How to Link a PDF File in an Article

How to Link a PDF File in an Article

First, RENAME THE FILE. You don’t need to upload files like “Bylaws as amended 2017.pdf”. Before you upload them change their name to a simple, one-word, easy to remember name like “bylaws.pdf” Why?

Assuming the file is replacing a previously linked file of the same name, when you upload (see below) the updated file, it will just replace the previous one on the website, and you’re done. No relinking needed, no hunting around for a lengthy file name. Go pour a favorite beverage and congratulate yourself.

If this is a file to be linked for the first time, upload the PDF file (video instructions here) to your group’s image directory, usually found in


*REMEMBER: Give your uploaded PDFs a generic file name like “ApplicationForm.pdf” instead of “Application Form for 2014 dated 1-15-2014.pdf” so you don’t have to change the LINK every year, just upload the new file, remaned to be the same as the old (generic) name and the old, existing link will not need to be changed; it will find the most recent copy with the same name. Linked files’ names are case-sensitive!


  1. Edit the page on which you want to link the PDF file.
  2. Add a line containing a name for the file you want to link, such as “Reimbursement Form” or “Annual Report.”*
  3. Highlight it (as though you were going to cut/copy and paste).
  4. Click the little “Link” icon on the bottom row of editor icons. (See Step 4 below)
  5. On the resulting pop-up, click the little “Browse” (file browser) icon to the right of the URL box at the top. (Step 5 below)
  6. Navigate to your file under stories/blog-pics/[group-name]/ or [group-name]/ using the left (of three) windows. (Step 6 below)
  7. Find the file in the middle window and click it.
  8. Click “Insert” at the bottom. The file browser window will close and the PDF’s address will be in the URL box.
  9. Click “Insert” again at the bottom of the URL pop-up.
  10. Voilà!

Step 4

link arrow

Step 5

Link pop-up

Step 6

Image Directory