Street Fair After Hours, 4 to 6 pm in the municipal parking lot!

Craft, art, and non-profit vendors set up along Hanks, Fayetteville, and Salisbury streets. The municipal parking lot holds food and beverage vendors as well as the entertainment area, which includes the main bandstand for bands and other stage performers as well as the Kids Area with bounce houses, face painting, balloon art, and more!

Pittsboro Street Fair After Hours features a special performance from a special band. Food and beverage vendors will still be available during this time (4-6 pm).

The Rotary Club had a record year in 2022 with over 100 vendors. We estimate about 5,000 people were in downtown Pittsboro enjoying arts, crafts, food, and family entertainment.

The Pittsboro Street Fair is the Rotary Club of Pittsboro’s largest fundraiser and enables them to continue their year-round support of our Chatham community. The After-Hours Concert is free, but a $5 donation is kindly encouraged. Rotary Club volunteers will be readily available to accept donations during the concert. All proceeds from the Pittsboro Street Fair & After-Hours Concert benefit the many service projects of the Pittsboro Rotary Club.

Fitch Creations is a Street Fair sponsor, and residents of Fearrington Village are members of the club.

For more information, please contact the Rotary Club of Pittsboro at  PBORotaryStreetFair@gmail.com, or visit the Rotary Club of Pittsboro website at Pittsboro Rotary (rotaryofpittsboro.org).

Food Trucks for October

old time food truckBy Leigh Matthews

October 3: Gussy’s Greek Truck (Greek, Mediterranean) Pitas, salads, chicken souvlaki, Greek burgers & fries, salmon, hummus, and baklava.

October 4: Ta Contento Mex Fresh Food (Mexican) Appetizers, arroz con pollo, burritos, nachos, quesadillas, tacos, salads, sides & bowls, flan, and Oreo cheesecake.

October 11: The Blue Window (Mediterranean) Gyros, chicken shawarma, pitas, falafel, baba ghanouj, cauliflower zaalouk, and baklava.

October 18: Chirba Dumpling (Chinese) Dumplings with meat and vegetarian fillings, glass noodles, and fried rice.

October 25: Cousins Maine Lobster (Seafood, TexMex) Lobster rolls and other seafood delights. (Note: please use their mobile app for preordering on Wednesday; app is available on the App Store and Google Play).

For other food trucks, preorder at our hotspot page: https://streetfoodfinder.com/FearringtonVillage, or you can order at the truck.

Pickup is between 5 and 7:30 pm in The Gathering Place parking lot. For a weekly reminder email—and a quick link to view the week’s menu—sign up at our hotspot page. Or, if you use Nextdoor, watch for our weekly announcement with link to the menu. For more info, please contact Deborah Repplier at drepplier@gmail.com.


This Month’s Announcements

Please use the Announcement Submission Request form to submit club and organization announcements. Email the form, after saving it first so that we do not get a blank form, to editors@fearringtonfha.org.

If you need assistance, one of our editorial team members will work with you if you email us at editors@fearringtonfha.org.

Fearrington Clubs and Organizations

AM Book Club

Join the AM Book Club to discuss The Poet’s House by Jean Thompson. It is a closely observed, droll, coming-of-age story about an insecure young woman drawn into a shimmering clique of poets. It’s also a wise story about the corrosive power of shame and the primal fear of sounding stupid, unsophisticated, and sentimental. We will meet at McIntyre’s Books, Wednesday, October 18, at 10:15 am. All residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge, including new members, are welcome to participate. Questions? Contact Cathy Clare, catfearr@gmail.com or Carole Yardley, peacefulathome@bellsouth.net. Masks please.

Bulls & Bears Investment Club

The Fearrington Bulls & Bears Investment Club is a group that is interested in improving our investment knowledge and capabilities. We do this through managing a small portfolio of stocks, making buy and sell decisions, and monitoring US stock markets and trends. We meet monthly during non-summer months and share information, insights, and ideas about investing with fellow members.

Guests are welcome to participate in a meeting or two to gauge their interest in joining the Club. The next meeting will be Friday, October 13, at 10 am at The Gathering Place and also via Zoom.

For more information about the Club or to join our meeting, please contact Anna Shearer, president, at 703-217-0322 or at ashearer1219@gmail.com.

Concert Series

Pianist Fred Moyer (frederickmoyer.com), a Fearrington Concert Series favorite artist, will return to Fearrington on October 15 at 3 pm to present a one-of-a-kind solo recital at The Gathering Place. Unique to his performances is his employment of his patented “MoyerCam,” a device that projects the image of the keyboard onto the piano lid so all listeners can view what he’s doing. Other surprises are in store by this incomparable and acclaimed artist whose innovative programming is hailed by audiences worldwide.

All concerts are held at The Gathering Place and begin at 3 pm. Season tickets are still available for $100 per person and may be procured by writing a check made payable to Fearrington Concert Series and dropping it in the Fearrington Concert Series mailbox at the mail kiosk next to The Gathering Place, or by mailing to Jo Bolig at 555 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Tickets may be available for purchase at the door on the day of the concert for $25 per person on a space-available basis.

Questions may be emailed to Jo Bolig at jobolig@gmail.com, or to Nina Alperin at Galloway Ridge by phone at 919-704-8796.

Fearrington Democratic Club
Democratic Club

North Carolina has a new Supreme Court justice: Our planned speaker, Judge Allison Riggs, has been appointed by Governor Roy Cooper to become Justice Allison Riggs! Justice Riggs was previously co-executive director of the Southern Coalition for Social Justice and has argued twice before the US Supreme Court. Justice Riggs is the youngest woman ever to serve on the state’s highest court.

Join us at The Gathering Place on Tuesday, October 24, at 7 pm to hear Justice Riggs speak about “Protecting the Rule of Law in North Carolina.” The meeting will start at 7 pm. Doors open at 6:30 for socializing. All Fearrington and Galloway Ridge residents and their guests are welcome. The program will also be available via Zoom. To request the link to register for Zoom, use the contact form on the Club’s website: https://fearringtondems.org/our-club/contact-us before 5 pm on the day of the event (and earlier is better).

Dog Club

Our October meeting will feature Mari-Beth O’Neill, VP of Sport Services of the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Ms. O’Neill will talk about the various sporting activities offered by the AKC, from obedience trials and agility to tracking and field competitions. Founded in 1884 as a registry for purpose-bred dogs, the AKC has continually evolved and expanded their reach in the world of dogs. There are now many activities for non-pedigree dogs, including Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog titles.

An AKC judge and former breeder of Manchester terriers, whippets, and English cocker spaniels, Ms. O’Neill’s resume will lend itself to a very informative talk.

Whether you are owned by a purebred or an All-American Heinz 57, you will find this talk informative. Join us at The Gathering Place on Thursday, October 19, 1-2:30 pm.

Duplicate Bridge Club

Play bridge…it’s cheaper than therapy! Join us for a face-to-face game every Wednesday in October, except for October 18, which has been moved to Friday, October 20. We play at 1 pm at The Gathering Place. We’re always looking to add new players. Play the first time is free; after that, the cost is $7 to defray the costs. Questions, please contact Dianne Hale at haledianne@gmail.com.

Fearrington Village Singers Return to the Barn for Holiday Concert

Thanks to the generosity of Fearrington Village founder R. B. Fitch, the Fearrington Village Singers will be returning to the Village’s iconic Barn for the second of two holiday concerts. The first concert will be performed at Galloway Ridge’s Chapin Auditorium on Saturday, December 2, at 3 pm. The following Tuesday, December 5, at 7:30 pm, the members of the communitywide chorus will take their places on the Barn’s stage and, for the first time in eight years, the joyful music of the holidays will fill the Barn and Village once more.

Advance tickets for both concerts go on sale on October 24 at fearringtonvillagesingers.org. They will also be available at the Fearrington Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays beginning October 24. Ticket purchases at the door are available for the Barn concert only. SEE YOU THERE!!!

Genealogy Group

“Finding and Understanding North Carolina Land Grants” is the focal point of our October meeting on Tuesday, October 10, 3-5 pm at The Gathering Place. David M. McCorkle, guest speaker, is a native of North Carolina and the president and founder of NC Historical Records Online and the creator of a free website of NC Land Grant Images and Data, which contains searchable records for all land grants issued by North Carolina. His presentation will examine the importance of land grants in genealogy research, the kind of land grants you may discover, and ways to evaluate and understand these records as you pursue your family history.

Golf Club

Even with the warm weather and now much more pleasant cooler temperatures, the Golf Club got out for seven outings in September, including the newly reopened Siler City Country Club, now with Champion Bermuda greens. Four teams represented the Golf Club at the inaugural Salvation Army Golf Fundraiser.

Here is our October Tuesday/Thursday schedule of outings:

10/3      9:30 – Quail Ridge, Sanford

10/5      9:00 – Stoney Creek, Whitset

10/10   10:30 – Pinewood, Asheboro

10/12   9:50 – Quail Ridge, Sanford

10/17   Fall Tournament, Forest Oaks, Greensboro

10/19   8:33 – The Challenge, Graham

10/24   9:00 – Bryan Park, Greensboro

10/26   9:00 – Mill Creek, Mebane

10/31   9:00 – Quail Ridge, Sanford

If you would like to join our Golf Club or try one of our outings as a guest, please contact Chris Horn, membership chair, cphorn.128@gmail.com. Further info about the Golf Club can be found under Clubs and Organizations.

Great Decisions

Lectures on Current National and International Affairs

Thursday, October 12, 2023      1:30 pm      The Gathering Place

Dr. April M. Dawkins, Assistant Professor
Department of Information, Library, and Research Sciences, UNC Greensboro

Facing the Censorship Challenge: Librarians and Community Members Working Together

Program description: In today’s climate of challenges to content in all types of libraries, it is more important than ever that librarians and community members work together to defend the right to read and intellectual freedom. Dr. Dawkins will provide an overview of the current state of attempts to censor and limit access to information in libraries across the United States and North Carolina. Additionally, she will share what librarians are doing and how community members can assist in those efforts.

Mah Jongg Dragons

This month’s Fearrington Dragons Mah Jongg game will be Saturday, October 14, from 1 to 4 pm at The Gathering Place.

We have decided to open the games to non-members, both in Fearrington or who live outside the Village. Guests from outside of Fearrington must be invited by a resident. All guests will need to register and pay $5 each month if they are not a member of the Dragons. Anyone who would like to join the Dragons can pay a membership fee of $25 per year and forego the $5 monthly fee. All current members and new members can pay their yearly fees of $25 at the October game by check payable to Robin Weinberger, or in cash in an envelope with your name on it.

Join us on October 14 for a fun-filled afternoon; snacks and drinks provided.

May the jokers be ever in your favor!!

Republican Club

Your Fearrington Republican Club will meet on Wednesday, October 25, 7-8 pm at The Gathering Place.  Our guest speaker will be Jesse Thomas, candidate for NC Governor. We will also present a slate of club officers for the new year to be voted on at this meeting. Some of our present officers are moving away and can no longer serve. We need volunteers for the positions of vice president, secretary, and treasurer from among our Fearrington and Galloway Republicans. All Fearrington and Galloway residents are welcome.

Tennis & Pickleball Association

October weather is here, and it’s a very pleasant time to play tennis, pickleball—or both!

Want to know more? Come to the FHA OctoberFest Tuesday, October 3, from 5 to 7 pm at the Swim & Croquet Club. We will have information on tennis, as well as a pickleball demonstration.

Life is better on the court! Come out and join us.

Women of Fearrington

Bluegrass Battleship Concert

If you missed the Bluegrass Battleship concert last October, do not despair. You can enjoy the band’s return on Sunday, October 22, 3-5 pm, at The Gathering Place. Enjoy music from a variety of genres expertly performed by this six-piece band on guitar, fiddle, mandolin, double bass, dobro, and clawhammer banjo. Vocalists will lift their voices—sometimes sweet, sometimes husky. Proceeds benefit the WoF Wonderful Options Fund. (This fund addresses the needs of women and children of Chatham County.)

Admission: $25.00 per person, check or credit card, payment requested by October 19. For more information and registration please click here. Open to Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge residents.

Bakers & Volunteers for Holiday Market

2023 “Holiday Bakery & Market,” Tuesday, December 5: Doors open 9 am-1 pm, The Gathering Place. Monday, December 4, 2023, 6-8 pm: Baked items should be delivered to The Gathering Place, where set-up for the event will occur. Volunteers are needed to bake and to work the evening before and the day of the event. Please contact Jo Bolig: jobolig@gmail.com.

Meet & Greet, outdoor wine & cheese gathering for new members, Friday, October 6, 3-5 pm, The Belted Goat tent. Register here.

It’s the perfect time to join and renew your WoF membership for the 2023-24 year. Connect with friends at monthly gatherings, road trips, and more, while making a difference in our community. Click here for a membership form.

October General Meeting, Wednesday, October 18, 1:30 pm

(doors open at 1 pm) The Gathering Place. Collaborative program between the Fearrington Garden Club and Women of Fearrington. Guest speaker Bob Strowd aka “Beltie Whisperer.” We encourage all residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge to attend this event, where all may learn about those Belted Galloways that make for a picturesque Fearrington.

Fearrington Garden Club and WoF members attend for free. All others (gentlemen included) are asked for a donation of $5. Please register here.

Women of Fearrington October Road Trip, Seagrove Pottery Center and two studios, Thursday, October 26, 10:30 am. Lunch at Pinewood Country Club. Cost $35 per person (lunch and museum included in fee). Payment due by October 19; make check out to Women of Fearrington, with Seagrove Pottery on the memo line; leave in WoF box at Swim & Croquet kiosk or mail to P.O. Box 507, Pittsboro, NC 27312. Limited to 15 participants. Guest fee $5. Register here.

Small-Group Gathering, Thursday, October 5, 4:30 pm

Wine tasting and food pairing. Hostess and location to be announced via email Monday, October 2, 2023. Must be a member of WoF. Limited to 7 guests. Register here.

November Road Trip to Pine Lake Loop Trail, Apex Community Park Playground, Apex Community Park Drive, Cary, NC. Optional catered lunch to follow. Wednesday, November 8, 2023, 10:30 am.

This walk is mostly on a fully paved path around the lake, but we might detour for a short bit into the woods. This is a great opportunity to get outside and breathe some fresh autumn air while chatting with your fellow Women of Fearrington friends. Registration begins late October; click here for more information.

Women’s 9-Hole Golf Club

We invite Fearrington and Galloway Ridge social golfers to join us Tuesdays and/or Thursdays at Twin Lakes Golf Course (and occasionally other courses) and lunch afterwards. Membership is free, but golf and lunch are paid individually.

For further information contact:

Arlene Labenson at arl366@aol.com or 516-633-9914 or

Susan Lundblad at stlundblad41@gmail.com or 919-593-0316


Community Opportunities

Calendar Drive

When 2024 calendars start to arrive in your mailbox, consider donating any you don’t want. It’s easy and convenient to donate! Please take your extra calendars to a calendar donation bin, which will be set up near the front door of The Gathering Place from August through October. Village volunteers will distribute them to local nonprofit agencies and Chatham Senior Services for their Meals on Wheels and Senior Center clients. Thank you!

Community Remembrance Coalition—Chatham and NAACP Branch #5377

On Thursday, October 19, at 7 pm via Zoom, hear a presentation honoring players from the first interracial football team at Northwood High School, who won the 1971 Tar Heel Championship. Speaking will be players Robert Alston and Johnny Richardson, formerly of Horton High School, along with Leon Williams and Rouse Wilson, formerly of Pittsboro High School. Mary Nettles will moderate. To register, go to the CRC-C website.

North Chatham Elementary School

Volunteer Tutors Sought

The Learning Trail, a long-established volunteer program serving the Hispanic community, seeks tutors for elementary school students. The volunteers work one-on-one with the same child one afternoon per week, from 2:45 to 4:30 pm at North Chatham Elementary School. The Lead Tutor in each grade provides the lesson plans and materials. Orientation and on-the-job training are provided. Tutors come from varying backgrounds and are not required to have had a career in education. The program follows the school calendar, so there is no tutoring during school breaks or holidays. Also, substitutes are provided whenever a tutor may be absent. If interested, please contact The Learning Trail at info@thelearningtrail.org.

Continuing Education

The School of Athens

The Iliad by Homer

The Iliad, said to be “arguably the foundational text of Western Civilization,” is about the wrath of Achilles. It is set during the last year of the 10-year Trojan War, 1194 BCE of the late Bronze age.

Achilles is the protagonist among many characters, male, female, gods, and goddesses. The Iliad has remained popular for nearly three millennia because the characters seem so real to us today.

Themes of The Iliad, which is both mythological and historical, include revenge, war, mortality, love, friendship, honor, hubris, hospitality, and fate v. free will.

Learn how The Iliad can actually be interpreted as an anti-war text.

Date: Wednesdays, October 4, 11, 18

Time: 10 am to noon

Location: Chapel in the Pines, 314 Great Ridge Parkway, Chapel Hill

For more information and to register: https://www.theschoolofathens.net


Fearrington Cares material is edited by their staff and volunteers. Direct comments or questions to them at (919) 542-6877 or info@fearringtoncares.org.

—Edited this month by Carolyn & John Boyle

Message from Kim Schneider, Executive Director

Hello Fearrington Villagers! As we look forward to fall, I would like to share an update on our leadership transition at Fearrington Cares. We are so fortunate to have a great staff and energetic board advancing our mission to help all of us live healthier, happier, safer, and more independent lives.

We have been hearing you through our recent focus groups, surveys, and many thoughtful messages. Your feedback and input are vital to planning our programming for the future. While continuing our current services and programs like concierge health care, movement classes and support groups, we are excited to develop new opportunities for our community to learn, socialize, and support each other. Stay tuned for information on our strategic plan in the coming months!

Fearrington Cares Presents Film Nite

Thursday, October 5, 7 pm at The Gathering Place

With newly released films moving quickly from theaters to streaming services, Film Nite offers an opportunity to see movies that you missed at the theater! You can enjoy them at The Gathering Place with friends and neighbors while enjoying complimentary movie theater popcorn, beverages, and treats. Admission is free but contributions are gratefully accepted to support this community program.

If you would like to find out the title of our upcoming movie (which is a new release), please email us at FearringtonFilmNite@gmail.com for a quick automated response that offers a blurb about the film. Any subject line will do as will any text in the message. Remember that due to licensing restrictions, the title of the film cannot appear in public places like this newsletter, but it can be shared via email and word-of-mouth so tell your neighbors and have them join you!

All films are captioned, and the AudioFetch system at The Gathering Place offers hearing assistance. Download the AudioFetch app to a smartphone and listen with noise canceling headphones or directly through Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids.

There’s More to Breast Imaging Than Just a Screening Mammogram

Wednesday, October 18, 7 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center and on Zoom

Breast screening often consists of mammography but may also include other technologies, such as 3D mammography and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Dr. Rachel Hitt, Associate Professor of Radiology at UNC School of Medicine, will discuss breast cancer screening and updated guidelines. Dr. Hitt is a physician in the Breast Imaging Division of the Department of Radiology and a Physician Leader in the Office of Patient Experience and Employee Engagement working to improve healthcare communication, patient education, and the patient experience.

Wreath-Making Demonstration

Friday, October 20, 10 am at the Fearrington Cares Center

Jan Harrison of Fearrington Village will demonstrate wreath-making at the Fearrington Cares Center. Jan makes beautiful wreaths out of grapevines and other natural materials. Besides wreaths, Jan makes tapestries, table runners, and basketry. Click here for more information about Jan. This event is being sponsored by Fearrington Cares and the Fearrington Garden Club. Registration is required. Call the Center at 919-542-6877 to register.

Flu Vaccine Clinic in the Village

Tuesday, October 24, 9 am-1 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

Fearrington Cares is partnering with 501 Pharmacy to provide flu shots to residents who have not been able to obtain a flu shot from their primary care provider or pharmacy. This drive-thru vaccine event will be at the Fearrington Cares Center. Registration is required and will be available between September 26 and October 17. Click here to register online or call the Center at 919-542-6877. 

Hearing Screening Appointments

Wednesday, October 25, 1-4 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

Fearrington Cares will be offering screening for hearing status in the Center. Dr. Katie Roberts from the UNC Division of Audiology will be conducting the screens. Appointments will be in 15 minute increments, and registration will open on Tuesday, October 10. Call Fearrington Cares at 919-542-6877 to make your appointment.

Medicare Open Enrollment Review Appointments

Open Enrollment is a great time to evaluate your Medicare coverage and make sure it’s still the best choice for your needs. You can use the Medicare Open Enrollment window to make changes to your Medicare plan including:

  • ♥ Enrolling in Medicare Advantage
  • ♥ Enrolling in a Medicare Part D plan
  • ♥ Switching back to original Medicare from Medicare Advantage

This year the Open Enrollment period will extend from October 15 until December 7. Our SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program) volunteers are available again by appointment to help you review your plan either in-person or over the phone. A session takes about 30 minutes; couples should schedule two consecutive sessions or separate half-hour times. Call the Fearrington Cares Center (919-542-6877) for more information. Fearrington residents have saved tens of thousands of dollars in previous years through making changes to their plans.

Special Parkinson’s Events:

Parkinson’s Disease: A Panel Discussion

Monday, October 16, 1:30 pm at The Gathering Place

Did you know that Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is the second most prevalent neurological disease in the world, affecting over 10 million people? Fearrington Cares and the Parkinson’s Support Group are hosting a program dealing with this disease. Karson Terry, Development Manager with the Carolinas Chapter of the Parkinson’s Foundation, will be our our featured speaker. Jen Buckmire, local Speech Pathologist who serves the Parkinson’s community, and Doug Zabor, care partner, will be available to share support group information and answer questions. If you think you may have PD, or your partner, friend, or family member has been diagnosed, this program will be of interest to you.

8th Annual Walk for Parkinson’s Disease Around Camden (Jenny’s) Park

Saturday, October 28, 11 am-12 pm (Rain date Saturday, November 4)

Having Parkinson’s Disease is no walk in the park, so the Fearrington Cares Parkinson’s Support group will walk around Camden (Jenny’s) Park in Fearrington Village to raise awareness about the disease and to support local initiatives. Come hear German Band music by the Chapel Hill Brass Ensemble. We will meet in the parking lot of Fitch Creations located on Madison at the top of the park (where the Farmers Market port-a-potty is located!).

Winter Solstice Lantern Making Workshops

Tuesdays, November 14 & 28, 10 am-12 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

In order to support our Lantern Walk on December 21 and just for fun, Fearrington Cares is holding workshops on lantern making. There is a $5 materials fee payable at the workshop. Call Fearrington Cares at 919-542-6877 to register. Limit 12 to a class.

Winter Solstice Lantern Walk

Thursday, December 21, 5 pm at the Village Fountain (Rain date Friday, December 22)

The Third Annual Winter Solstice Celebration in Fearrington Village will take place on the Winter Solstice (of course!). We will gather around the fountain in the Village to settle in with our lanterns placed on tables, around the fountain, or held in our laps. There will be quiet time for reflection and time to meet and greet and “ooh and ahh” over each others’ lanterns. Then those who are willing and able will walk through the village and around the pond lighting up the winter sky with their creations. We hope you will bring a handmade lantern to light up the night.

Winter Solstice marks the beginning of the winter season in the Northern Hemisphere, with December 21 being the longest night of the year. This astronomical event is significant to many cultures, religions, and traditions, for many different reasons. This secular, winter-themed event is sponsored by Fearrington Cares and the FHA.


Movement Classes at the Fearrington Cares Center

Suggested donation of $5/class session (cash or check to Fearrington Cares)

Otago Fall-Prevention Exercises: Mondays, 10 am

Chair Yoga: Tuesdays, 11:30 am

Chair Tap Dance: Thursdays, 10 am

Line Dancing: Thursdays, 11:30 am

Intermediate Yoga: Thursdays, 2:30 pm

Support Groups Meeting in Person at the Fearrington Cares Center

Alcoholics Anonymous: Mondays, 10 am 

Parkinson’s Group: Tuesdays, October 3 & 17, 1:30-3:30 pm

Brainiacs Memory Café: Wednesdays (no meeting October 11), 10 am (with Steve Blank and Carol Breckinridge) 

Support Groups via Zoom

fearringtoncares.org > Services > Support Groups

Caregiver Support Group:  Wednesdays, October 4 & 18, 1 pm

Living with Chronic Conditions: Thursdays, Oct 5 & 19, 1 pm

Health Services Offered at the Fearrington Cares Center By Appointment

Nurse Consultation Triage Clinic:

Call 919-542-6877 to schedule an appointment

Enrichment Activities at the Fearrington Cares Center

Crafts & Conversation: Tuesdays, Oct 3 & 17, 9:45-11:15 am

Meditation: Fridays, 10 am


Welcome to Our New Residents

The following new villagers were added to the Fearrington Village Directory between August 15  and September 14. Want to reach out to your new neighbor? You will find their contact information on our community web page. Go to: FearringtonFHA.org (click Find People under the Directory tab).

Delia Decourcy893 Ashton
Jim & Jo Ann Harllee    K-103 K Wing**
Arthur (Art) & Sheila Keegan4604 Montgomery
David Poulos & Peggy Tate1378 Bradford Place
Zollene ReissnerC-002 C Wing**
Judith (Judy) Rosenblum & Larry Willets24 Caldwell (1190*)
Delores A. Sanford & Stephen P. Spllittgerber393 Lyndfield Close
Pamela A. (Pam) Zelt10 Caswell (1139*)
*Fearrington Post number
**Galloway Ridge

Are you a new resident? To register your information in the Directory, please visit the FHA website at https://fearringtonfha.org. From the left menu (top right on a mobile device) choose Directory, then select New Residents. To confirm you are not a spambot, answer the two questions (answers: Cow and Fitch), and select Check answers. This should take you to the new resident directory registration page.

To obtain full access to website features, you must also create a website account (available only to residents or non-resident owners). You can do this by selecting the Login/Register link in the top menu. Enter your information and select Register. Once your status as a resident or non-resident owner is confirmed by the Website Resource Team, you will receive an account activation email.

Are you an existing resident whose contact information has changed? Don’t forget to update your listing on the http://www.fearringtonfha.org website. Use the Login/Register link in the top menu if you aren’t logged in yet. Then, click the Directory tab on the left menu (top right on a mobile device), then select Edit My Directory Info. Directory updates can also be sent to directory@fearringtonfha.org. When you update your contact information online, the updates will be included in the Fearrington Village Directory & Handbook printed in January of each year. Stay in touch with your fellow residents by keeping your contact information current.

Death Notices: Residents may sign up to receive email notices of the deaths of current and former Village residents by emailing notices@fearringtonfha.org. Survivors wishing to submit a notice or obituary can use the same email address. Notices or obituaries should include the name of deceased, survivors (optional), date (and optionally cause) of death, particulars about funeral or memorial service, and any donations in memoriam.


October 2023 Calendar

All activities will be held at The Gathering Place unless otherwise noted.

View Calendar by Month

View Calendar as a List

These links will bring you to the online Combined Village Calendar, which is updated periodically from multiple sources.  The Table below contains the calendar compiled by the editors from announcements that are submitted for publication.

Day/Date/ TimeOrganizationEventContact
October 3
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckGussys Greek TruckDeborah Repplier
October 3
5-7 pm
Upper lawn of the Swim & Croquet Club
Oktoberfest Club Fair & Food Truck PicnicFHA Community Affairshospitality@fhaboard.org
October 4
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckTa Contento Mex
Deborah Repplier
October 5
4:30 pm
Location TBA
Women of FearringtonSmall-Group Gathering
Wine Tasting & Food Pairing
Carol Wade
October 5
7 pm
Fearrington CaresFearrington Cares Film NiteFearringtonFilmNite @gmail.com
October 6
3-5 pm
Women of FearringtonMeet & Greet
Wine and Cheese
Jo Bolig
October 6
5 pm
Fearrington Village Carolina ClubCarolina Club Fall FlingJfmiller1977@gmail.com
October 10
3-5 pm
Fearrington Genealogy GroupMonthly MeetingBarbara Ashby
October 11
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckThe Blue WindowDeborah Repplier
October 12
1:30 pm
Great DecisionsFacing the Censorship Challenge: Community
Members and Librarians Working Together
Liz Welfel
October 13
10 am
Bulls and Bears Investment ClubClub MeetingAnna Shearer
October 14
1-4 pm
Mahjongg DragonsMahjonggPolly Williams
October 15
3 pm
Fearrington Concert SeriesFred Moyer,
Laura Johnson
October 16
1:30 pm
Fearrington CaresParkinson’s Disease: A Panel DiscussionFearrington Cares
October 18
10:15-11:15 am
McIntyre’s Books
AM Book ClubMonthly book discussionCatherine Clare
Carole Yardley
peacefulathome @bellsouth.net
October 18
1:30 pm
Women of FearringtonOctober General MeetingJo Bolig
Debbie Liebtag
October 18
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckChirba DumplingDeborah Repplier
October 18
7 pm
Fearrington Cares Center and Zoom
Fearrington CaresEducation Program—There’s More to Breast Imaging Than Just a Screening MammogramFearrington Cares
October 19
1 pm
Fearrington Dog ClubMonthly Meeting
Mari-Beth O’Neill
VP Sport Services
American Kennel Club
Ann Melchior
October 20
10 am
Fearrington Cares Center
Fearrington Cares and Fearrington Garden ClubWreath-Making Demonstration (registration required)Fearrington Cares
October 21
9 am-12 pm
Fearrington Green Scene
October 3-in-1 Event—
Paper shredding, medication disposal, & fire prevention info distribution
Jason Welsch
October 22
3–5 pm
Women of FearringtonBluegrass Battleship Benefit ConcertJo Bolig
October 24
9 am-1 pm
Fearrington Cares Center
Fearrington CaresFlu Vaccine Clinic (registration required)Fearrington Cares
October 24
7 pm
Fearrington Village Democratic ClubDemocratic Club
Justice Allison Riggs—“Protecting the Rule of Law in North Carolina”
Vickie Shea
Victoria.shea32 @yahoo.com
October 25
1-4 pm
Fearrington Cares Center
Fearrington CaresHearing Screening (appointment required)Fearrington Cares
October 25
5-7:30 pm
Food TruckCousins Maine
Deborah Repplier
October 26
10:30 a.m.
Women of FearringtonRoad Trip—
Seagrove Pottery Center
Mif Flaherty
October 28

10 am-4 pm:
Street fair
Hanks, Fayetteville, & Salisbury streets Pittsboro

4-6 pm:
After-Hours Concert
Pittsboro municipal town lot
Rotary Club of
Pittsboro Street FairPBORotaryStreetFair@ gmail.com

https://www. rotaryofpittsboro.org/
October 28
11 am-12 pm
Fitch Creations parking lot on Madison
Fearrington CaresParkinson’s Event: 8th Annual Walk Around Camden (Jenny’s) ParkFearrington Cares
Meeting Multiple Days in October
October 4, 11, & 25
October 20
1 pm
Fearrington Duplicate BridgeDuplicate BridgeDianne Hale
Upcoming Events in November
November 8
10:30 am
Women of FearringtonNovember Road Trip—
Pine Lake Loop Trail
Apex Community Park
Michelle Massa
November 12
3 pm
Fearrington Concert SeriesJennifer Curtis— violinist, in recital with pianoVictor Benedict
November 14 & 28
10 am-12 pm
Fearrington Cares Center
Fearrington CaresWinter Solstice
Lantern-Making Workshop
(registration required)
Beth Gold

FHA Board Members

Our Fearrington Home­owners Association (FHA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of residents. In addition to fostering resident participation, the FHA is res­ponsible for maintenance of common property and covenant enforcement. For additional details, including job des­criptions, visit the FHA tab on our webpage, fearringtonfha.org.

PresidentRose Krasnow
Vice PresidentAmy Ghiloni
SecretaryJudy Graham
TreasurerSteve Gambino
CommunicationsTony Carroll
Community AffairsRuth Ann Burk
CovenantsEric Frank
Grounds and LandscapingPatrick McGahan
Health, Safety and SecuritySteve Stewart
Infrastructure and FacilitiesPatrick McGahan

The Belted Gazette

The Belted Gazette is produced by the Fearrington Home­owners Association (FHA), by and for the residents of Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.

Newsletter Staff:
Copy EditorDiane Frazier
Features Editor & Copy EditorJackie Walters
FHA AdvisorTony Carroll
Graphic DesignerLeslie Palmer
Photo EditorGordon Pitz
Production EditorJan Kowal
ProofreaderJenny Walker
Web Page
Alison TozerSteve Anderson
Printing and Distribution
Carol KurtzBarbara Amago


The Belted Gazette contains community news, reports from the FHA Board members, items of interest to residents, and announce­ments of club and neighbor­hood activities.

Content deadlines are the 15th of the previous month. All persons submitting content will receive a confirmation email.

Email submissions to: editors @fearringtonfha.org.

Do you have content for an upcoming newsletter? Please read the Publishing Guidelines at https://fearringtonfha.org/newsletter-guidelines-for-d-hb/.

The Belted Gazette is published electron­ically 11 times a year (July/August is a combined issue). A link to the current issue is emailed to all residents who have an email address in the FHA Directory. A PDF copy of the current issue and back issues can be found on the FHA website (fearringtonfha.org).