FHA Newsletter 2022-09 September

FHA Newsletter 2022-09 September


September 2022  Volume 41  Number 8

President’s Message

Recently a friend closed her email with the phrase “Waiting for the heat and humidity to break!” Aren’t we all! Hopefully, by the time you are reading this, the weather will be a lot more pleasant than it has been for most of the summer. 

Of course, the intense heat has also meant we have had some pretty severe thunderstorms, which has made everyone nervous about their trees. So, it’s not surprising that we have seen a noticeable uptick in the number of requests received to cut down trees. As I have written before, our trees are perhaps Fearrington Village’s greatest asset, and an important reason why many of us decided to live here. They are also one of the best ways to combat climate change. Obviously, if a tree is diseased, dead, or dangerously unstable, we will grant permission for its removal. The problem is that the very tree you think will fall is probably not the one that will. I have seen this time and time again. So please know that our covenants committee members will work with you on your tree requests, but we certainly don’t want to see too many trees come down.

I also want to mention that the Board has begun preparing our budget for next year. We work very hard to make our dues stretch as far as possible, and they are very low given all that the FHA has to manage and maintain. Many of you may know that the FHA covenants say that the annual dues can be raised by no more than five percent per year without a vote of the membership. To my knowledge, the dues have never been raised by more than that. During the pandemic, we only raised dues by two percent one year. However, as we are all too well aware, inflation is impacting everything. Our landscape contractors have been seeking fuel surcharges. Costs to upgrade some of our facilities have come in far higher than anticipated in our reserve analysis done in 2019. Moreover, parts of our community are more than 40 years old, which means that some of our buildings, such as the Creekwood mail kiosk, need major repairs or replacement. Fitch Creations has also been turning over additional common areas to the FHA, which increases our costs. As we proceed through the budget process, I would be interested in receiving feedback from residents. As a first step, I encourage you to take a look at this year’s budget. You can email me with any questions or comments at president@fhaboard.org.

I had hoped to give you an update on the Fitches’ plan to expand the Village by adding 41 homes on larger lots on land they recently purchased. The community meeting was very well attended, with many residents voicing concerns about issues such as construction traffic, the additional traffic on our roads within the community that had not been anticipated, and whether the Fitches would add any additional amenities, but not much new information was received. At this point, we will try to let you know when the plans have been filed with the County so that we can voice our concerns with the Planning Board and the County Commissioners. Stay tuned.

Last but not least, I want to mention that there have recently been several water main breaks and leaks in the Village. When they happen, water pressure in the surrounding area can drop precipitously. While repairs are being made, you may lose access to your water altogether for a number of hours. Many of you want to know why the FHA doesn’t notify residents when such a situation occurs. Water main leaks and communicating with residents about them are the responsibility of the Chatham Water Department. We don’t always know about the leaks unless Chatham Utilities decides to notify us about them. The information we get from them is often incomplete or garbled, and we do not have any better means of obtaining updates or clarifications than our residents. We try to post the information we receive on our website in a timely fashion, but as a volunteer organization we do not always have a volunteer immediately available to do this. We also do not have the ability to send an email to a certain subsection of the community, and we try hard not to inundate the whole community with blast emails. We are willing to work with you to make sure that any damage left behind by one or more of these leaks is appropriately addressed by Chatham Utilities. Hopefully, we won’t have too many more such leaks this year.

—Rose Krasnow, president@fhaboard.org

From Our FHA Board


FHA Board Members

Our Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA) is a volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of residents. In addition to fostering resident participation, the FHA is responsible for maintenance of common property and covenant enforcement. For additional details, including job descriptions, visit the FHA tab on our webpage fearringtonfha.org.

PresidentRose Krasnow
Vice PresidentAmy Ghiloni
SecretaryJudy Graham
TreasurerTony Daniels
CommunicationsTony Carroll
Community AffairsPam Bailey
CovenantsEric Frank
Grounds and LandscapingPatrick McGahan
Health, Safety and SecurityWarren Ort
Infrastructure and FacilitiesMark Haslam

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The Belted Gazette is produced by the Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA), by and for the residents of Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, NC.

The Belted Gazette contains community news, reports from the FHA Board members, items of interest to residents, and announcements of club and neighborhood activities.

The Belted Gazette is published electronically 11 times a year (July/August is a combined issue). A link to the current issue is emailed to all residents who have an email address in the FHA Directory. A PDF copy of the current issue and back issues can be found on the FHA website (fearringtonfha.org).

Communication Director’s Report

FHA Open Meeting—Aging in Place

The FHA will hold an open meeting for Village residents on Wednesday, September 28, from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The topic of the meeting, which will be held via Zoom, will be “Aging in Place: Preparing Your Plan.” The speaker will be Ken Updegrave, an expert on aging in place who has taught Osher Lifelong Learning Institute courses on the subject at North Carolina State University. 

This program is an outgrowth of the work of the Aging in Place subcommittee of the Board’s Long-Range Planning Committee. When a survey of Village residents was conducted in 2020, nearly 60% of respondents indicated that they hope to age in place. However, many residents don’t realize that doing so requires significant preparation. 

Email invitations to the webinar meeting will be sent in early September to all residents listed in the Directory. Residents will have the opportunity to submit questions during the September 28 meeting. The co-chairs of the Aging in Place subcommittee will schedule a follow-up meeting at which interested residents will be able to discuss these questions and their priority issues with each other and Mr. Updegrave.

Billing Address Reminder

Please remember to make sure that all bills and any other letters sent through the US mail are addressed to their Fearrington Post address. The US Postal Service (USPS) will no longer deliver bills or other letters that do not use the Fearrington Post address, and we have been advised that hundreds of pieces of mail per week are still being affected. There is no reason to use your street address on bills or letters sent by mail, and USPS employees are no longer permitted to compensate for residents’ failure to use the Fearrington Post address, as they have in the past. Failure to receive utility bills, in particular, can have serious consequences, so please make sure that your utility companies and other billers use your Fearrington Post address as your billing address.

Further information concerning Village addresses generally can be found at https://fearringtonfha.org/mailing-information/, and recent website posts on this topic can be found at

This Month’s Features

Scene Around Fearrington

Kathryn West

Here in Fearrington, we are fortunate to have so many different types of beauty to photograph. We have agricultural scenes, with our beloved cows, goats, and chickens. We have the wooded areas with their diverse flora and fauna, and we have the pleasure of our attractive streets and gardens. I am frequently out and about walking with my dog, Binky, or with friends. The natural beauty and diversity of Fearrington never ceases to amaze me. My husband, John Miller, and I travel as frequently as we can. I photograph casually with my iPhone, and my favorite photographic subjects are flowers.

Website Tips—Finding Things

By Tony Carroll, communications@fhaboard.org

Our FHA website contains a lot of information. This is mostly a good thing, but it can also present a challenge to find the particular thing you’re looking for. Here are some suggestions.

We tried to make the main menu in the left-hand tab as comprehensible as possible, but if you are not sure what an item means, “Navigating this Website” provides a brief explanation of each item. Note that on smaller mobile devices, the tab headings for both the left-hand and top menus are found by clicking the “hamburger” menu, three horizontal lines at the top right of the screen.

If I can’t find what I’m looking for fairly quickly using the menu and subject tabs on the left side of the page, my first stop is the index found under the “Index and Help” tab on the top menu (or further down the hamburger menu). The index is arranged alphabetically by subject. We try to make the index comprehensive, but we welcome suggestions from users about additions they would find useful—please email admin@fearringtonfha.org.

There is a search function just for clubs and groups under the “Clubs and Organizations” tab and also on the Clubs and Groups landing page. It finds any word in the club title and so provides a way of skipping over the “Fearrington” that many clubs have in their titles. The more general “Search Website” tab on the top menu often brings up too many items, including past newsletter articles, unless you enter a search term that is unique to your topic (“USPS” and “Congruus” are recent examples). Clicking the down arrow next to the search window and magnifying glass icon brings up a list of categories that can be unclicked if you want to exclude particular categories from your search results. Unfortunately, the search function does not currently support multi-variable “Boolean” searches.

One other useful source of information is the “Whom to Contact” tab on the top (or hamburger) menu, providing email addresses and phone numbers for individuals and agencies in the community, Village, and FHA. 

If you have some spare time, it may be worthwhile to explore the site and the information it contains by clicking on menu tabs and finding out where they lead. Don’t worry—you can’t damage anything just by looking, and you might find a trove of useful or interesting material.


Fearrington Community Welcomes First Responders at Second Annual National Night Out

Article & Photos by Tad McArdle

If you drove past The Gathering Place on the very warm evening of Tuesday, August 2, you probably asked yourself, “What’s happening here?” There was, in the parking lot, a line of eight antique sports cars, among them a Triumph TR6 from 1972, with some even older.

Antique Sports Car Display – Pat & Steve Wedge in Creamy Triumph TR6

There was a speedy-looking law enforcement boat on a trailer around the corner from a massive fire truck, and there were several local sheriff cars mixed in with our own vehicles. What’s more, a fun and somewhat noisy time was going on, both inside the building and out, with a talkative crowd that included police officers, firefighters, and Fearrington residents. It was Fearrington Village’s celebration of what has come to be known as National Night Out.

Speed Boat & Pilot Officer from North Carolina Wildlife

As you can learn from their website listed below, National Night Out is a big deal and has been going on all over the country every year since 1984, with the stated purpose of “enhanc(ing) the relationship between neighbors and law enforcement while bringing back a true sense of community. Furthermore, it provides a great opportunity to bring police and neighbors together under positive circumstances.”

Capt. Philip Richard, Deputy Katie Bond, Victim Coordinator Lora Renaldi, Administrative Specialist Annabelle Smith

This is the second year in a row Fearrington Village has hosted the event. There was something for everyone, including science projects for kids—Maggie Tunstall oversaw this—and the aforementioned row of shiny vintage sports cars. There was fun food for all, from hot pizza to fresh veggies to an ice cream truck outside, with cold drinks to accompany every bite. Attendance was about 150, which was good considering the somewhat sultry weather. According to FHA President Rose Krasnow, who addressed the crowd during dinner, the more publicity for this event the better, as the underlying idea is to unify communities. Should troubling situations arise, “If you know one another, you will help,” as Rose put it, and she would know, having formerly served as mayor of Rockville, MD.

Bill Barney, One-Man Band

So, the evening continued with all present enjoying conversation, music (Bill Barney, a one-man band from Raleigh, played his own great stuff plus anything requested), and a free dinner.

But let’s not forget the underlying purpose of this get-together. In talking with one of the firefighters, I asked what the toughest part of his job is. “When we’re working, it’s never a good day,” he answered. My question was a bit naive, if you think about it, and some of us may be guilty of taking these invaluable services for granted. Hearing from first-handers can sharpen our awareness.

National Night Out 2022 at The Gathering Place

First Tuesday in August—next year, be here. National Night Out (natw.org)

Tad McArdle is a regular contributor to The Belted Gazette.


Food Trucks Every Wednesday at The Gathering Place

By Wendy Snodgrass


For the upcoming month, we are pleased to welcome the following:

September 7 – Presti Pizza 

September 14 – Cousins Maine Lobster

September 21 – Gussy’s Greek Truck

September 28 – Chirba Chirba Dumpling

Please visit our neighborhood hotspot page to preview food truck menus. With the online ordering link, you can typically preorder 48 hours in advance. However, the first two trucks this month have their own unique ordering protocols. Online orders for Presti Pizza can be placed through this link. Cousins Maine Lobster has their own mobile app for preordering, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Note that they begin accepting preorders on the afternoon of their arrival, typically between 1 and 3 pm. Food trucks are in The Gathering Place parking lot from 5 to 7 pm.

Remember that food truck fare is not permitted in the Village Center, so kindly pick up at The Gathering Place, dine at home, and enjoy!

This Month’s Announcements

Please use the Announcement Submission Form to submit club and organization announcements, and email the form to editors@fearringtonfha.org.

Fearrington Clubs and Organizations

Please use the Announcement Submission Form to submit club and organization announcements, and email the form to editors@fearringtonfha.org.

AM Book Club

In the summer of 1997, Casey arrives in Massachusetts without a plan. Following her mother’s death and a wrecked love affair, she’s living in a tiny room and waiting tables, while working on a novel she’s been writing for six years—on love, certitude, and the question of what we are all being fed. From one of our major writers on the psyche—both the sacred and the profane. We will meet at McIntyre’s Bookstore, Wednesday, September 21, at 10:15 am to discuss Writers and Lovers, by Lily King. All residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge are welcome to participate. If you have questions, contact Barbara Thompson, barbzid@gmail.com, 919-444-1836. Please wear a mask.

Artist Studios at Fearrington Village

Resuming and Reorganizing our Artist Studios at Fearrington Village Group Activities

Do you miss our community of artists? Miss getting to know and discovering the work of new artists who have moved to Fearrington? Let’s get together at the Belted Goat—outside under the tent on Wednesday, September 14, at 10 am. If the weather is unkind, we will meet inside. Please contact Leslie Palmer with questions or for more information at LesPalmerartstudio@gmail.com.

Card Knights

The Card Knights is a Fearrington club for poker players. All adult Fearrington residents are welcome to join. It meets on Monday nights at The Gathering Place. Ninety-eight percent of the meeting time is devoted to the poker game!

The poker games played are five-card draw and its derivatives, Jacks or better to open, etc., and seven-card stud and its derivatives, Texas hold ‘em and Omaha. The group does not play wild card and high/low games.

These are all low-stakes poker games. The buy-in is five dollars ($5). For this amount one can have all the excitement and fun as in a more expensive game. The Monday night game begins at 7 pm and ends promptly at 9 pm. Again, all Fearrington residents are welcome. If you are interested, please contact Bob Spillane at 828-545-1152 or weathersfield1@gmail.com.

Cinematic Conversations

Join us for Cinematic Conversations, a new discussion group that meets monthly for film discussion and analysis. Think of it like a book group, only for films instead. If you love movies, this group of kindred spirits is the one for you!

Email Lily Grace for details and registration at lilygrace@frontier.com or 919-623-2421.

Fearrington Bulls & Bears Investment Club

The Fearrington Bulls & Bears Investment Club is a group interested in improving our investment knowledge and capabilities. We do this through managing a small portfolio of stocks, making buy-and-sell decisions, and monitoring the US stock markets and trends. We meet monthly during nonsummer months and share information, insights, and ideas about investing with fellow members.

Guests are welcome to participate in a meeting or two to gauge their interest in joining the Club. The next meeting will be on Friday, September 9 at 10 am (location to be determined, or via Zoom).

For more information about the Club or to join our September meeting, please contact:
Anna Shearer, president, at 703-217-0322 or ashearer1219@gmail.com.

Fearrington Concert Series

Greetings Music Lovers,

As a new season of the Fearrington Concert Series gets underway, we welcome back our former subscribers and others who may be new to our community of chamber music enthusiasts. Performing on Sunday, September 11, at 3 pm at The Gathering Place will be Heartland Baroque. Playing instruments of the period, this ensemble has delighted audiences throughout the state and beyond. Pieces by composers Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Antonio Bertali, and Giovanni Valentini will be featured.

The Fearrington Concert Series will once again present six performances during the 2022/23 season. All concerts are at The Gathering Place on Sunday afternoons at 3 pm, and you will find wonderful variety in our programs. Anatoly Larkin, solo pianist, will perform on October 16. To start the new year, on January 15, the Mordecai Brass Quintet will perform literature from many genres. February 26 brings us the Lyricosa String Quartet. On March 19, the Duo Formosa, violin and piano, will be here. Bringing the season to a close on
April 16 will be our yearly performance by young artists from the NC School of the Arts.

For more information, please visit our website: https://fearringtonfha.org/fearrington-concert-series/. Single tickets for each concert are $25. A subscription for all six concerts is $100. Ticket order forms may be found on the website and at many mail kiosks. If you have any questions, please contact Vic Benedict at vicbassoon28@gmail.com. You may also contact Sheila Creth at sheilachapelhill@gmail.com or Judy Morris at jwmsings@gmail.com. Galloway Ridge subscribers or potential new subscribers living at Galloway Ridge should contact Nina Alperin at 919-704-8796.

Fearrington Cooking Club to Begin!

Cook, eat, laugh! Friends who cook together, stay together. If you’re tired of cooking for one and eating alone, join us for a hands-on, participation cooking club. If interested, please contact Lily Grace at lilygrace@frontier.com or Ronnie Coleshill at ronnie.coleshill@gmail.com.

Fearrington Democratic ClubFearrington Democratic Club

As we prepare for the midterm elections, our Rep. David Price has retired, and our Congressional district has been redrawn and renumbered. Our Tuesday, September 27, 7 pm meeting at The Gathering Place will feature the Democratic candidate in our new 9th District, NC State Sen. Ben Clark. Learn about his experience (retired Air Force officer, educator, and five-term State Senator from Cumberland County), perspectives, and legislative priorities, and let him know what’s important to you. Democratic Club events are open to all Fearrington and Galloway residents. Vaccinated, boosted, and masked to attend in person, please. To request the Zoom link, use: Contact Us (fearringtondems.org).

The Fearrington Democratic Club and the Chatham County Democratic Party are different but collaborative. We encourage membership in the Club (link) and affiliation with the Party (link). Nonpartisan information about voter registration, absentee voting, early voting, and voting locations can be found here: Chatham County Board of Elections.

New! Fearrington Dog Club

Do you like dogs? Would you like to learn more about their behavior, health, and culture? If so, mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 21, 7:00 pm for the inaugural meeting of the new Fearrington Dog Club. We will meet at The Gathering Place.

Our first meeting will feature a talk on canine body language by Susan Spinks of Hearth & Hounds Dog Training in Chapel Hill. Susan will give us tips on how to recognize the subtle clues our dogs give us about how they feel (happy, stressed, bored, etc.) but which we may not recognize. A topic rich with information.

While masks are currently recommended at The Gathering Place, be sure to check the FHA website for any changes. Maybe bring a mask regardless? And please—leave your pooch at home.

Fearrington Dragons Mah Jongg

The Dragons are Ready to Play!!

Fearrington Mah Jongg Dragons play on the second Saturday of the month, September 10, at The Gathering Place, from 1 to 4 pm, provided that The Gathering Place is open to Fearrington groups. We will contact all members if we do not play on those dates. We play under the guidelines of The Gathering Place. As such, we must limit our number to 50, and masks are optional.

September begins a new year for the Mah Jongg Dragons, and this is a great time to join our monthly games. Dues for the new year are $25.00, payable in cash (with accompanying name and email address), or by check, payable to Robin Weinberger (153 Turtle Run, 153 Fearrington Post). Dues must be paid by September 15. If you do not wish to continue with the Mah Jongg Dragons, please contact Mary Donna Pond so she can remove you from the mailing list.

Contact Mary Donna Pond at mdpond@gmail.com to reserve your place.

Drinks and snacks will be provided!

May the jokers be ever in your favor!!

Contact Robin Weinberger at weinrob@msn.com or 919-219-5228 or Polly Williams at pw82550@gmail.com or 919-478-4260 if you have any questions.

Want to learn how to play? Contact Mary Donna Pond at mdpond@nc.rr.com.

Fearrington Duplicate Bridge Club

Duplicate bridge is the only game where being average is a good result. Join us for a face-to-face game on Wednesday September 7, 14, & 28. We play at 1 pm at The Gathering Place. Play the first time for free; after that, the cost is $7 to defray the costs. Questions: please contact Dianne Hale at haledianne@gmail.com.

Fearrington Film Club Farewell

In 2007, the Fearrington Film Club was formed, and residents eagerly signed up in large numbers. It was a good deal. Annual membership was $5 and, in addition to the movies, it included popcorn, soda drinks, summertime ice cream, a special December treat, and prizes. What was truly best was that residents could share a movie with their neighbors and friends, and it was close to home, so there was no long nighttime drive. We saw movies that made us laugh, sing, think, and share experiences.

It was a good run, but now we must say “farewell” due to the high cost of a license to show movies. Our Film Club team—Artie and Rhoda Lituchy, Ingeborg Jelley, and Bob and Barbara Spillane— want to thank members for their continued support. We loved sharing an evening with you, and we do not want to end on a sad note. Plans are in the works for a last meeting to celebrate and remember the good times we shared.

—Carol Kurtz

Fearrington Garden Club

Master Gardener Kit Flynn of Durham presents “Bulbs: Beyond Tulips and Daffodils” on Tuesday, September 20, at 2:30 pm, at The Gathering Place. A member of the Durham County Extension Master Gardeners for 13 years, she now holds emeritus status and writes for local publications, including The Triangle Gardener. Bring your questions about ordering spring bulbs! Annual membership: $20. Nonmembers: $5. Membership Form

Join Garden Club members in a hands-on gardening service project. We’ll be helping plant berry bushes and distributing mulch at North Chatham Elementary at 3380 Lystra Road, in Chapel Hill, on September 13 during Day of Service 2022 | United Way of Chatham County.

We look forward to a new year of activities! Please wear a mask for our meeting.

Fearrington Genealogy Group

Death Records by a Different Name

Tuesday, September 13 from 3-5 pm in The Gathering Place

A prominent genealogist for the past 20 years and editor of the North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Diane L. Richards will give a presentation that explores unusual record types that document deaths, such as ledgers and fraternal society documents. Attendees may bring similar records from their own research. Her website is www.mosaicrpm.com.

Fearrington Green Scene

As summer is fading, but, unfortunately, Covid-19 is not, the Green Scene will forego our typical September indoor meeting and focus on our major fall “3-in-1” event.

It will, as usual, take place in The Gathering Place parking lot, from 9:00 am until 12:00 noon on Saturday, October 15.

This is a great opportunity for Fearrington residents to (a) bring personal papers to be shredded on-site; (b) bring fire extinguishers to be checked at no cost, and charged, if necessary, for a reasonable cost; and (c) bring any no-longer-needed pharmaceuticals to be properly disposed of by the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department (also at no cost).

The primary underwriter of the cost of the paper-shredding company is your Fearrington Homeowners Association. The Green Scene provides the dedicated volunteers who help to make the event run smoothly. Mark October 15 on your calendars.

—Jason Welsch, Moderator
Fearrington Green Scene
914-806-4852 (Cell Phone)

Fearrington Havurah

September 13, 7 pm, The Gathering Place

Former Fearrington resident, Renee Fink, will share her experiences as a “hidden child” of the Holocaust. At the age of four she was sent to live with a Catholic family in her home country of the Netherlands. Renee has shared her story with the NC Council on the Holocaust, the Shoah Foundation, and many Jewish and non-Jewish communities. We are fortunate to have her lead off our Fearrington Havurah Program for 2022.

Fearrington Republican Club

Welcome Back Annual BBQ Supper

Our September 28 meeting is our annual supper at The Gathering Place and includes “Meet Our Candidates.” We will have eight candidates who are on the ballot in our November 2022 election: Alvin Reed, candidate for NC State Senate District 20; Walter Petty, candidate for NC State House District 54; Marcus Globuschutz, candidate for Chatham County Sheriff; Peyton Moody, candidate for Chatham County Board of Commissioners District 5; Joe Godfrey, candidate for Chatham County Board of Commissioners District 4; Tom Glendinning, candidate for Chatham County Board of Commissioners District 3; Jessica Winger, candidate for Chatham County Board of Education District 3; and Tim Moore, candidate for Chatham County Board of Education District 5. Dinner will start at 6:30 pm and is free with donations welcome to defray our cost. All Fearrington and Galloway Ridge residents are welcome.

Fearrington Swim & Croquet Club

Fall is Coming and the Fun Continues!

Make the most of your summer. The pool is still open.

Pool hours are 10 am to 8 pm.

Late-season pool hours are 9/12 – 9/25/2022, 1 pm to 7 pm.

The water aerobics schedule is on the club’s FHA website or listed at the pool. Last-minute changes will be posted at the pool.

Croquet activities continue year-round. To get signed up for notifications, contact Jan Droke at jantomdro@gmail.com.

Come join us!

Fearrington Tennis & Pickleball Association

Racket and paddle sports like tennis and pickleball remain popular with players of all ages throughout their lifetimes. During Covid, outdoor sports like these attracted players looking for exercise while socializing with neighbors and meeting new friends.

One year ago, Fearrington pickleball players were playing in a postal kiosk parking lot! Since then, pickleball and tennis players came together to form the Fearrington Tennis and Pickleball Association, which has grown to
98 members. The tennis courts on Benchmark now host both tennis and pickleball games.

Active and “want-to-be-active” Village residents of all ages, abilities, and levels of physical fitness find the pickleball court a year-round, Covid-safe, and friendly place to meet, compete, exercise, socialize, learn, and entertain children, grandchildren, and out-of-town guests. Pickleball lessons are available at a nominal cost, and short, free orientation sessions are available weekly on Sunday mornings.

To find out more about the Fearrington Tennis and Pickleball Association, including the minimal cost to join, visit Fearrington Homeowners Association, Inc. | Fearrington Tennis / Pickleball Association (fearringtonfha.org) on the FHA website. For more tennis information, contact Jim Rudbeck at mjrudbeck@gmail.com. For pickleball information, contact Art Gonzales at artgon@verizon.net.

Fearrington Village Singers

The Fearrington Village Singers start a new season!

♫ Rehearsals for our Winter Concert in early December begin Thursday, September 8, for men, and Monday, September 12, for women. Both events start promptly at 3:45 pm in The Gathering Place, 3:30 pm check-in at the door.

♫ Singing together is a joyous way to connect with others. Research proves that CONNECTION gives us a sense of belonging, helps us stay focused, combats loneliness, increases activity and mobility, and helps us live longer and fuller lives. CONNECT!
♫ SING with us as a Fearrington Village Singer! We need YOU!
♫ We cordially welcome former, current, and prospective singers to CONNECT with us.
♫ Contact our membership chair, Donna Corgnati, at donnacorgnati@gmail.com or 919-695-7353.
♫ Visit our website www.fearringtonvillagesingers.org or pick up our brochure at a Village kiosk.
♫ Invite a friend to join you at our next concert in early December (date TBA).

♫ Exciting Announcement!

FVS is launching The Dale Eyerly Colson Riser Fund Challenge, a $12,500 campaign to replace our old unsafe risers! Half of this sum has already been pledged by a generous donor to match new donations! Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Fearrington Village Singers, 2010 Fearrington Post, Pittsboro NC 27312. Your support will be put to immediate use, lifting up our singers in body and spirit!

Great Decisions

Great Decisions is a series of lectures on current world affairs. On September 8, at 1:30 pm, at The Gathering Place, our speaker will be Graeme B. Robertson, Ph.D.
Dr. Robertson is professor of political science and director of the Center for Slavic, Eurasian and East European Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His topic will be, “Russia’s War on Ukraine: How did we get here and where are we going?”

All Great Decisions programs are free and open to all Fearrington and Galloway Ridge residents and their guests.

Given Covid’s resurgence, we request that all attendees be vaccinated, boosted, and wearing a mask. Thank you.

Women of Fearrington

It’s the perfect time to join and renew your WoF membership for the 2022-23 year. Connect with friends at monthly gatherings, road trips, and more, while making a difference in our community. Click here for a membership form.

Come to the Fall Welcome General Meeting on Wednesday, September 21, at 1:30 pm, in The Gathering Place. The featured speaker is Kit Gruelle, program director of Second Bloom of Chatham, a WoF grantee. WoF’s grant recipients for 2022-23 have been invited to answer attendees’ questions. All Fearrington Village/Galloway Ridge residents are welcome.

A road trip to the Historic Stagville Plantation to learn about its history of slavery is planned for Thursday, September 29, at 12 pm, followed by an optional brown bag lunch. Registration starts September 1. Members: $3; guests: $8. 

The Bluegrass Battleship (The Bluegrass Battleship — Home) will present a benefit concert at The Gathering Place on Sunday, October 23, from 3 to 5 pm. Proceeds support WoF’s Wonderful Options Fund, which helps women and children in Chatham County. Starting September 1, reserve a seat by registering at Concert Registration (womenoffearrington.org). The cost is $20 per person. Pay by check made out to “Women of Fearrington,” with “Bluegrass Battleship” on the memo line and place your payment in the Women of Fearrington box at Swim & Croquet mail kiosk.

Volunteers are needed for the WoF December Holiday Bakery & Market on December 5-6. Contact Jo Bolig, jobolig@gmail.com

Register for all events at WomenofFearrington.org.

Community Agencies

Chatham Connecting

Bringing Together Those Who Need Help with Those Who Can Help

School has started, and the tulip poplar leaves are beginning to drop. If it’s time for you to get involved in a meaningful way with your Chatham County neighbors, there is no better place to start than the Chatham Connecting website (chathamconnecting.org). We are an all-volunteer effort, and our website lists 100 nonprofit organizations and agencies that are looking for volunteers and donations. For example, Communities in Schools seeks mentors for kids; and Chatham Literacy is looking for more volunteers to work in tutoring, either one-on-one or virtual, to increase literacy among adults. A new listing on our website, Chatham Love, works in Siler City to help the homeless. Other organizations need school supplies, food donations, used clothes, or financial assistance. There is bound to be an organization or agency that would welcome your interest and support. Your neighbors will thank you!

From The Chatham County Board of Elections

Voters are required by law to be registered at their residential street address. Voters are sent verification cards by mail. For this reason, it is very important when registering to vote that you provide both your street and mailing addresses. (Fearrington Post is not a valid street address.)

If you have already registered to vote and listed Fearrington Post as your residential address, your information has been corrected through the geographical information system.

If you are completing the voter registration application for the first time, or are re-registering due to a change of address, please enter your street address in the space provided for the residential address. Please also enter your Fearrington Post address in the space provided for your mailing address. Failure to provide this information correctly could delay your voter registration.

The Chatham County Board of Elections (BOE) staff wants to make your voter registration process as seamless as possible. Following these guidelines will help ensure your successful registration. If you have any questions, please call the BOE at 919-545-8500.

Chatham Literacy

Hold The Date: Author Jason Mott to Speak at Chatham Literacy Fall Event

Author Jason Mott will speak at Chatham Literacy’s Fall for Literacy Luncheon at the Chatham County Agriculture & Conference Center on Saturday, November 5, 11 am – 2 pm (followed by a book signing). Proceeds to benefit Chatham Literacy. Tickets available September 1 at www.chathamliteracy.org or 919-742-0578 ($75/person; tables seat 10).

Community Remembrance Coalition—Chatham, NAACP Branches 5377 & 5378, and the Equal Justice Initiative of Montgomery, AL

The County Commission has agreed to have erected in Pittsboro a historical marker commemorating the lives of the six lynching victims of Chatham County. We are looking to September 24 at 9 am for unveiling the marker. Information on the event will be provided in further detail on the website of the Community Remembrance Coalition—Chatham (CRC-C.org) as we draw closer to the date. The event is open to the public, and a number of prominent speakers will join the event. The project is the joint partnership effort of the Chatham branches of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People; the CRC-C; and the Equal Justice Initiative of Montgomery, Alabama. The purpose of the marker is to recognize the wrongs of the past, educate the public on the history of the County, and to encourage a spirit of reconciliation among all the citizens of Chatham County.

Fearrington PORCH

A big thank-you to everyone who helped make our summer collections so successful! We collected a record amount for CORA and helped support their important SNACK program for children out of school. You may have seen the shoutout to PORCH in a recent Fitch Creations newsletter and wondered how you might get involved. It’s easy! Just go to https://www.porchfearrington.org/neighborhood-coordinators and find the link to contact your neighborhood coordinator. Your coordinator will send you a reminder about each monthly collection (you don’t have to contribute every month). Thanks for helping our Chatham County neighbors in need!

Friends of the Chatham Community Library Book Sale

Join us for our fall 2022 book sale at the Chatham Community Library in Pittsboro. This will be a two-day sale on Friday, September 23, from 9 am to 5 pm and Saturday, September 24, from 9 am to 2 pm. Friday prices: hardbacks $3 and softbacks $2; most children’s books $1 and $2. Saturday is half-price day. Members of the Friends of the Library receive a 10% discount on purchases of $5 or more. There are over 20,000 items in 26 categories, including CDs and DVDs. Due to a previous sale, there are only a few fiction and mystery books. See https://friendsccl.org/ for more information. County and Library health guidelines will apply. Sorry, we cannot accept donations at this time.

United Way of Chatham County

Chatham County service providers are reporting a 50% increase in calls for assistance over those in 2021 and 2020. Chatham nonprofits are in critical need of funding, and United Way of Chatham County (UWCC) continues to be a leader in providing program funding and collaborating with nonprofits, government, and organizations throughout Chatham to better serve those in need.

As UWCC begins planning for the upcoming fall campaign, which takes place during the month of October, they are seeking volunteers to join the Fearrington residential campaign team. The time commitment ranges from 4 to 10 hours. You’ll help set Fearrington’s campaign goals, network with neighbors, and spread the word about the impact United Way is making in Chatham. After all, UWCC was created over 36 years ago by the passionate residents of Fearrington Village. Let’s reignite that passion together this year.

To learn more or volunteer, please contact UWCC Executive Director Katie Childs – kchilds@UnitedWayOfChathamCounty.org or 919-542-1110.

Continuing Education

Peer Learning of Chapel Hill

Peer Learning of Chapel Hill announces its fall 2022 semester courses. Peer Learning is a grassroots organization that provides social and educational opportunities for seniors in the Chapel Hill-Orange-Durham area. For a membership fee of $40 per semester, members can participate in all activities, including discussion groups and classes in history, literature, and film, plus a variety of one-time social and learning events. Classes meet weekdays at Binkley Baptist Church, 1712 Willow Drive, Chapel Hill, NC (corner Willow Drive & Fordham Boulevard). Learn more, including how to join or contact us, at http://peerlearningofchapelhill.com.

Shared Learning Association of Chapel Hill

Take Advantage

The Shared Learning Association of Chapel Hill (www.sharedlearning.us) is offering to the general public its fall semester of 28 noncredit courses via Zoom and on-site from September 12 through December 14. Since 1979, Shared Learning has sponsored high-quality continuing education courses over three semesters, led by eager volunteers and valued by lifelong learners. On-site meetings are held at our host, the Church of Reconciliation (110 N. Elliott Road, Chapel Hill). The public may register for a yearly membership and enrollment in daytime courses from August 1 through September 2. With a $70 yearly membership fee per person, members can enroll in an unlimited number of courses each semester. The catalog and registration information are posted on www.sharedlearning.us. To receive a paper copy of the catalog, email: welcome@sharedlearning.us.



Fearrington Cares material is edited by their staff and volunteers. Direct comments or questions to them at (919) 542-6877 or info@fearringtoncares.org.

Edited this month by Carolyn & John Boyle


Fearrington Cares Center Closed Monday, September 5 (Labor Day)

Blood Drive Success!

The Red Cross tells us that our blood drive in July was outstanding. They collected 34 units of blood product from 31 individuals, potentially helping 100 people! As you know, there is a historic shortage of blood, and the success of our drive will help in many ways. The generosity of the Fearrington Villagers is never in doubt!

Nurse Consultation Triage Clinic

Same-day appointments, 9:00 am-noon

Please call the Center at 919-542-6877 if you would like to see the nurse in the triage clinic. Appointments are available from 9:00 am until noon every weekday; we will see you on the day you call if you can be here before noon. Fearrington Cares offers free nursing consultation for first aid, blood pressure checks, tick removal, suture removal (if you bring a suture removal kit provided by your surgeon), consultations regarding medical services, and in-home care services.

Seeking 20 Individuals Curious about Telehealth

Thursday, October 6, 1:00-2:30 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

As a “manager” for your own health, you likely use multiple resources in addition to your pharmacy and your primary provider. I think it’s wise to consider how to incorporate telehealth into your plan, given the ongoing pandemic and shortage of providers.

Have you ever wondered how telehealth, virtual care, and digital health differ? Are you confused about the new ways to connect with your provider? Are you looking for something more convenient than driving across town to sit in a waiting room? Telehealth experts from UNC Healthcare will provide an educational session on what virtual care is, how patient portals work, and how to interact virtually with a health care system. After the session, there will be an opportunity to ask questions and Fearrington Cares volunteers will be available on an ongoing basis as you begin to use virtual care services. Call to register (919-542-6877) before October 1.


Fridays, 10:00-11:00 am at the Fearrington Cares Center

This weekly gathering is an opportunity to sit in stillness and explore the movement of breath through various techniques that focus the mind. Then with gentle guidance, we will explore directed awareness, open awareness, and insight meditations along with visualizations. This accessible approach to meditation is universal, secular, and intention-based, which invites us to mindfully bring what we cultivate in the practice into everyday life. It offers a foundation for those new to meditation as well as possibilities for experienced meditators to deepen their personal meditation practice.

Care Circle for Women

Wednesdays, 9:30-11:00 am at the Fearrington Cares Center

If your spouse or partner has died in the last few years, it may have been difficult to get the support you need for this life-changing transition. Fearrington Cares is convening a six-session support group, meeting on the following dates: September 14, 28; October 12, 26; November 9, 16. The group is facilitated by Cheryl Pharr, Grief Counselor, and you must be available for the first meeting to join this support group. Questions? (Call Karen, 919-542-6877.) If you would like to connect with other women in the neighborhood who are coping with this particular grief, consider joining this group. Registration is required, please call 919-542-6877 before September 9, 2022.

Busy Hands Together

Tuesdays, September 6 and 20, 9:30-11:00 am at the Fearrington Cares Center

Do you enjoy handwork or have a button that needs re-attaching? Would you enjoy crafting with others? If you crochet, knit, make cards, scrapbook, needlepoint, or practice any other craft, we invite you to bring your project and join us at Fearrington Cares for a twice-monthly get together on the first and third Tuesday of each month. This is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors and make progress on your favorite craft. If this sounds like something you would like to participate in, then let’s get together for crafting, conversation, and fellowship.

Scam Me If You Can

Thursday, September 8, 7:00 pm at The Gathering Place

Joan Tenchar presents this class on scam awareness at Galloway Ridge on a quarterly basis, where she is recognized for her wit and wisdom on this important topic. Scams in the digital age have become quite sophisticated, and the tactics used by scammers can vary: someone knocking on your door, an unexpected email, a pop-up window on your computer, a phone call, or a text message. Ultimately, these schemes aim to trick you into revealing personal information so that fraudsters can steal your identity or access your accounts. Some scams outright request payment for fictitious prizes or bogus legal claims. It is important to know how to recognize a scam so that you can protect yourself and also to know what to do if you have been targeted or have fallen victim. Please bring your mobile devices for a review of security settings along with a pen or pencil for a quiz that tests your scam awareness.   

Joan is a former Health Care Manager who was born in London and grew up in New York. She studied computer programming in its infancy and was a Navy Corpsman with specialties in cardiopulmonary treatment, respiratory therapy, and medical photograhy. She retired to Galloway Ridge in 2017 and is now pursuing interests in paleoanthropology, evolutionary biology, and forensic anthropology. 

Crossroads Conversations

Wednesday, September 21, 1:30-3:00 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

If you listen to NPR, you may have had the pleasure of listening to the candid and often moving conversations recorded by StoryCorps. Their mission is “to preserve and share humanity’s stories in order to build connections between people and create a more just and compassionate world.” Ambitious? Perhaps. But if you start small with just an idea—well, who knows? Come join our conversation, learn how one man took his idea and grew it, and consider with your neighbors how a “StoryCorps Fearrington” might look!

Maintaining Oral Health—the Gateway to Overall Health for the Mature Population

Thursday, September 22, 1:30 PM, at The Gathering Place

Periodontal disease and other oral health problems become more common with age, and the longer you wait to take care of an oral problem, the more extensive—and expensive—it gets. Join Dr. Karen Tiwana, DDS, as she illuminates important aspects of oral care and modes of current treatment. Dr. Tiwana, a member of the Chatham County Dental Society, practices Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Pittsboro, and comes to us with a background in clinical practice and education at the UNC School of Dentistry.

Intermediate Yoga

Thursdays, 2:30-3:30 pm at the Fearrington Cares Center

Begins September 8, 2022

For centuries, millions of people have experienced the rewards of practicing yoga. Researchers are documenting its benefits for physical, emotional, cognitive and mental health, and overall well-being. Yoga is not about working harder. It’s more about undoing: relaxing, releasing, and letting go. Yoga poses and breathing techniques offer a steady, gradual route to better health and fitness that can make a difference—at your own pace. Benefits have been shown in sleep, blood pressure, back pain, arthritis pain, range of motion, memory, and cognitive skills. Yoga is a powerful form of mind-body exercise. Bren Ungerland, yoga instructor, is a psychologist with Clinical Training in Mind-Body Medicine, including yoga from the Harvard Mind-Body Medicine Institute. She has been teaching yoga for over 30 years in settings that include hospitals, medical groups, universities, private classes, health facilities, and the Duke Center for Living at Fearrington Village. Group size is limited to 10.


Movement Classes

at the Fearrington Cares Center

(except as noted)

Suggested donation of $5/class session

(cash or check to Fearrington Cares)

Mondays, 11:30 am—Chair Yoga (at The Gathering Place; no class September 5)

Wednesdays, 11:30—Otago Fall-Prevention Exercises

Thursdays, 10:00 am—Chair Tap Dance

Thursdays, 11:30 am—Line Dancing

Thursdays, 2:30 pm—Intermediate Yoga; begins September 8

Fridays, 10:00 am—Meditation

Support Groups Meeting in Person

at the Fearrington Cares Center

Alcoholics Anonymous: Mondays, 10:00 am; no meeting September 5

Parkinson’s Group: Tuesdays, September 6, 20; 1:30-3:30 pm

Brainiacs Memory Café: Wednesdays, 10:00 am

Care Circle for Women: Six-session support group beginning Wednesday, September 14. Call 919-542-6877 to register

Health Services Offered

at the Fearrington Cares Center

(9:00 am—12:00 pm, Monday—Friday)

Nurse Consultation Triage Clinic:

Appointment required, call 919-542-6877. Same day appointments available

Foot Clinic:

Thursday, September 15

Call 919-542-6877 to register

Support Groups via Zoom

fearringtoncares.org > Services > Support Groups

Caregiver Support Group:

Wednesdays, September 7, 21; 1:00 pm

Living with Chronic Conditions:

Thursdays, September 1, 15; 1:00 pm

Fearrington Cares Emergency Preparedness Work Group

In February and March of this year, the Fearrington Cares Education Committee presented two educational sessions focused on emergency preparedness. Those sessions, led by resident Steve Krasnow, addressed both personal and community responses to emergencies that Village residents could experience.

Following those sessions, a work group met to discuss the potential role of Fearrington Cares in assisting residents to be better prepared for emergencies. It was decided at the first meeting that it was important to understand residents’ knowledge of existing resources and their desire for any emergency kit. A questionnaire was developed to address these two topics and residents were canvassed in person at various events during the months of April, May, and June.

Of the 52 residents who responded, almost nine out of ten do not have a written emergency plan for communication that is reviewed annually for relevancy/changes. Almost the same number do not have a “grab & go bag” (with important medical and close contacts information and items one would want close at hand) if needed for evacuation or emergency hospitalization. Only a little more than half of the respondents have read the Emergency Preparedness Guide in the FHA Directory.

At the June meeting of the work group, the following useful resources regarding kits were highlighted in order to help residents be more aware and prepared for emergencies:

The Education Committee will share the results of the questionnaire with the FHA Health, Safety, and Security Committee. For questions, please contact Terry Lucas (tlucas47@mac.com).

Welcome to New Residents

The following new villagers were added to the Fearrington Village Directory between June 15 and August 14. Want to reach out to your new neighbor? You will find their contact information on our community web page. Go to: FearringtonFHA.org (click Find People under the Directory tab).




Jeff Aube & Janet L. Perkins

827 Langdon

Stephen Boyd & Katherine Hare

809 Brookfield

Lani Chaves & Dan Dillon

167 Wintersage

A. Edward (Ed), Betty B., & Vickie M. Crocker

641 Spindlewood

Sydney Decker & Jennifer Larrimore

126 Creekwood

David J. Dupont

50 Trestle Leaf

Katherine L., Sandra A. (Sandy), &
Thomas W. (Tom) Ferkol, Jr.

4311 Burke Place

Eric, Sarah, & Susan (Sue) Freiburger

885 Ashton

Cliff Johnson

A-108 A Wing**

David & Peggy Johnson

1 Bladen (4001*)

Sandra L. Johnson

D-302 D Wing**

Ava G. Krier

547 Weathersfield

David Lambert

461 Beechmast

Marita & Philip Melaugh

4055 Sampson

Jan Perry

2 McDowell (1012*)

Darrell Ruffin & Marci White

A-008 A Wing**

Deborah S. (Deb) & Thomas A. Ruhs

532 Weathersfield

Bob & Susan Scott

20 Yancey (1080*)

Jim A. & Linda H. Sittig

4500 Tyrrell

David & Emily Sullivan

627 Spindlewood

*Fearrington Post number
**Galloway Ridge

Are you a new resident? To register your information in the Directory, please visit the FHA website at https://fearringtonfha.org. From the left menu (top right on a mobile device) choose Directory, then select New Resident. To confirm you are not a spambot, answer the two questions (answers: Cow and Fitch) and select Check answers. This should take you to the new resident directory registration page.

To obtain full access to website features, you must also create a website account (available only to residents or non-resident owners). You can do this by selecting the Login/Register link in the top menu. At the login page, click the Register button. There, enter in your information and select Register. Once your status as a resident or non-resident owner is confirmed by the Website Resource Team, you will receive an account activation email.

Are you an existing resident whose contact information has changed? Don’t forget to update your listing on the http://www.fearringtonfha.org website. Use the Login/Register link in the top menu if you aren’t logged in yet. Then, click the Directory tab on the left menu (top right on a mobile device), then select Edit My Directory Info. Directory updates can also be sent to directory@fearringtonfha.org. When you update your contact information online, the updates will be included in the Fearrington Village Directory & Handbook printed in January of each year. Stay in touch with your fellow residents by keeping your contact information current.

Death Notices: Residents may sign up to receive email notices of the deaths of current and former Village residents by emailing notices@fearringtonfha.org. Survivors wishing to submit a notice can use the same email address. Notices should include the name of deceased, survivors (optional), date (and optionally cause) of death, particulars about funeral or memorial service, and any donations in memoriam.

September 2022 Calendar


All activities will be held at The Gathering Place unless otherwise noted.











September 8

1:30 pm

Fearrington Great Decisions


Graeme B. Robertson, PhD; “Russia’s War on Ukraine: How did we get here and where are we going?”

Liz and Fred Welfel





September 9

10 am

Bulls and Bears Investment Club

Monthly meeting


Anna Shearer




September 10

1-4 pm

Fearrington Mah Jongg Dragons

Mah Jongg


Robin Weinberger weinrob@msn.com  


Polly Williams pw82550@gmail.com 




September 11

3 pm

Fearrington Concert Series

Heartland Baroque

Sheila Creth sheilachapelhill@gmail.com



September 13

3-5 pm

Fearrington Genealogy Group

Monthly meeting


Linda Grimm linda.grimm@oberlin.edu




September 13

7 pm

Fearrington Havurah

Renee Fink

Joe Labenson



September 15

7 pm

League of Women Voters of Orange, Durham and Chatham counties


75th Anniversary Celebration

Dr. Deborah Turner, National President, League of Women Voters

Jennifer Rubin  




September 20

2:30 pm

Fearrington Village Garden Club

“Bulbs: Beyond Tulips and Daffodils”

Anne Morris anne.morris.rcc@gmail.com


Wednesday September 21

10:15 am

AM Book Group


Monthly book group discussion

McIntyre’s Bookstore


Barbara Thompson barbzid@gmail.com

919 444-1836



September 21

1:30-3 pm

Women of Fearrington

Fall welcome general meeting

Adrienne Lallo



Wednesday September 21

7-9 pm

Fearrington Dog Club


Talk on Dog Body Language

Susan Spinks, CPDT-KA

Ann Melchior  amelchior@verizon.net



September 27

7 pm

Fearrington Democratic Club


Ben Clark, Candidate, NC 9th District

In person & via Zoom


Cheri DeRosia          cheri_derosia@hotmail.com




September 28

6:30 pm

Fearrington Republican Club

BBQ supper

Donna Stewart


Meeting Multiple Days in September



September 7, 14, & 28

1 pm

Fearrington Duplicate Bridge Club

Weekly Duplicate Game

Dianne Hale haledianne@gmail.com



September 8, 15, 22, & 29

3:45 pm

Fearrington Village Singers

Men’s rehearsals for Winter Concert

Anne Hummel  annedhummel@gmail.com




September 12, 19, 26

3:45 pm

Fearrington Village Singers

Women’s rehearsals for Winter Concert

Anne Hummel  annedhummel@gmail.com




September 12, 19, & 26

7-9 pm

Card Knights


Bob Spillane  weathersfield1@gmail.com




September 23

9 am-5 pm & 


September 24

9 am-2 pm

Friends of the Chatham Community Library

Fall 2022 Book Sale

Reece Jones


Upcoming Events in October



October 15

9 am-12 pm

Fearrington Green Scene

“3-in-1” event

Jason Welsch




October 16

3 pm

Fearrington Concert Series

Anatoly Larkin, solo pianist

Vic Benedict