Future Articles & Projects

Future Articles & Projects


The Most Recent Meeting Was on July 14, 2021. Next Meeting Will be in September. Date Forthcoming.

The Gathering Place (LARGE Meeting Room)

Visitors and new members are always welcomed.


Continuing Activities/Programs

See our home page for details.

Note: Our How Green is Our Village? community initiative will be continuing indefinitely, and we invite you to participate in helping to document the ways in which residents are living green.

See our articles on recycling electronics and on recycling wine corks. See the new action steps, which have just been added to the cork story, and which you may want to consider to help lower the volume of cork in landfills and to encourage proper recycling of cork.

Alternative Energy Sources

Maarten met with R.B. Fitch to talk about the possibility of installing a wind turbine (GreenSky vertical wind turbine, see http://www.greensky-windsystems.com/). R.B. showed some interest in considering the idea. He also showed considerable interest in solar electricity generation for the Inn as well as for future houses in Fearrington.

Solar Technology