Green Scene Logo on Tee Shirts, Caps, Cups, Etc.

Green Scene Logo on Tee Shirts, Caps, Cups, Etc.

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GreenSceneStoreMEDThanks to the good work of Green Scene members Maarten Simon Thomas, project coordinator, with assistance from Matthew Leavitt, and logo design by Gus Reed, our original logo is now available on quality merchandise through Cafe Press, a leader in on-demand customized printing. It’s a great way to show that you support a green lifestyle and a Green Fearrington.

This is not a fund raiser for the Green Scene. All sales are on-line directly through Cafe Press, which offers us the opportunity to create our own specifically designed merchandise. We do not pay for this service and we do not receive any revenue from sales. This is simply a great way for us to be able to provide logo-themed materials to anyone who might like to have them for themselves and/or as gifts for friends and relatives.

The ordering site is very easy to use. Anyone can select from a range of sizes (where appropriate) and colors (for some items) as well as choose from four logo design options, which include the large green beltie logo or “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” logo, or the small green beltie logo or “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” logo. The ordering site is dynamic, so that you can “try everything” first, such as choosing a logo and the colors of some of the items you choose to see how it would look and compare the looks before committing. We suggest that the small version of each logo only be used on tee shirts (it looks weird on anything else). They print each item as it is ordered and usually ship within 24 hours.

So, show your Green “stuff” proudly and let others know that Green is part of your identity and lifestyle.