Health, Safety & Security (hss) September 2015 Status Report

Health, Safety & Security (hss) September 2015 Status Report

During this year, we have held meetings with NC Department of Transportation maintenance and traffic engineers, completed an eleven-page report on road and road safety issues in the village, presented the results at an open FHA board meeting in March, and posted the report on the FHA web site [FHA Notices/HSS/Roads Safety tab]. We also supported Camden Park, Inc.’s planning for their newly deployed speed monitor, have planned for first-time speed monitor positions on Creekwood (coming soon), and are working on a community report for later this year on traffic volume and speeds in the village.

Responses to village emergencies are provided by Chatham County Emergency Management, the North Chatham County Fire Department, First Health Ambulance Service, the County Sheriff’s Department, and other professional responders. We are now working in cooperation with Chatham County Emergency Management to revise our own village emergency preparedness response plan following the end of our CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), which operated between 2004 and 2011, when funding and training ended. In this post-CERT era, we need to renew and significantly revise our community emergency response plans to ensure and facilitate the availability of critical help and resources for community residents in case we were to ever face a situation in which professional responders would be significantly delayed in their ability to reach us.

We have completed an inventory and updating of our emergency and first aid supplies, which were last inventoried in 2007 and are stored in the Fearrington Cares building from which the our response team would coordinate an emergency response. We are also developing guidelines for the very limited potential use of The Gathering Place (TGP) as a temporary “Emergency Information and Recovery Center.” The building is not suitable for serving as an emergency housing shelter; such emergency sheltering will be supplied by the County, which will also supply transportation to the center/s for residents with verified special needs (“fragile persons”).

Thanks to everyone who is involved with this planning! For more information, visit the five HSS sub-menu tabs located on the FHA/ Notices menu tab on the FHA web site menu.

As stated in the FHA Articles of Incorporation, one of the important purposes of the FHA is to “provide for the health, safety and welfare” of the residents of Fearrington Village. To be in compliance with the Articles, the FHA works hard to sustain a comprehensive resident-based Health, Safety, and Security Committee (HSS) to advise the Board of Directors on policies, programs, and services that will help to keep village residents healthy and safe.