Changes in Gathering Place Guidelines: Masks!

Changes in Gathering Place Guidelines: Masks!

Edited October 25, 2021

Chatham and Orange Counties have experienced an ever-increasing number of Covid infections, and CDC guidelines have changed to reflect the dramatic increase in infections nation-wide. As a result, the FHA Board voted to adopt the following policy:

An abundance of caution leads us to ask that until further notice all individuals using the Gathering Place wear masks. Due to large numbers of unvaccinated people, rising infections, and in accordance with CDC guidelines, please wear a mask when inside the Gathering Place, beginning August 10 until further notice.

The policy applies whether or not a person is vaccinated, but any group renting The Gathering Place may also ask that members of the group be vaccinated.  Vaccination is still the best way to inhibit the spread of the virus.  Groups may confirm that a person is vaccinated by asking participants to show their vaccination card, or a photo of the card on their cell phone.

The board has also voted to make acceptance of this policy a requirement for clubs that rent The Gathering Place.

Any group wanting to rent The Gathering Place must contact Clairbeth Lehn ( or 919-542-3003) to book a date and time. The renter must agree to abide by the current guidelines, sign the FHA rental agreement, and pay rental fees.  In addition to the guidelines that have always been applied for users of the Gathering Place, the following rules apply:

1. All individuals must wear masks while in the building, whether or not they have been vaccinated.  If a club does not follow the rules, they will lose their use of the Gathering Place.   It is up to the group whether or not they want to require that members be vaccinated.

2. Participants must complete a sign-in sheet for tracking purposes. The sheets must be left in a drop box installed by the FHA office for that purpose. If any participant subsequently tests positive for Covid, the renting organization must inform the business office.

3. All participants must enter and leave The Gathering Place by the front door, except for participants whose mobility limitations require them to use the rear door.

4. No participant may attend a meeting if they exhibit any Covid symptoms such as loss of taste or smell, or having a fever.

5. The renting organization is responsible for ensuring compliance with these guidelines.

Groups should also be aware of the guidelines that have always been applied for users of the Gathering Place.