Group Website Contributors

Group Website Contributors

When someone needs to be able to create, edit and delete website articles on the FGA website their User record must be updated to give them these privilege levels. This is very simple to do:

  1. Logon to the administrator section of the website.
  2. Open the User Manager (top menu: Users->Manage or Side menu: Users).
  3. Find the person you need to activate in the users list. Search for their name or email in the name search box. When you see the person you are working on in the list, click their name to open their record.
  4. Atop the page, right under their name, you will see a row of tabs. Click the “Assigned User Groups” tab.
  5. Scroll down until you see something like “{group-name} Publ.” where {group-name] is an abbreviated ¬†title of the group, e.g., FFA for Fearrington Friends of the Arts, Repubs for F. Republican Club, etc., and check the box to the left of the {group-name} Publ. title.
  6. Then scroll around until you find “Group Publisher” and check that box as well.
  7. Go back to the top of the page and click Save and Exit and you’re done.

The first check mark gives the user the right to create, modify, publish and edit any article assigned the group’s Category, or any subcategory of the group’s Category. The second, Group Publisher, enables the user (when logged in) to see the linked menu item Newsletters->Your Articles, so the user can access their group’s from the website to create, edit or otherwise manage them.

Good security practices say that when someone no longer requires elevated privileges, these privileges should be revoked. The process to revoke is the same, except the boxes checked in the “Assigned User Groups” tab should be UN-checked.