FHA Website 101

FHA Website 101

The Fearrington Homeowners Association website home page is at


You can always return to the home page by clicking the logo with the beltie cows near the top of most site pages.

To view the Bulletin Board and most pages that contain personal contact information, you must establish a login on the site, and actually be logged in. The mechanics of establishing a login on the site are covered in this article:


The Bulletin Board, by far the most visited page on the site, is found near the bottom of the left-hand menu on the home page.

There are black triangles next to some menu items; these indicate submenu items. Click on one to see the submenu items. Clicking again will close the submenu. Some menu items like “Find People” (under “Info”) or Forum are  visible and accessible only if you are logged in.

If, after your login account is established, you have problems actually logging in, please have a look at this page, a link to which is found under the Info drop-down menu on the Website FAQs page.