Gathering Place Fees

Gathering Place Fees


The fees for using the Gathering Place on a regular basis are:

  • Large Room: security deposit $125, $22/ first two hours, $5 each additional hour.
  • Small room: security deposit $125, $12 first two hours; $3 each additional hour
  • Audio/Visual usage: $5 flat fee as needed for each rental. (Microphone usage exempt from this fee.)
  • Kitchen: $15 for up to five hours, $20 for more than five hours
    • The kitchen fee applies for a meeting with a sit-down dinner, or when food preparation is needed beyond light refreshments. Meetings involving outside caterers will require an increased security deposit of $250.

    Special Rentals


    Private party:a one-time event held by a resident or group
    Exhibition:a reception and exhibition of works of art or craft by Fearrington residents open to Fearrington residents and their invited guests.
    • Private Party: $285, $125 security deposit
    • Exhibition: $140
    • Memorial Service: $60 (includes kitchen use)


    Chartered groups that use the Gathering Place on a regular basis (weekly/monthly) pay a one-time security deposit to be retained by the FHA until such time as the group no longer uses the space.

    Chartered groups that rent the Gathering Place more than 40 times in a calendar year will receive a 10% discount.