How Green Is Our Village?

How Green Is Our Village?

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 The Green Scene maintains a new How Green is Our Village community initiative. We hope you will be willing to participate in this initiative so that together all of us can document just how green is the Fearrington community.

How You Can Participate—Get A Dot

getadotClick on the image to your right to complete a simple on-line form to indicate the key ways you manage a green lifestyle, and grant permission when registering, we will apply a small green recycling dot on your Fearrington Post mailbox. You may have already noticed some of the dots on mailboxes when you picked up your mail. Those dots were applied after your neighbors registered and gave their permission for “dotting” their mailbox. This in a longterm, ongoing initiative, which we hope you will support by registering and by letting your friends and neighbors know how to get their very own dot on their Fearrington Post mailbox and the on-line map described below.



We have also developed a dynamic on-line Google map, which is driven by an on-line database populated with data when you click submit after completing the short form. If you choose the option to grant permission when registering for the initiative, a green DOT marker (based on the address supplied when you when you registered) will be added to the “How Green is Our Village” map. Note that this green dot will be associated only with your street address; it will not include any personally identifying details such a name, phone number, etc. Check out the map to see how it looks.


What is the Main Objective?

All this green will help to raise and sustain both individual and community consciousness about the ways our habits can help to improve the environment, and it will provide a highly visible way for anyone visiting the web site to see the level of our community’s commitment to a cleaner, healthier environment.

We thank you for considering this invitation to participate in the initiative, and we hope you will complete the short on-line form. If you have any questions or comments on any of this, please contact the Green Scene.

To learn more about the initiative and to complete the form, go to the Green Scene Home page.