Gathering Place Guidelines

Gathering Place Guidelines

The Gathering Place (GP), located at 26 Swim & Croquet, provides space for social interactions among residents of Fearrington Village (FV) and Galloway Ridge (GR). Events hosted in the GP may include meetings, parties, exhibits, memorial services and other gatherings that support the social network of the Village. The FHA owns and manages this space.

Residents who wish to rent the GP may email or phone the Hospitality Office at 919-542-0420.

Individuals and groups renting the Gathering Place must sign a rental contract in which they agree to abide by all guidelines and procedures required for use of the building. A security deposit is required for all rentals. Current rental fees and security deposit amounts can be found at

The following rules apply to the rental and use of the Gathering Place:

  • FV or GR residents and groups (i.e., FV chartered clubs and organizations, as well as Service Groups ) may rent the GP. To apply for a charter, clubs must complete the Application Form found at THIS LINK or under the website menu item Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA) / Forms You May Need.  Submit the completed form to or drop it off in the FHA office.
  • Group meetings held at the GP (other than FHA Board and Service Group meetings) must be open to all residents and their invited guests. “Invited guest” refers to any individual who has been specifically invited by a FV or GR resident. It does not include people who may be aware of the event through general publicity. Private parties and memorial services do not need to be open to all residents.
  • Charitable organizations may rent the GP if sponsored by FV or GR residents and approved by the FHA.
  • The GP may be used as a polling place.
  • Chartered groups may rent the GP for fundraising events.
  • The GP may not be used by individuals or groups to promote commercial interests, for example selling goods or recruiting clients.
  • Any individual or group renting the GP must abide by health and safety precautions established by the FHA from time to time. Groups may also require their members and invitees to take action to safeguard the health and safety of attendees, including vaccination[RK2] status and wearing masks.
  • Groups may engage outside speakers, presenters, or performers. If desired, an honorarium may be paid. The presenter or performer must not solicit for future business. The sale of books or other items incidental to the presentation is permitted.
  • If alcohol is to be served an addendum to the rental agreement is required.

Guidelines for Exhibitions

Groups chartered by the FHA may exhibit artwork in the GP. No fees are required to simply display art. If a group wishes to host a formal exhibition, standard rental fees apply. Pictures must be hung using methods approved by the FHA. Displays should be refreshed every other month at a time when the building is not in use. Artwork is displayed at the artists’ own risk, and artists are responsible for the safety, insurance, maintenance, and cleanliness of the exhibits.


Securing the building before, during and after the event. Upon departure, all doors to the building must be locked, windows must be closed and locked, and room lights must be turned off. To obtain passcodes for the keypads located at the front and rear doors, call the FHA Business Office at 919-542-1603 or the Hospitality Office at 919-542-0420. Note: If the building is occupied at the time of the renter’s departure, the renter must ensure that individuals still in the building are aware of their responsibility to lock up.

Setting up and taking down the room. Renters are responsible for setting up and taking down the room. A renter may leave the room set up for the next group’s use only if this arrangement has been agreed upon ahead of time by both users. The last group to use the room will then become responsible for taking it down and securing the building.

Keeping safe. Abide by legal capacity limits which are 230 for chairs only and 107 for tables and chairs. Enforce all health and safety requirements established from time to time by the FHA.

Taking care of furnishings. Carefully return furnishings to their storage places. Take care when folding and unfolding chairs and table legs to avoid damage. If furniture becomes unstable or dangerous, remove it from service and post a notice on it.

Using the AV equipment. A microphone is provided free of charge. If any other FHA audio-visual (AV) equipment is used, the presence of at least one person who has been trained by the FHA AV Team is required. Contact at least two weeks prior to your event to request AV support. Established groups should have a member trained for this role. Users of AV equipment must indicate on a provided form the contact information of the person responsible for its use. Equipment must be returned to its original configuration before leaving the building. If the AV equipment is not in proper order when you arrive, please call the AV Help number posted in the Gathering Place.

Using the kitchen. Users of the kitchen will be given a checklist that specifies exactly what should be done to leave the kitchen in appropriate condition for the next user. NO FOOD OR BEVERAGES SHOULD BE LEFT IN THE REFRIGERATOR OR ELSEWHERE IN THE KITCHEN. If the kitchen is not left clean for the next user, please report this matter to the FHA Business Office at 919-542-1603.

Heating and cooling. Do not prop open doors since this can damage the heating and cooling system. Opening windows is discouraged for the same reason. Do not adjust the thermostats without permission. Close and lock any open windows before leaving.

Disposing of trash and recycling. Place trash and recycling in the locked trashcans outside the kitchen door. A key can be found next to the door to unlock and re-lock the trashcans after depositing your garbage. If the outdoor trashcans are full, trash must be taken off site and disposed of properly.

Using the “The Gathering Place Checklist”. Users must ensure that they have left the building ready to welcome the next user by using the checklist that is provided with each contract. It is also posted in the kitchen and beside the exterior doors.


A security deposit is required for all rentals. Chartered groups that are under contract with the FHA for regularly recurring meetings must leave a deposit on hold with the FHA for the duration of their contract. If the security deposit remains untouched, it may be rolled over in subsequent years.

Security deposits for single events are refundable if the building is left locked and in order as outlined in this document and in the rental contract.

Renters will be required to reimburse the FHA for any damages or clean-up costs attributable to their use of the GP. The FHA may deduct any such costs from the renter’s deposit, and the renters will be responsible for any excess and, in the case of clubs, for replenishing their deposits. Multiple violations of these Rules may result in the renter losing the privilege of renting the GP for a period determined by the FHA.

Effective Date: November 1, 2023

The following additional guidelines are in effect as of the end of 2023 because of the Covid-19 pandemic and other viruses. Any changes to this policy will be posted on the FHA website home page.

  1. Face masks are voluntary in the public and common areas of The Gathering Place. It is up to the club or group whether or not they want to require that members be masked and/or vaccinated at their events.
  2. No participant may attend a meeting if they exhibit any Covid symptoms or have a fever.
  3. The renting organization is responsible for ensuring compliance with these guidelines.