FTA Board Announces Pickleball Trial

FTA Board Announces Pickleball Trial

The FTA Board of Directors met on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, and accepted a proposal to add pickleball to our Fearrington courts. This will be an added benefit for all members. Current members will be able to play both tennis and pickleball at scheduled times with their existing active paid membership.

The new pickleball-only membership will be offered to residents of Fearrington Village and Galloway Ridge on a trial basis for the six-month period of July 1, 2021- Dec. 31, 2021, at the existing half-year rate. The one-time initiation fee will be waived to encourage participation.

A tennis and pickleball schedule of play will be posted on the FTA website and on the bulletin board at the Fearrington courts. At no time will tennis and pickleball be played on the courts at the same time. Current scheduled tennis groups will not be affected.

The Board reserves the right to vote to end the trial period at any time during the six-month trial period for violations of the FTA Rules and Regulations.  If the Board deems that the 2021 trial period is successful, pickleball will be offered in 2022. New members (including the 2021 pickleball-only players) will pay a one-time per person initiation fee of $75 in addition to annual dues of $75 for a total of $150 in the first full year of membership.

All members will have equal rights and privileges as established by the FTA Rules and Regulations. 

For more information on pickleball memberships, please contact Mike Eberling at M7meber@aol.com.

For more information on tennis memberships, please contact Marilyn Boyle at maboyle17e@gmail.com.