Important Notice About Addresses for Letters and Packages

Important Notice About Addresses for Letters and Packages

Residents of Fearrington Village have both a street address and a “Fearrington Post” address.  Over the years, this has caused a lot of confusion, even though we have always been advised (see page 5 of the 2022 Directory and Handbook) that letters and packages to us should be addressed in the following manner and order:

Name of Resident
Street Address
____ Fearrington Post
Pittsboro, NC 27312

Clearly, private carriers such as FedEx and UPS need our street address.  However, the Postal Service is only supposed to deliver items addressed to our Fearrington Post address. In the past, the postmen have often taken the extra time to deliver letters and packages that only show a street address to the right place. However, this is about to change, beginning June 1, 2022. The Pittsboro Postmaster has advised us that as of that date, the Post Office will no longer deliver letters that are not properly addressed to the Fearrington Post address, as part of a nationally directed effort to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of postal services.

So please take note. Beginning June 1, the Fearrington Post address is essential for all items sent through the US mail (and it should immediately precede the final line of the address because USPS scanners scan from the bottom up).  You have almost a month to make this change.  Look particularly at your utility bills because they often are only addressed to your street address if you did not specify a separate mailing address. Going forward, such mail without the Fearrington Post address will be “returned to sender,” which could lead to late fees and even utility disconnects. No one wants that to happen.

The Postal Service agreed to delay implementation of this new post office requirement until the end of May thanks to the efforts of our Board President, Rose Krasnow, who has had multiple discussions with the Postmaster. He has also been made aware that packages can pose a particular issue, so he has indicated some flexibility in enforcing the deadline related to them, although we urge you to make sure that they are properly addressed as well, using the street address followed by the Fearrington Post address. The Postmaster has been working diligently with us, and we owe it to him to do everything we can to comply with this new directive.